Thursday, July 31, 2008

Venom movie that has been in the works moving forward

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Venom movie moving forward

So Sony is looking to finally get their Venom film moving. They want the spin-off from Spider-man 3 to revitalize interest in the Spider-man franchise. No doubt to get people interested for the Spider-man 4 in the works.

As a fan of Venom, I would hope that this could work. I’m not familiar with the guy writing the script, but I can hope that he’d pull out something good from his brain. Venom is a very easy character to have fall into a boring cliché of “brooding anti-hero who’s pissed off at the world and hates everyone”. Several writers have fallen into that hole and once you do, it’s hard to dig out of it.

But if I look at this from a simple fan standpoint, this sounds awesome. Venom is one of my favorite Spider-villains and he does have potential. He’s one of the more interesting Spider-villains in Spidey’s rogue gallery. Venom: Lethal Protector and Knights of Vengeance where both great stories.

Also, if the movie does get greenlit and is in the works, it could revitalize interest in the character. Maybe we could finally see some prints of things like Lethal Protector and Knights of Vengeance put back into print. I’d sure buy them.

Their debating if Topher Grace should reprise his role as Eddie Brock…I myself think he could do the job, but I’m not sure if he should. He’s a great and competent actor, but sometimes even the best aren’t meant for everything. I would like to see a bigger taller guy if they could get one. But Grace really brought that snarky “I can do anything” attitude to Eddie Brock that was great about him.

If he can buff up and look more the part, then I’m all for it. Because Eddie Brock does become a big buff guy after he gets the symbiote.

As for the story? I’d like to see a retelling of Venom saving the underground city…but this time, maybe have it be a small town outside of New York. Say he washes up there after his fight with Spider-man in #3 and the woman he who was his love interest in Knights of Vengeance saves him. He stars buffing up after a bit and goes out to find Spider-man.

After he enters New York and the police find him, he has to run from the police (because Venom doesn’t kill. I don’t care what they say; he doesn’t like to kill innocent people. That’s how it should be, damnit) and after a few days of running and when he returns to the small town, it’s all going to be demolished because there is a huge amount of oil underneath it or something. Some drive to destroy the town that the evil company has to get to.

Venom takes on Spider-slayer bots, maybe even a villain hired by the company for protection. (For some reason Omega Red comes to mind. That would be cool, but he’s an X-villain…I’m not sure then. Maybe those guys from Knights of Vengeance…minus the alien crap). I think that story could work. Then again, I’m crazy.

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