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Solicit Commentary for May 2009

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the month, when fanboys stop bickering and creators start talking about their books again, solicits time!

Image Comics solicits for May 2009

Marvel Comics solicits for May 2009

Spawn #192

The triumphant return of Sam and Twitch! With a new mini-series on it’s way, I was certain we’d never see the dynamic duo again. With most characters outside of Violator MIA I was pretty sure. But hey, their back and that’s awesome. I’m hoping Portacio goes with classic looking Sam and Twitch as I never really liked Haberlin’s versions.

Spawn: Architects of Fear One-Shot

Delays are a killer thing, in the case of some comics it’s worth it every time, in others it’s so annoying that it kills any momentum and build up and ruins it. Architects of Fear was set to come out September 2007. TMP seems to be having trouble keeping up with schedules more and more. Still this looks awesome and I’ll pick it up.

Spawn: Origins Volume 1

’m not sure what to think of this. On one hand maybe it’s a good idea, the Spawn Collection books cost a hefty price after all, though not the first volume. But if we’ve already got a series recounting and collecting the series, why do we need a second series of books to do that? Ones that are cheaper and have less I issues? Seems like a waste of money to me. Still maybe I’m just putting my foot in my mouth as I’m sure it’s good for anyone interested in the origins of Spawn and al that.

Witchblade #127 seems to be MIA of the Solicits….:(

Invincible #62

Last Solicit commentary I talked about the status quo, now I want to use this one to mention the villains. Invincible has always had fairly poor villains, and even if their treat, it’s for all of 10 pages before their knocked out or killed. It’s rare that some villains actually continue a fight over a few issues. Conquest looks to be the Doomsday of the Invincible comics. No I don’t mean that like that he’s a cheap plot device. I mean that he seems like the nemesis Invincible has been waiting for all this time. A villain that actually puts up a real good fight hurts our hero badly. Also I’m going to say it again, Atom Eve will totally be dead soon. I’m calling it.

Jersey Gods #4

After an awesome opening issue, this solicit seems a bit off. Something about Zoe in a mall and…huh? I don’t know. It doesn’t sound all that interesting really, though of course I’m sticking with the series.

Savage Dragon #148

Daredevil (not THAT one) is making his Image debut here, eh? Should be an interesting read really but I’m just not sure…

Spider-woman #2

Seems like Hydra is finally making some noise again, despite a few things here and there they haven’t really been prominent in Marvel for a very long time. I am still anticipating this book, not sure really how it will turn out but I’ve got pretty high hopes for it. Then again, I had the same hopes for Secret Invasion: Dark Reign in December.

Dark Avengers #5

Good to see that the Doom story won’t take 6 or 7 issues to wrap up for the opening arc. That was Mighty Avenger’s biggest mistake come it’s debut a while back, it took forever just for the opening arc and that killed all the momentum it had going for it. It’s nice to see Bendis has learned his lesson. So apparently the public is reminded Norman was Green Goblin? Their just now remembering that? That’s like hiring a baby-sitter then remembering he eats babies. A stupid move. We also see that apparently some of the Avengers are ‘getting frisky’? My money is on Ares and Moonstone. Ares is quite the charmer after all.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1

So it’s 5 issues, and these new, evil Young Avengers (Or Dark Young Avengers as Keith Gammage put so well) will be meeting the originals? Well that sounds interesting. But honest to god, why can’t we just call them the Young Masters of Evil and be done with it? Their clearly not Young Avengers. Still, it’s by the stellar team behind Young Avengers Presents #4 and I’ll be there. Also going off of the interviews it sounds pretty damn good, Melter and the new Enchantress are lovers even though Melter’s power sucks, he’s team leader, an interesting little dynamic Cornell came up with. Dare I say it, weird as this looks, I’m really psyched to check this out.

Mighty Avengers #25

Another damn month with no Pham?! Seriously Marvel is he the series artist or not? But as for the story, it’s the Mighty Avengers taking on the Fantastic Four…how boring. I’m starting to rethink buying this series as if Slott isn’t really going anywhere interesting and just doing things like this I can’t imagine why I’d want to read. That and the fact that Pham seems MIA for no good reason. I guess the only thing keeping me hooked is more Vision. Damn my Vision addiction.

Secret Warriors #4

I never figured that we’d be getting a put-together cover for this series. It’s almost cool…almost. So this story handles a few things, what happened to all the disbanded Shield Agents and Fury taking on more Hydra. How exciting. I’m hoping this books doesn’t become what it’s looking to become “Nick Fury: and every now and then some super powered kids he trained” seeing as the team aspect to Secret Warriors is looking worse and worse.

