Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Andrenn Strikes!

Hey there everyone

My name is Andrenn. This is my comic review blog. This isn't me talking about life, or rambling about politics or whatnot. This will be me talking about and reviewing comics. I'll be talking about movies, and every once in a blue moon, video games.
Now let me start this off by saying that the main reason I'm making a blog is because I have an opinion, and if I don't get it out there, I keep thinking it to myself but have no one to tell. Because when I do tell these things in real life, it's never done well enough as when I write it down.

The banner is 2 of my favorite covers done by Clayton Crain. I have both covers signed by him as well, I'm a big fan.

Anyway, about my blog...what to expect. I will review comics, though not always on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, money is a little tight so I can't go to the shops weekly.

Along with reviews, 2 things I will do for sure are Comic Report Cards, where I look back at a comic that may have recently ended, or is a few years old. I'll review it, as well as talk either praise or trash it. That along with a spotlight of some of the current books you can pick up at your local comic shop or bookstore. We'll be starting that one off with Aliens Vs. Predators Omnibus volume 1.

Now, let me explain a bit about me to get formalities and such out of the way.

I'm Andrenn, I enjoy life. I enjoy comics and reading them as well as reviewing them. Every now and then I sit down at the couch and watch reruns of Batman the Animated Series and Spin City. I attend conventions at a local city, I have some signed comics and somewhat rare variants. I've been into comics, on a more serious basis, for the last 2 years. Up until then I was more or less just buying Spawn currently and whatever random comics interested me.

I don't read many DC comics nowadays, but I've been trying to get more into their comics, so expect some random DC comic reviews in the future. But for the most part, it's Marvel and some Image comics.

Speaking of Image, the 2 main ongoing titles of theirs that I will be reviewing is Spawn and Witchblade...and I may start getting back into Invincible since I've heard it's returning to greatness.

As for Marvel...well, I'm reading Secret Invasion, as well as some of the tie-ins, Old Man Logan, will be reading the New Ways to Die arc in Amazing Spider-man, and I pick up several other comics.

As for what movies I like. I mostly enjoy horror/suspense films. Action, drama (kind of), comedy, There is probably a few I'm forgetting, but in general, I enjoy movies.

Posts won't always be on schedule, if there will be a regular ongoing schedule, but I will try and keep tight about things when I can.

All right, I've probably dragged this on long enough, so time to wrap up. I'd like to thank Kirk Warren of the Weekly Crisis (Awesome blog, check it out sometime) for both being inspiration to do this blog, and giving me the link and knowledge of how to get started.

So, that's it. I'll start to post some reviews soon, and our first Comic Report Card is on Young Avengers Presents.

Now let me quickly warn you. I do not always see every little spelling error or grammar problem. While I'm writing these up in Microsoft Word to be careful, if I miss something and don't notice it, I apologize.

So that's all for now, thanks for stopping by


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