Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week's End

While a little late, the Week’s End is here to end the week and kick off the next.

Comic of the week: Rogue’s Revenge

I took off the Final Crisis part of the title, seeing as outside of Libra being there this has nothing to do with FC. I’m more tempted to call it Flash: Rebirth: Prequel seeing as this is the main lead in to that series.

All that aside, wow. Now I am not buying the series but damn, I’ve read a full description of the issue and seen some online scans. Strong stuff here. I’ll be picking this series up when it hits the trades, no doubt.

Moment of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #573

This moment wins as the moment of the week for the overall hilariousness of it. While I was fairly disappointed with NWTD, and will now only be buying Spider-man if Anti-Venom is showing up, Slott still provided some great and fun moments.

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #573 Zombie Variant by Marko Djurdjevic

Normally I haven’t been enjoying this year’s batch of Zombie variants. Outside of Mike Deodato’s earlier last month I think these variants have sucked. But damned if Djurdjevic didn’t turn out stomach churning gold here. While the Goblin looks all right, that torn of Spider-man is just great.

So there’s the Week’s End awards for you. I never was able to get to write up a review for Witchblade and Batman, so I figure I won’t now. I’m low on cash but have enough for a comic or 2, so this week expect a special review of Spawn #185, top priority to review that. I myself am incredibly psyched about it.

Check back tomorrow for the Spotlight of Marvel Zombies 2, until then I’m off to the woods. I got this camera and me and some buddies are going to look for this local legend of a Witch. Wish me luck!

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