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Solicit Commentary: March 2009

More apologies are needed, I know that’s a second weekend without an end, but this time there is somewhat of an excuse. My computer has just gone in the trash bad, it’s taking forever just to load Word. So yeah…the other half to Open Fire is cancelled. Sorry! But now we must move onto the Solicits commentary. First off we have Marvel, as I’ve dropped everything DC is doing and Marvel and Image are my comic sources. Also, no comic reviews this week as, the city I reside in is frozen over and driving out in that mess is murder. I’ll head out when the black ice melts finally.

Marvel Solicits for March 2009.

Image Solicits for March 2009.

Invincible #60

This could either be the most awesome issue of Invincible yet, or the most annoying erratic and stupidly done crossover in history. It’s a lot to take on for one man, but really, I think this is the book that will either make or break if Image United will be worth picking up. Kirkman is writing that as well, and we can figure this as a bit of a prelude to it, as is Savage Dragon’s Back In Blue arc. It’s a great idea, having all these great heroes in one oversized issue…but still, a part of me worries if Kirkman can really handle it. It could just be a poorly done shoddy story where every other page is a different hero and there’s no real character depth or interaction. Though I am holding out too much worry. Still, no matter what, I really look forward to this. Invincible has been a solid great read and it’s great to get to see Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade and Shadowhawk in there…oh yeah, those other guys on the cover are good too I guess…

Killer of Demons #1

This looks interesting. I heard about this way back that the artist did a video interview with a Comic podcast. It looked good then. Still looks good now. It’s also got Yost on writing duties and that makes me a happy bunny. I’ll check it out, though I’m not sure, it definitely looks good.

Jersey Gods #2

I’ve decided to add this series to the pull list, as I debated in the last edition of Andrenn’s Pull List. It looks to be very well done, and I’m always looking for some new and interesting Indy comic. Even if most people don’t count Image as Indy anymore. I still do, but that’s my opinion.

Savage Dragon #146

The women on that cover look a lot like the woman at the end #142. Could they be tied to Dragon’s wife, and maybe it’s that Dragon takes up the badge to prove to his wife that he’s a good man? Eh, it’s a long shot but I’m taking it. Glad to see the Dragon back in his old threads. Blue looks good with green as they say.

Spawn #190

Capullo…Is…BACK! YES! Well not an art yet but still, it’s great to see him doing a cover again. I was worried he’d never be doing another Spawn cover at this rate. But uh, the content of the solicit…doesn’t say too much, we know by now that Jim is indeed Spawn and that he’s new to all this insanity. I’m not sure where Spawn can really go from here though. Still, 190, 10 issues to go following that until 200! Spawn is looking better and better.

Witchblade #125

Finally, it’s about damn time this arc gets started. I’m pretty psyched to check this out, and for anyone wondering “who’s side am I on?” Sara. Sara needs to win. If Dani wins then…I just may drop the book. Sara is 10 times better then Dani. But uh, about the solicit in general, it all sounds very promising. You all know that Witchblade is currently my favorite book out on the shelves and that it’s been a constant joy for me. Also, that is one wicked image by Bachalo, very eerie and ominous…

So that’s all for Image comics, onto Marvel!

Ultimate Spider-man #132

Oh ho ho…MJ, Kitty, you silly geese. Fighting in the middle of Armageddon…what?! All right, color me interested. I’ll admit, this has been building for a while, the confrontation between these two. Though I’m not sure if Ultimatum is the best place for it, this still should be good. Bendis is flying high with Ultimate Spider-man and I’m hanging in for the ride.

Ultimatum #4

I’ll believe that this issue is coming out when it’s in my hands. I mean no offense to the team on it, but damn, issue 5 was supposed to be out by then wasn’t it? I seriously hate delays…but oh well, I enjoyed the first issue of Ultimatum, and I feel I’ll enjoy the series more when it gets out on damn time. Good luck to #4 on getting out before 2010.

