Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Celebration

“In this town, we call home, everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song!”

It’s October, it’s the Halloween Season! It’s the best damned time of year. It’s that time of year when everything freaky, spooky, creepy and chilling gets the Spotlight. You can bet your sweet bottom dollar that I’m going to celebrate the greatest season of the year! I am a huge horror/Halloween fan, have been since I was a wee-young lad.

But aside form dressing up and trick or treating, how will I celebrate the holiday? Well I could just rent a bunch of movies and invite some buds over, or I could do something special right here at New Age Comics.

So expect, all through October, a special Halloween Celebration here at New Age Comics.

First, we’ve got 2 bonus Collection Spotlights premiering the Sunday after this month’s 2 Spawn Spotlights. On the first weekend we have Marvel Zombies, then following that 2 weeks later in Sunday is Marvel Zombies 2. That’s not all though, on the Second and final Friday of the month is 2 more Horror oriented Collection Spotlights. First the Wildstorm created Nightmare on Elm Street book, collecting the first volume of Freddy stories, then on Halloween, a Spotlight on the first Collection for 30 days of night.

But Wait, there’s more! 2, count that, 2 Comic Report Cards! The first on Marvel Zombies: Dead Days (the one shot, not the book) and the second being one 30 days of Night: Red Snow.

Finally, the cap off what will be a horror-rific month of Horror is my pick as top 25 Horror films of all time. While I’m not sure exactly when this will be posted, I’ll post it in halves, the first half is having 25 though 14 and the second having 13 through 1. I was originally going to do 10 but…going over the list, I just have so many favorites that I had to stretch it a bit.

We’re also doing a very special Cover talk for October; Marvel Zombies covers for the 3 main series, Vs. Army of Darkness, Marvel Zombies 1 and Marvel Zombies 2. Obviously only 3 weeks since there is the Solicits for the month.

Which brings me to my final note; things like Weekly Reviews and Solicits commentary and Week’s End are all staying. The month is just going to be predominately Halloween based is all, so no worries.

Well that’s all I have to say for now, check out the Spawn Collection volume 3 Spotlight on Friday, followed by Week’s End then Marvel Zombies on Sunday.

Before I go though, here’s a schedule for the month

Friday the 3rd: My birthday! As well as Spawn Collection Volume 3

Sunday the 5th: Marvel Zombies HC Spotlight

Tuesday the 7th: Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness Cover Talk

Thursday the 9th: 30 days of Night Red Snow Report Card

Friday the 10th: A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection spotlight

Tuesday the 14th: Marvel Zombies, as well as the HC’s Cover Talk

Friday the 17th: Spawn Collection Volume 4 spotlight

Sunday the 19th: Marvel Zombies 2 Collection Spotlight

Tuesday the 21st: Marvel Zombies 2 and 3 cover talk

Friday the 24th: 30 days of Night Collection Spotlight

Tuesday the 28th: top 25 Horror films, 25 through 14

Thursday the 30th: Marvel Zombies Dead Days Report Card

Friday the 31st: Halloween! As well as the top 25 Horror films, 13 through 1

So that’s the main schedule, again, expect Week’s End and when I can, weekly comic reviews like always. As I said, can’t get to the shop today but expect books like Invincible and Hulk reviewed sometime soon. But hey, it’s time to celebrate the Halloween season, so find your best zombie mask and eat some flesh, I’m about to go out for a midnight snack.


Keith Gammage said...

Sounds like you're having fun. I've never been much of a horror fan and we don't celebrate Halloween in South Africa - but now that I think of it, I am getting a horror series: Solomon Kane. I never thought of Kane as horror, but I've seen it called that in a few interviews. It will be interesting to see how it compares to all the stuff you'll be reviewing.

Greg said...

Andrenn, I didn't know you were a horror fan like that! You gotta visit my blog, dude! I post quite a buncha horror stuff! And I'm so damn pumped for Halloween, man! I'm going as The Crow!

Andrenn said...

@Keith gammage: Sorry that your not big on Horror, but I hope that you'll still enjoy some of the reviews and posts here.
Also, I've heard of the series, but don't really know anything about it.

@Greg: Oh yeah, I'm a huge horror guy. Like I said, have been since I was kid and I first read Goosebumps.
I've seen your blog a few times, very cool stuff. I think I posted in one or two things, also.
I'll be posting what I'm going as for Halloween, as well as pictures if I can ever figure out this damned camera...

Keith Gammage said...

Yeah, Solomon Kane is not well known. I only found out about the prose stories because someone told me they were like H. Rider Haggard's Allen Quartermaine books. I enjoy them because they have a mythology aspect to them (he is given a staff that is supposedly the one Moses used, and more than once he gets mixed up with leftovers of Greek Myths) but they mostly take place in central and southern Africa, so I understand and know the places and people. Allen Quartermaine too gets involved with stuff like King Solomon's Mines, but comes from Natal like me.

Andrenn said...

Sounds very interesting, I'll check it out and see if maybe my local bookstore gets any books of it.