Thursday, September 11, 2008

I guess that's the definition of Irony.

Oh Marvel, you guys just can’t give a guy a break and let me take a day off, can you?

I was tempted not to write up my thoughts on this, I’m tired, very tired, and sick. Not a good combination. The only way your getting that Faith in Monsters review is because I wrote it, as well as several weeks ahead of Spotlights, on Sunday. But when I logged on and saw what new tidbits IGN had to offer…well…how could I resist?

We’ll get the small stuff out of the way before we talk about the big teaser that I’m sure you’ve seen already. I won’t be discussing Iron Fist and Daredevil since I’m not reading either, but I am very interested in the others.

Thor: God-Sized #1

Matt Fraction, you continue to whip me into submission as to read Thor, a character I’ve grown up with little to no interest in. Though my father was a huge fan of Thor, I never enjoyed much of the Thunder God. Despite the awesome name. Here we have Fraction teaming up with 3 superstar artists, and the one who catches my eye is Marko Djurdjevic…who I’m really, really, really hoping does painted interiors that can match that wicked cover. Here’s to hoping, eh?

Ultimate Spider-man #129

Spider-woman is back already, so you can count me back in! I left after Bagley left, and my favorite thing about Ultimate Spidey was how brilliant some of these recreations have been. My favorite Ultimized character of course being Spider-woman. I was sad to see her go after the Clone Saga, and am really excited about her return. If this little card I got at the shop means anything…then Ultimate Spidey starts tying into Ultimatum!

“I’m sorry, could you say that again? I didn’t hear you over the sound of you dying in my arms.”

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I know this is supposed to be a big “OMG!” teaser that has all the fan boys going rampant and nuts, but I just find myself chuckling at this. Maybe it’s because we’ve already heard plenty of theories that Iron Man is going to die, and a few hints here or there, but I just have so little thought when I see this.

One the other hand, that Ed McGuiness art is amazing. He does a great job. As little power as this image retains, I still love the art in it.

What is with Steve Rogers Cap holding Iron Man? Is this simply a mistake on McGuiness’ part? Or does it mean something…much stranger? I’m hoping Bucky retains his title as the new Cap, he’s doing a great job and I want to see him as the Captain America for a long, very, very, long time.

In all seriousness, I realize this is a powerful image and am trying hard not to mock it…but it just feels so stupid to release this already. Can Marvel leave anything to guess? I don’t mind the wait to Secret Invasion #8, I can live with that, you don’t have to spoil the whole damn for thing for me. How about you leave some of the fun in comics and let me wait? Or is that too complicated for you?

Ugh…anyway…Iron Man dying, big thing I realize, finding it hard to care. Maybe I’m just a tad too skeptical and cynical about this. I guess we’ll find out come November (if Marvel is willing to let us wait that long) to find out the true end of Secret Invasion.

Not as much to say this time as our last Andrenn Update. But you’ve probably seen that I’ve dropped the –Andrenn Update- part. I figured it was too much of a hassle, you can figure out that it’s an Update; you don’t need me telling you.

So check in early tomorrow for the Faith in Monsters review, I’m going to see if I can post it in the morning before I get going.

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