Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cover Talk: Secret Invasion

Hey, it’s our first regular edition of Cover Talk. We debuted Saturday last weekend with Cyblade #1, this time, we’re tackling several covers. All 8 Secret Invasion covers, along with some random covers from their tie-ins. Now Cover Talk is exactly what it sounds like, me talking about Comic Book covers, something that is important to my overall enjoyment of the Comics medium. I won’t be reviewing them, necessarily, but rather discussing what I do and don’t like about them.

So let’s get on with it and start with…

Secret Invasion #1

Cover by: Gabriel Del’Otto as well as 2 through 8

I love homage covers, their almost always great, and this is no exception. This is another great cover that sticks fairly close to the source cover; despite being just a bit off (I don’t recall Sentry in the first issue cover.) While it’s not an amazing cover, Del’Otto does well with what he can and turns in a great looking first issue cover.

Secret Invasion #2

When I first saw this cover, it was great, but that was simply from speculation as to the crashed ship and its inhabitants. But now that we know they are all Skrulls, this cover loses its interest and shine, and when you really look at it, it isn’t anything special or interesting. Too bad, it’s all right still.

Secret Invasion #3

This isn’t a cover. It’s a teaser image. It was released in Mid-2007 during an IGN interview as a teaser. That is all it was supposed to be. My best guess, someone got lazy at Marvel and forgot to tell Del’Otto to make a third cover, so they scrambled and brought this issue image up. Luckily it works with the content of the issue inside, the big reveal of Spider-Skrull officially stated in these pages.

Secret Invasion #4

This cover would be so great…if the Young Avengers where actually even in this issue, which their not, so this cover gets taken down a notch. Seriously, what is with this image? I was hoping for Fury and the Young Avengers, not Fury and…not the Young Avengers. Anyway, either way, it’s a great cover; I can’t deny that, and probably one of my favorite for the series.

Secret Invasion #5

Wow, I thought the cover for #3 was lazy, that’s just sad right there. While it is a great image of a Skrull, looking badass and sinister as all hell, I can’t help but feel…what a waste.

Secret Invasion #6

My favorite cover of the series, easily, this one just…blew me away. I love how the grey background leads in nicely to the flashy event of the Avengers Trinity walking up, looking pissed off and ready to take the Skrulls down to size. With promises that this issue does indeed contain this happening, that cover just rocks my shoes off.

Secret Invasion #7

As bland as this cover is, I can’t help but enjoy how wicked that Spider-Skrull looks, the web line effects, the drool, he looks really sinister and evil. I like the perspective on Wolverine too, very nice angle for the claw popping image.

Secret Invasion #8

This cover has VICTORY! Written all over it. But that’s okay; it’s a good cover for the most part. My only real problem being with that their all smiling with their eyes closed. It looks…a little on the odd side, to me at least, but it’s still a strong and enjoyable cover. I also would have liked it if we got a lot more heroes in this image, not just this 3, like, hell…show us a backdrop with tons of heroes behind them as they stand tall or something, something a little more epic for the final issue cover.

New Avengers #41

Covers by: Aleksi Bricolet

I really like how Spider-man looks on this cover; though I’m still not sure what cover this is paying homage to. One thing that frustrates me is that it’s kind of hard to tell their Skrulls, you have to look closely at them to tell.

New Avengers #42

I love that “Cosmic Code of authority” emblem, hilarious. Really, this is a fairly simple cover, some fun designs, but really it’s just heads with Skrull chins. Nothing too special, but I still like it.

Mighty Avengers #15

Covers by: Marko Djurdjevic

As I’ve said before, big time classic Vision fan, awesome to see a cover homage to his first appearance, Djurdjevic does a fairly straight homage, though there’s some obvious differences (besides the Skrull thing) it still looks pretty close to the original cover.

Mighty Avengers #16

I love this cover, just for the cover it pays homage to. I love that original cover, I have that comic, I love Frank Miller, and therefore I love this cover for homage to Frank Miller.

Secret Invasion: X-men #1

Cover by: Terry Dodson

That Skrull is totally dancing, right? It’s not just me, right? I don’t mind most of this cover, but damnit if that Skrull isn’t dancing or something. I’d complain about X-23, but they fixed that come release of the comic.

New Avengers #44

I loved the Illuminati series of 2007, and this cover is an amazing homage. I also love the grainy look, like it’s some really old picture or something, very well done.

New Avengers #46

Mephisto Skrull? Wow. Either way, I love how Bricolet does the villains on this one, especially Green Goblin.

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1

Cover by: Stjepan Sejic

This is probably one of his best covers ever, seriously, this is a great cover. The look of the suit against Medusa, the hair affect, all incredibly well done.

Secret Invasion: Frontline #3

Cover by: Juan Doe

I really love Doe’s style, he’s an amazing artist, and this cover just screams “Something sinister in these pages”. I love how the Skrull just looks like this evil shape of death, gripping the man as if to give him his last few moments of life, very wicked.

So that’s all for today, folks, I hope you all enjoyed the first weekly edition of Cover Talk. This will be every Tuesday of the week. Now don’t always expect epic sized ones like this, sometimes I could be doing just a few covers, but hey, we’ll see about that later on.

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