Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week's End

The Week may be over but the year is still just getting started. Now We’ve removed one thing from Week’s End, the Most Anticipated Comic of the Week, where we look into the next week and say what we’re looking forward to the most. That’s been removed and you’ll find out why at the end of the post.

Comic of the Week: Marvel Zombies 3 #4

Coming down to the 2 comics I got this week, it was a hard decision between them. As a review Detective Comics was clearly better, but as a reader and a fan of the Midnight Sons and anything that had to do with Ghost Rider really, Marvel Zombies 3 wins. I’ve stated it in the past, I decide Week’s End as a reader, not a reviewer. I leave the reviewer aspect, to the reviews, and the reader aspect is placed here. Marvel Zombies 3 was an incredibly well done book and it could have easily been a big flop or lost cause. It tells it’s own story very well and leads into the fourth (ugh) volume very nicely.

Moment of the Week: Marvel Zombies 3 #4

Sorry that I had to scan to get this, but this was a seriously great moment and as a fan of the Midnight Sons, I’m incredibly stoked. I’m not too fond of the roster, while Morbius, Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night are all welcome I don’t know or care about the other 2. We couldn’t get Ghost Rider? I know he’s caught up with Zadkiel but you’ve got Wolverine and Iron man in 5 hundred books, you can’t spare to have Ghost Rider in 2 or 3? Hell if not Ghost Rider, maybe even Vengeance? Fans of the old GR of the 90’s have been wanting him back for a long while, this is the perfect chance to bring him back. But oh well, I’m sure this will be an awesome team come Marvel Zombies 4.

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #582 by Mike McKone

Poor as this story was and frustrating as what Marvel has been doing with Spider-man this last year, I can’t deny good art when I see it. McKone is an awesome artist and this is a great cover. But also this week wasn’t too good in the department of covers really, so for what we got, it was good.

Now let’s end this with a look at this week in New Age Comics.

We’ve got a new weekly post called “The Week Begins” in which I take a look at all the upcoming comics I’ll be picking up for that Week. Yes, it’s inspired by Kirk Warren’s Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews. But then again I get a lot less comics then him so I’m not sure how this will turn out. I have hopes for it though.

One post I’m working on is “Andrenn’s top 3 batman writers” which will hopefully debut sometime later this week. It’s something I’ve taken heavy consideration into and I’m ready to write it down.

“The Year Begins” which is what I’m writing right now, as to Year’s End which I still have yet to get off my flash drive, will probably posted around Friday.

So that’s what to expect from New Age Comics in the coming week, I hope you enjoyed your Weekend.

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