Spider-man Noir #4

If the roads aren’t ice tomorrow, I can’t wait to get down to the comic shop and pick up #1 of this series. (I wrote this yesterday) It looks awesome. Had I done Week’s End, this would have been my most anticipated comic. I’m seriously stoked for this series, it looks great. It’s sad to see it’s only 4 issues. Oh well! Here’s to hoping for a sequel! Unless it actually sucks somehow, in that case, bury it. But the preview looks good, so my hopes are indeed high.

Mighty Avengers #23

I’m very interested to see this opening arc. It looks to be good, the roster, while imperfect, has some characters I really like and overall this looks to be a good book. I’m still confused as hell over Scarlet Witch, but hey, it’s Marvel Comics, you can’t expect much without getting your head twisted off in the process.

Dark Avengers #3

Morgan Le Fay up to her old tricks, gotta love it. That’s an all right cover by Deodato, not as good as #2’s cover. Still, pretty good. I’m not really sure why Bendis is insisting an tying the New Avengers into this opening story. I’d much rather they stay far away from the Dark Avengers so I don’t have to read one book to understand the other. Still, looking forward to this next month.

Now there is 3 mini’s that tie into Dark Reign, but don’t interest me at all. 1 for Elektra, 1 for the Fantastic Four and New Avengers: The Reunion which I had hoped would be a one-shot…but anyway, I’ll be avoiding these series as they hold little to no interest for me.

Black Panther #2

Curiosity killed the cat and…damned if I’m not curious. I really hope this isn’t what it looks like, that T’Challa was given a cheap cop out death off screen by Dr. Doom. Now I’m pretty sure I’ll check this out to make sure he’s not dead, and if he is, I’ll avoid this series like the plague.

Secret Warriors #2

The preview for this in SI: Dark Reign looked great. And we’re getting covers by Jim Cheung which is awesome. I think I’m reconsidering my lack of interest in this series. If all looks well, I’ll check it out for sure.

Astonishing Tales #2

This series has me puzzled, if Marvel Comics Presents tanked so bad, why just make another anthology series? Why doesn’t Marvel just make a series, like this, but rather then several different stories in one book, a one-shot story every issue? I think that would work much better. But that’s just me…I may look into it as the art looks great from what I’ve seen in previews.

Captain Britain and the MI13 #11

Wow, has it already almost been a year since this series debuted? Time sure flies. Well that’s a rather lack-luster cover again by Immonen. Glad to see he took the full 2 minutes before work started to do this. I kid I kid…but one thing I do notice from that cover is no Megan. I guess Cornell was just teasing us with her return, and that makes me a very sad bunny….or maybe she’s just MIA, I’ll have to read to find out.

Spider-man and Human Torch in…uh…a bunch of Spanish words I can’t type well. Something about the dead.

This looks, uh…interesting. I’ll check it out mainly for the great Juan Doe artwork.

Thor #601

I’m officially jumping on come #600 whenever the hell it comes out. I have been curious about this series for a while, and I’m hoping this reboot does a good job of getting me onboard. Not much to really say, an incredible cover by Djurdjevic as always.

War of Kings #1

I’m not sure if I’ll be getting this or not, half me of me is excited and wants to check it out, the other half remembers how dragged out Annihilation: Conquest became and thinks otherwise…I’m not sure. So far, all answers point to no, but if it looks good, then maybe I’ll look into it.

Uncanny X-men #507

All I really care about is the Scott/Emma divide. This plot, overall, doesn’t interest me much if at all really. Still, last months issue was well done and I have some hopes that the series will keep a good streak through the next few months. And hey, even if the story starts to suck, there’s always the shoulder of Terry Dodson’s amazingly beautiful art to cry on.

Messiah War Prologue

I think I’ll get this storyline. It’s got 2 writers I trust, an artist who I know is great and from an interview late last week, it really sounds great. But here’s my one problem…it’s only part 2 to trilogies, I hate it when you reveal that there’s a 3rd act because really, you know that even come part 2’s end, there’s more to tell and that rather ruins it. Still…Messiah Complex was pure awesome in a can and hopefully Messiah War will be too.

