Monday, September 1, 2008

Week's End

Welcome to the beginning of our third weekly article here at New Age Comics with Andrenn, Week’s End.

Here, I comment on this week in comics, I give my favorite comic, cover, and moment.

Before you say anything, yes, this is inspired by Richard George’s Must Have on IGN, his new end of the week thing. So credit goes to him for inspiring me to do something similar.

Now this would have been posted on Sunday, but when I got home from work I collapsed into a coma before I could reach my computer. So, while this one is on a Monday, expect most Weeks’ End to be posted on Saturday or Sunday, unlike Collection Spotlight or Cover Talk, this one is going to be on either day. Though I’ll try to usually get it out on Saturday.

So here we go, starting in order, our comic of the week.

Wolverine #68

I don’t even have my copy of this issue yet; so far it’s just my friend’s copy that I read the other night. But damn if it wasn’t short of amazing. I know a lot of people are complaining that it’s cliché, the bare basics of “dystopian future without heroes” are all here, but for one…it’s Wolverine, one of my all time favorite characters, that along with Steve McNiven’s gorgeous art easily wins out for comic of the week. If you’re waiting for the collection of Old Man Logan, like I was going to, go pick up this issue and the last 2.

Now onto our Cover of the Week

Amazing Spider-man #569 Adi Granov variant

I was tempted not to mention this cover, since Rich did in his Must Have this week, but I have to agree that this is a great cover. I’m a big Venom fan, and Granov’s depiction of the classic Spider-villain is great. Though I would have liked to see the symbol on his chest or something, the detail in the teeth and that wicked look just make for a great cover.

Now onto the grand finale, our Moment of the week. I know Kirk Warren does Moments, but I could never handle something that massive, so let’s just do one moment per week.

Yes, I decided to go with the premier of Anti-Venom for moment of the week. I know that we’ve known about and seen Anti-Venom for quite some time, a few months now, but damned if it isn’t awesome to finally see Eddie Brock back. I grew up with characters like Venom, my first ever toy my father gave me (super hero one at least) was a transforming Venom toy. It was awesome. Now, this reveal that Eddie is Anti-Venom like I’d hoped, along with the promise that Anti-Venom will now be a regular character (the solicit for part 6 to NWTD promises Anti-Venom taking on an old Spider-man villain) makes this a great moment. Oh, and that Romita Jr. art is incredibly great.

So that’s it for the first edition of Week’s End here at New Age Comics, sorry I couldn’t get this out yesterday. As you know, Comics will be delayed a day thanks to Labor Day, I’ll still try and get reviews on time. Since today is the first of September, expect Comic of the Month later tonight.

Oh, and before I forget, if there is ever a moment, cover, or comic you think should have taken the place that I chose, feel free to say what you think should have won. I always enjoy reading other people’s opinions.

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