Thursday, September 18, 2008

Image solicits for December 2008

With only a couple of hours of Thursday left, I noticed the Image solicits on CBR. I hadn’t seen them anywhere so…I was confused. This was part 2, somehow…I must have missed part 1 and can’t seem to find it. If anyone has part 1, a link would very much be appreciated to finding it. I could then update this post.

here's part 2 of the Solicits.

Spawn #187

Again, a great cover by Portacio. I’m a big fan of the foggy image and eerie tone to the cover. Also great to see Spawn in a bit more of an actual surrounding area, even if it is just him standing on a hill so far. The solicit continues to talk of Endgame and how “shocking” it is. Seriously, McFarlane is setting us all up for an epic disappointment at this rate. I just can’t take these solicits seriously anymore.

Witchblade #123

Holy Shit, that cover certainly grabs me. I guess that’s the Angel of Death that’s killing all the old Jewish guys. Freaky. Also note how it mentions one of Dani’s students being “odd.” Now maybe it’s just me, but I think the student we’re talking about…has the hots for Dani. Seriously, call it a hunch, but I foresee a Buffy like experimental evening for Dani. Either that or the student girl tries to kill her, both will be good.

Wow…so little to talk about…I’d repost the Book of the Dead thing, but honestly, where’s the point? I ordered my copy as soon as I could today and I have to check in a few weeks to see if I can order one with the Raven Spawn fig.

So if anyone has the first half of the Image solicits, it would really be appreciated so that I could add more to this article…anything more would be nice, really.

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