Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andrenn's Game Shelf

Welcome to the first edition of yet another new thing we’re trying out here, Andrenn’s Game Shelf. Now unlike the Andrenn Channel or most of my articles here, this one is solely made for the purpose of videogames. Not TV or movies, not comics at all, videogames. I thought “Maybe I could make a separate blog?” then I realized that I have to write up some of these things weeks in advance as it is, I’d care not to start another one yet. So instead, this is an all purpose article.

By that, I mean that I can talk about anything video game related. If it be a review, a top 10 list, my thoughts on a trailer, anything really. There is no one specific thing behind the Game Shelf. I guess you could consider that post about Batman: Arkhum Asylum to be the first regular post preluding the Game shelf.

There where lots of ideas running through my head as how to kick this thing off. I had originally figured to do something like a top 10 NES games or something fun like that. But then I got a better idea…Megaman 9, my thoughts, hopes, and ideas on it. Now I don’t have a Wii, and I may not get one for a little bit longer…for now, I’m stuck playing my DS, but I can still throw in my 2 cents to the overall design and look of Megaman 9.

First thing’s first, the graphics. It’s no joke that we live in an age of “Graphics is the best” when it comes to game fans. Nowadays, if it doesn’t look hyper-realistic and have HD graphics, most gamers piss their pants and have a fit. I blame games like Halo 3 and MGS 4 for ruining games for me this way. I am so ****ing tired of hearing “Yeah, but the graphics suck!” from whiny fanbrats who grew up playing Halo and have never heard of an NES.

But also, if your like me and you enjoy taking out that old gray box for a spin on Battle toads nowadays, you get labeled “Old and nostalgic” meaning that you can’t appreciate new games and only like old ones. Lets get one thing straight, I think Halo is fine, I enjoy it. Yeah, whatever. But just because I still play an NES doesn’t make me old, Damnit!

Anyway, eh…my point being, the sheer idea of a game not having stunning graphics is looked down upon and hated by a large majority of the gaming fanbase. Nowadays, companies like Sega and Nintendo, who you don’t mind if the graphics aren’t perfect, are forced to delay games for a whole year just to make sure it’s all perfect and shiny for the Fanbrats.

With the announcement of Megaman 9, no one knew what it would be like. Would it be 3D like the Megaman X games became (Thank god not) or would it use a lot of AMV like the ZX games have? Nope. Capcom chose the thing no one saw coming, 8-bit. To put it simply, this is a big middle finger to all the fanbrats who insist that a game sucks if the graphics aren’t amazing.

Now as someone who grew up with Megaman and has had a lasting appreciation of the series, I am incredibly stoked for Megaman 9. I think the 8-bit looks awesome and the enemy designs are restored to brilliance that the series had long lost as the X-series jumped the shark.

The story is simple, as opposed to games like Megaman ZX which take a far more serious and interesting look at this world, Megaman 9 returns to the simple “Shit is going down, Megaman has to save the day” idea. And I’m fine with that, with the classic games, I never wanted an epic 25 hour storyline.

Returning are Robot Masters. Something I’ve missed for quite some time. As the years have gone on, there’s been some pretty stupid bosses in the Megaman franchise. (Flamemole, anyone?) and there was a lacking interest in these bosses. Though we return to classic form with ones like Magmaman and Splashwoman. Very cool.

The game play has been called very hard and true to it’s roots in how difficult it can be. Again, I don’t mind a hard game, I love a challenge. Hell, I had to beat Megaman Zero 2 by only using the Boomerang shield. That right there is a challenge.

But anyway, I have high hopes for Megaman 9. While I’d be fine if it ended the series and killed of Wily, introducing Zero and X, if they insist on continuing the trend, I can live with it. Long as I get more Megaman glory.


Franklin said...

I share a lot of the same sentiments... fortunately there are a lot of other gamers out there that apparently appreciate the "old school era" of gaming since MM9 sold over 60,000 on its first day of release alone. The game plays great so I really think it deserves it.

I noticed you said you don't have a Wii... do you have a PS3 and 360 yet? If not, you should take a look at this Stacker 2 contest going on right now where you can win either system. All you have to do to enter is design a 6 Hour Power t-shirt, which is surprisingly easy to do online. There are less than 375 entrants too, so the odds are pretty decent... check out the contest details here:

Andrenn, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I work with 6 Hour Power so if you have any questions about the contest or 6HP just ask. Definitely let me know if you enter the contest too, and I'd be happy to vote for your designs. Good luck, and happy gaming.

Franklin Keane

Andrenn said...

I've yet to get any of the big budget consoles yet. For the most part, I'm not very interested in a 360. A friend of mine lent me his for a while, since he was on vacation, and I didn't use it much. But I'll give your contest a look see. Also, no worries about posting it, I don't mind.

Franklin said...

That's cool of you, Andrenn. I can understand not being interested in a particular console, as it's all just a matter of taste for the most part. All 3 systems certainly have games worth playing though. I can't wait for LittleBigPlanet to come out on the PS3...

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions about the contest. Don't forget to give me a link to your design if you do enter, since I'll help your chances even more by giving you a vote.

Franklin Keane

Andrenn said...

Littlebigplanet does look good. As for a 360, I'd get one mainly for The Darkness game.

I'll definitely check out the contest and get back to you on it, thanks.