Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cover Talk: Marvel Zombies Dead Days

Welcome to part 1 to a very special 3 part Cover Talk Halloween Spectacular! Keeping up with New Age Comic’s celebration of all things horrific and monstrous, Cover Talk returns with Zombie goodness. Oh yeah, you knew it was coming, we’re covering 3 weeks of Zombie goodness. Week 1 we cover Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness, plus the Dead Days one shot. Week 2 covers all the covers for the first Marvel Zombies series, then we close with the Marvel Zombies 2 and Marvel Zombies 3 covers.

All covers talked about here are by Arthur Suydam.

Marvel Zombies: Dead Days one shot:

I absolutely love Homage covers, and no one does it better than Arthur Suydam of Marvel Zombies cover fame. This is by far his most amazing zombified masterpiece. Everything about this cover screams “Insane awesomeness, love it” and begs one to look inside. Of course the tradition of Wolverine having his eye hanging out and Cyclops being headless are all there. But what really shines is the undead Master of Magnetism. Also, the nice touch of Wasp sitting in the hole on hi stomach. Seeing as she’s the one who got him in the first Marvel Zombies, that’s a really nice touch by Suydam.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1

I love how words like “Fried” are in the background, as opposed to terminated. Very sick and hilarious. Ash looks great and Wolverine looks sick as always, love that smile on his face as if he where laughing his ass off.

Dynamite Variant to #1

Still a cool cover and all, and I like the cover it’s homaging, but Ash being down there isn’t too good. I like Ash being right there in the action, not hiding. Still Suydam does a great job here.

2nd printing Variant to #1

First off, that cover is just plain awesome. Captain America punched Hitler in the face, but Zombie Colontel America punched Zombie Hitler to pieces! Also love the “and his young side-kick, Ash!” as opposed to a zombified Bucky.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #2

While this is a really great cover and it references the awesome Jim Lee cover very well, I hate how Ash is shoved into a corner here. It’s like Suydam forgot this was about Ash too so he just quickly added him in the corner, sitting down.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #3

Much better emphasis on Ash here, the scene is very iconic in it’s own way. Zombie Spider-man falling to pieces as he leaps at Ash and Ash stands tall and ready with his Chainsaw. I also like how it’s homaging Spider-man vs. Superman.

#3 Dynamite variant

While I like this cover and how it sticks pretty close to the Death of Captain Marvel cover, it’s fairly simple in that Ash is just randomly there, like in most of these covers. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything really.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #4

Zombie Cap for the win! That is a sick and awesome cover in every way, and I love all the zombie characters and their awesome poses. But again…Ash is just randomly thrown in there, standing around like an idiot. It really starts to bug me.

Marvel Zombies vs. Arm of Darkness #5

As I’ve said a few times, I am a huge, huge, huge, freaking huge, Frank Miller fan. So even the mention of homaging a Frank Miller cover makes me jump for joy! This time I’m more forgiving of the poorly added Ash as this cover just rocks so much, the close up of Zombie Wolverine is so great. I love the red colors in the background too.

So that’s it for the firs addition of our Zombie Cover Talk. Check back next Tuesday for a much more epic and larger edition where we focus on all of the Marvel Zombies covers, as well as 4 of the HC covers.

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