Wolverine #71

That’s one hell of a cover by McNiven. This storyline has been great and overall, Wolverine is a special comic right now that’s really been hitting a strong story. But then comes the delays, oh god the delays, another goddamn 2 months before this issue…*sigh* it makes me rethink this series as a whole really. But I’m sticking it out, since it is so damn good after all.

Incognito #3

After reading the preview for Incognito, I’m hooked. Brubaker and Phillips look like they’ll be hitting all the right high notes with this series and I’m really interested to see it. For all those interested, I suggest you check it out as well, the preview was great and I have high hopes for this series.

Dark Tower: Treachery HC

I’ve yet to pick up Long Road Home, but I will soon and following that I’ll buy Treachery when it comes out. This series has become one of the greatest adaptation comics in a very long time, so it’s no surprise that I love it. Though I feel it’s best to wait for the HC so I can read it all as a whole book, rather then month to month.

Skaar Son of Hulk volume 1 HC

I may pick this up. I was more then disappointed with Pak’s poor pacing and Garney’s scratch artwork in this series. But maybe it’s just one of those books that reads better collected, like Runaways. I guess we’ll find out come March.

So that’s it for today kiddies, I hoped you enjoyed our lesson. Come back Friday for Collection Spotlight and check in soon for a very special Christmas post. What is it? Well I’m wondering the same thing too because I’ve yet to come up with an idea…but it will be soon! Adios for now.


Cat said...

I am so looking forward to New Avengers: The Reunion. Slott on Mighty looks promising. I'm very leary of Dark Avenegrs but I'll give it a try.

Andrenn said...

I may Check out the Reunion if it looks good. I'm still wary, plus I think it would work much better as just a one-shot.

Keith Gammage said...

I'm not doing a solicitation review on my blog this month as I still don't know if I will be able to buy comic books next year. I have a few comments though:
1. Yay, War of Kings! Though, that's a lot of War of Kings related books in March...
2. Nightcrawler leaving the X-Men? How is that a good idea?
3. I read somewhere that Emma being in with Osborne & co was actually Matt Fraction's idea, which makes me a whole lot happier about the situation. Looks like she's just looking out for the X-Men seeing as how she doesn't know about X-Force yet.
I'm starting to think that Uncanny will read a whole lot better in collected format too.
4. I'm not at all interested in Messiah War. I'm not sure why, I loved Messiah CompleX.
5. I'm a bit confused about Morgana Le Fay appearing in Dark Avengers. Was she one of the evil beings released in Cap Britain? And if so, why is she after Doom?

Andrenn said...

Hey Keith, I know about the comic closing thing, I got high hopes that you'll find another way though.

I think Marvel finally realized that their Cosmic side is better then they give it credit for.
Nightcrawler quiting is an awful idea, I figure it's just more "OMG, Buy our books" fodder.
I've grown less trustful of Fraction recently, but I'll reserve judgement until the Annual coming out soon.
I think one reason Messiah War may not be as good is because it's a lot more self contained, it's just a small group of characters unlike Complex, which hit a lot of high notes in the X-verse.
Morgan Le Fay is after Doom no doubt because the two had a relationship prior to Secret Invasion, he went back in time, she taught him magic and...I'm not sure, but by judging by her last appearance, they where sleeping together and had a relationship. My best guess is she either wants him back, or wants to kill him for not coming back to her. She's insane, so it could be all kinds of things.

Keith Gammage said...

Oh, right, that sounds vaguely familiar, I think thay had something about it in the Venom-Bomb/Doom storyline in Mighty Avengers. I didn't really follow that.

Andrenn said...

I followed that story for the Mark Bagley art. It was pretty good. I figured Bendis would touch on their relationship sooner or later.