Friday, January 9, 2009

Andrenn's Pull List: What Stays and What Goes?

For those who are unaware, America’s economy has been less then pretty these last several months (I know it spans longer but I’m not sure how long exactly really) and it would seem the economy is just now hitting comics, and for the worse it seems as Spawn has already lost it’s colorist and TMP has fired some people who’s work I enjoy. But that’s not just it, it seems like everyone has to take a step back as conventions are being canceled and postponed.
But what does this have to do with my pull list? Simple. I’m going to review all the books I’m getting, I’ll drop some and keep most no doubt, but still a point does stand here. Everyone will be hurting sooner then later and I can’t keep pushing my wallet much longer. So here’s who’s staying, and who I’m saying goodbye to.

Spawn: Safe

Some comics are never going away for me, and Spawn is one of them. While I’m sad to hear Jin Han (the colorist) has been booted and am a little worried for TMP’s future, I’ll stick to reading Spawn even when the ship is going down and has burst to flames.

Hulk: Gone

I actually have quite enjoyed this series. It’s nothing too great really, but the art has been nothing short of amazing and the story, while weird, is fun and I like it. But still even when something isn’t too bad, it’s better to cut it loose sooner then later when you could have spared the weight earlier. I may add this to the “wait for the collection” list as other books have been, but then again, that hasn’t always worked out well form e.

Jersey Gods: Safe

I recently read an interview/saw a preview for the upcoming offering from Image Comics and it looks great. Not perfect of course, and I’m a little unsure if it will be as good as Scarlet Veronica or other books I started reading recently, but still, it looks good nonetheless and it’s safe for now.

Wolverine: Safe

I would have to be crazy to drop out now. That’s like playing a great video game, beating all the bosses and after patient and long waiting, you’re near the final boss, then you kick your system and smash the cartridge. Also, the delays make my wallet sigh of relief with 2 months off.

Invincible, Savage Dragon, Witchblade: Their all Safe

All right, I figured I’d save us both some time here and just throw the rest of these great Image Comics in together. Image has become my new home for comics and I could never abandon them. Never.

Batman and Detective Comics: Gone (after February)

I already mentioned this in a previous installment of Andrenn’s Pull List, but I guess I should say it again. Yes, come Battle for the Cowl I am done with the caped crusader. I have no interest in Batman’s future, though if Dini/Nguyen team up again, you can bet I’ll check it out at least.

Ultimatum: Pending as of Chapter #3

I’ll spare you a review of #2 and just say this; Ultimatum has officially disgusted me, someone who loves Marvel Zombies, with the scene of Wasp’s death. I can take disgusting, and then there’s…this. If you’ve never seen it and your eyes remain virgin to the disgusting scene, do yourself a favor, avoid this chapter like the plague. But as disgusted as I was, chapter 2 wasn’t overall a god awful book so to be fair, I’m reading up until #3 and if the bullshit continues, it’s gone.

Ultimate Spider-man along with the FF and X-men: Safe

I’m keeping Ultimate Spider-man for the obvious fact that it’s an incredible book in general and I love it. I’m only keeping the FF and X-men on for the fact that their gone as of February so I don’t mind being there for the end.

Spider-man Noir: Safe

Having read a description of the first issue, I must say I was impressed with the opening chapter of Spidey’s Noir adventure. I’ll stick with it for this, and the fact that it’s only 4 issues long.

Mighty Avengers: Safe

I’m not too sure about Koi Pham’s artwork really, the preview looks good but…his stuff during SI was rather disappointing. Also I’m a little disappointed at 2 relationships in the book, Jocasta/Hank, which I think is a bad idea on so many levels, and it looks like a wrench will be thrown in the Stature/Vision relationship that Paul Cornell brought us finally earlier last year. It’s odd that just as these two are a couple we’re going to have the Scarlet Witch back. But oh well. I still look forward to this, besides; Hulk is finally an avenger again. It’s about damn time.

Captain Britain and the MI13: Gone

I was going to jump on with #10 come February, but at the way things are looking I’ve got to pull some things off and it’s better to stop reading something I had yet to start reading in the first place. I’m sad not to be picking this up, but at the same time, not everyone can make the list.

Dark Avengers: Safe

My interest in this book has grown with the recent preview from IGN. The artwork looks stunning and this stuff is right up Bendis’ alley, hopefully this book can prove Dark Reign’s worth. But also we’ve got Morgan le Fay, what’s not to love about having her back?

Messiah War: Gone

I had planned to read this story, I’m seriously psyched for this story, but with the add of a 4 dollar book such as Dark Avengers, Messiah War missed the boat and the zombies are now eating it’s brains on the dock. If I hear good things, it’s definitely going to be purchased in HC.

Thor: Safe

I am excited to check out #600 later this month, I’ve heard nothing but love for this book and finally my curiosity has peaked to the point where I can’t put it off anymore. I won’t be too surprised if we get plenty of delays still, but that only helps ease my wallet every month or so.

Uncanny X-men: Safe

Last issue wasn’t perfect, but things are finally looking up for the mutants and I can’t resist it. I may even stick through when Greg Land comes back on art.

Incognito: Gone

I was looking forward to this, but something came up as you can tell by now and I’ve decided against it.

Scarlet Veronica: Safe

I really like this series and it’s only 4 issues, no way I’m dropping it out of nowhere when things are looking so great.

And so end’s my pull list discussion, not too many books where dropped I know, but don’t expect too many books added either in the coming year. But 2009 is looking up and hopefully if I can, expect Year’s End sooner, then later. Also check back Tuesday (or Monday if I can get it out then) for our next weekly post here at New Age Comics.


cat said...

I did the same thing recently. But I went as far as dropping every DC book. Just not enjoying the like I used to. I was getting GL, JLA, JSA, teen titans, batman & final crisis. Dropped them all. I'm not a marvel zombie but I'm enjoying there books more right now. On the indie front I get echo, the sword, criminal, phonogram 2 & the uniques. They are all safe for me

BrikHed said...

Well done. I am going through the same process and unfortunately BATMAN doesn't look like it is going to make my cut. I am shedding DC and Marvel for the most part.

Glad to see you are picking up Jersey Gods. The guys are great and the book looks fun.

Andrenn said...

@Cat: I tried a lot of DC books like GL and JLA once, found them all pretty meh for me. I like Marvel more too then DC but DC turned me away mostly with their recent canceling of 4 books in one month.

@Brikhed: Battle for the Cowl may be a good book, I won't be too surprised if some people like it, but I myself just have nothing really left in Batman. The Last Rites stories have been great but that's it really.
Jersey Gods looks great, every now and then I like finding something new in the Indy pool of comics.