Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cover Talk: Cyblade #1

So last year was the big Top Cow Pilot Season. Several one shot comics came out, people read them, then got to vote for which one got to become an ongoing series. Last year’s winner was Cyblade, and later this year, October to be exact, her solo series debuts. I like Cyberforce and all that, so I think it’s cool that Cyblade is getting her own series, but…I have a problem with the cover to issue #1.

Now, I’m sure the first thing you notice about this cover is that Cyblade is naked and in the shower. Now, call me crazy, but why in the hell is this a FIRST ISSUE COVER? The solicit doesn’t mention anything about a shower, last time I checked. Does she get attacked in the shower? One would think that’s something you’d want to mention in the solicit, if it’s on the cover.

Now I honestly couldn’t care less that she’s naked, big whoop, my problem is that this is a poor cover choice for a first issue cover. Though let’s admit it, if Cyblade was a dude this cover wouldn’t be her in the shower. But that’s not my point; my point is that this is a bad choice for a first issue cover, that’s no way to debut a series.

Let me explain something about first issue covers, they should be…I don’t know…GOOD. See, to me, the basics needed for a good first issue cover are these things.

Has the main character on it.

The main character is in a dynamic pose of some kind.

The character is in their costume.

The character is using their power or ability.

These make for a great first cover. Just look at the first appearance of Batman in Detective comics, Action Comics #1, Spawn #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, the list goes on and on. They all have these specific things, and that’s what makes them great covers to debut these characters with.

Honestly, is anyone going to see this cover in a comic shop and say “Gee that must be a really interesting serious comic?” Hell no, I know I wouldn’t, I’d think “Oh, another T&A comic? Next.” The only people I can see buying this who have no history with the character are perverts, who will no doubt be sadly mistaken when this cover will probably have nothing to do with the insides of the comics.

Now, that cover may be bad, but the variant….well, while not perfect, seems like a godsend compared to the first cover.

See that? It covers all the basics, main character, in costume, dynamic pose and using her power. Everything we don’t get from the first cover is in that awesome variant. THAT, ladies and Gentlemen, is what a first issue cover should be. Now the original cover is fine, outside of it not being appropriate for issue #1, I have no qualms with it, if it where the cover to #2 and up, that would be just fine, but that’s just an incredibly poor choice for issue #1’s cover. It’s too bad, it will definitely turn away some of the more serious fans. Meanwhile, I’ll give Cyblade a chance, and hope I can score a copy of that variant.

So that’s my first official Cover Talk, on Monday expect my written response to Robert Kirkman’s editorial (I wrote it ahead of time, just in case). As well as on Tuesday expect our first regular Cover Talk on Secret Invasion. I hope you enjoyed the first Cover Talk, see you later.

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