Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week's End

Yet another week has come to its end already. You know the drill by now; it’s time for a look at the Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Broken Trinity #2

I’m sure there may be some confusion as to why I chose the comic that got a weaker score as comic of the week. Really, had it been on time, Broken Trinity #2 had the potential to be a Must Have. But though I critiqued it heavily on its faults, I still really loved reading this issue. When I chose comic of the week, it’s more my opinion as a reader than as a reviewer, and to me the comic I enjoyed reading the most was Broken Trinity #2. Also, while it lacks any real actions on the pages, the character work is incredibly strong and there are great moments like how Finnegan talks and how he mocks Jackie. It all makes for a great read with awesome art.

Moment of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #572

I had to go back to the scanner to get this image, but still, I got it. As much as I enjoyed this issue from a reviewer’s point of view, as a reader, I saw through some of the better moments. Though it did help me appreciate the amazing ones like this. Just the idea of Spider-man saying “Bite me” makes me chuckle. Also, Dan Slott really does a great job with Anti-Venom…fingers crossed that he survives #573.

Cover of the week: Broken Trinity #2

Broken Trinity steals with most awards this week. As you can see here, I chose the Marc Silvestri variant, even though I got the second half of the Dale Keown (I know I probably spelled that wrong…) variant. Great as all the covers are for this series, the Silvestri variant just steals the show. He’s such an amazing cover artist and I really liked this image of all 3 of the Trinity.

So that’s it for this week’s end. Nothing really planned for the week, but if there are any big news stories I’ll post them and if I have thoughts about them, those will be posted too. I keep meaning to finish the Andrenn Channel post, which I started a few days ago, but I don’t have much time on the computers nowadays so I get pretty busy. But expect that soon, hopefully sometime this week. Until I post again, have a great weekend.


Keith Gammage said...

For some reason that image makes me want to see Spider-Man in a white-and-black costume.

Andrenn said...

I think he has had one, at a time, but I can't remember when. I know his armor suit was silver and black, so it's not the same...