Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week's End

The Week has ended, and the countdown to Halloween is almost up. All this glorious time, so many dead, so few survivors…wait, is my Wii broken? *checks* Okay, we’re good. My best friend was eaten alive…but as long as my Wii is okay, I’m all right.

Comic of the Week: Final Crisis #4

Not a very good week for comics, in my opinion. Really weak for pretty much everyone, but Final Crisis steals a win for itself since it was one of the few good reads. I didn’t read the issue myself, just online spoilers and scans again, but from what I read, it was great. While I’m still sour at Jones’ inability to complete all 7 issues, I’m still liking where this is going. If word keeps going strong for FC, I may pick up the collection book.

Moment of the week: New Avengers #46 Dormammu reveal

Not a really great week for moments either. While there was some good ones, nothing stood out to me more than the reveal of Dormammu as the demon powering Hood. Always loved this character and great to see him back, and I can only figure this leads in to Dark Reign somehow. Also, while I’m not a big fan of Billy Tan’s, that is one wicked looking demon.

Cover of the week: NA #46 by Aleski Briclot

Again, not really a great week for covers either. But Aleksi’s awesome homage of Marvel Villains skrullified takes the win this week. Not a lot to say about it though, it’s incredibly cool.

So that’s it for the Week’s End. This week we’ve got reviews again of comics, Spawn #185 will be reviewed for sure. Maybe Invincible and Secret Invasion if I can get my hands one them. And if possible, more, but money is a bit tight right now. So until Tuesday, have a great weekend and grab yourself a water gun, the aliens are here.

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