Dark Reign: The Hood #1

I doubt I’ll pick this up, Hood has been my least favorite villain since his use come New Avengers a while back. Bendis has tried hard to really make him stick and show his strength but try as he does I never get sold on it and he continues to be a big waste of space for me.

Wolverine #73 and #74

Hold on a minute, this is serious? I wasn’t sure that if by Old Man Logan giant sized special it would either be #73 just epic sized or a one-shot, but I guess it’s a one-shot. Also, are the Kubert’s coming to Marvel? We’ve been seeing a couple of covers by Adam but I thought both Adam and Andy where signed to DC exclusives. I guess their contracts finally ended and now their going to Marvel. I’m not sure if I’ll be reading these 2 stories or not, Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert sounds awesome but I was already planning to stop reading come Old Man Logan’s ending. We’ll see. If it looks good I’ll check it out.

Ultimatum #5

With issue #3 taking it’s sweet time getting here I doubt 5 will be out by then. I’m not even getting Ultimatum so I suppose there isn’t much point in commenting on it.

Ultimate Spider-man: Requiem #1 and #2

2 books, both 4 dollars and both wrapping up the soon ending Ultimate Spider-man with an article written by J. Jonah Jameson. The preview for #131 shows that Jameson has seen Spider-man in a new light finally so this looks like it could be an incredible heart-wrenching read. That plus it’s Bendis and Spider-man, we know this will rock. Also something about never before seen Bagley art? That should be interesting.

Planet Skarr Prologue

I forgot to mention this in my coverage of the NYCC, mainly due to the fact that Skarr: Son of Hulk was on of the biggest disappointments of 2008 for me. Not much to say, Skarr comes to earth. I may check it out, probably won’t though.

All New Savage She-Hulk #2

I’m actually pretty interested in this book, it looks to be good. I doubt I’ll get it what with prices so high but it really does look promising. Maybe if I hear good things about it I’ll pick up the Hardcover or TPB.

Marvel Zombies 4 #2

Really…do we have to tie this in to Dark Reign, with having the Hood involved with the whole zombie thing? Plus Dormammu? I’m not sure. Half of me wants to avoid this series like the zombie plague within it’s pages, the other half loves the Midnight Sons and Marvel Zombies 3 so I really want to check it out. I’ll buy it, no doubt, I’m one of those loyal idiots like that when it comes to Marvel Zombies.

TimeStorm 2009/2099 #2

Let me tell you something, seeing Ghost Rider 2099 on this cover makes me more excited then a 5 year old on Saturday morning (back when cartoons where good, mind you) and from the way things are looking from an interview with Reed then GR will be pretty prominent in this story. I’m not sure what to think of the whole “two times colliding” thing. I’d rather that if we finally get a 2099 sequel series it stay exclusive to 2099, but this should still be interesting and I am really stoked for it. Also the cover is credited to be by Salvador Larroca. I’m not seeing it, this looks nothing like his style. It looks more like Kev Walker. Maybe I’m just seeing things though.

New Mutants #1

I just wanted to mention this and asked Marvel, did you guys all hit your head or something? I’m sure a lot of New Mutant fans are excited for this, and hey, it’s got some good talent behind it so maybe it will be good. But still…rather then just moving on with New X-men or keeping that awful Young X-men going, we need to reverse back to the New Mutants? Something seems wrong with that. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this backfires like Young X-men did and is gone by 2010. (also I realize I'm being a tad hypocritical, criticizing the New Mutants right after mentioning the return of 2099)

Wolverine: Weapon X #2

I really want to buy this series, I do. All common sense says that this will be an incredible book that anyone who’s ever liked Wolverine will fall in love with and will be a treat every month. It’s got the stellar team from Get Mystique on it for god’s sake. Though I’m not sure, I really can’t keep pushing my wallet like this, though as always, if cuts must be made, they can.

X-Force volume 2 HC

If I ever get around to picking up volume 1 soon, volume 2 is right behind it.

Halo: Uprising HC

While I’m not the biggest Halo fan in the universe, Marvel has done right to the series after publishing the awesome Halo Graphic Novel (Yes I have it, yes I love it) and the only thing that stopped me from reading Uprising, as the first 2 issues where good, was the killer delays. Seeing as it’s a prequel to 3 of the game series and it’s over a year late to finishing this is really disappointing. Though it’s not the creative team’s fault, from what I’m told, Bungie kept poking holes and making them redo it or something along those lines. If it had come out on time I’m sure it would be more well praised, but oh well, I’ll definitely pick up the HC in May and look forward to Spartan Black and Helljumpers later this year.

Spider-man Noir HC

I thought April was bleeding my wallet dry on Hardcovers, May is just kicking my wallet down, spitting in it’s face then telling it that they never loved it. Another HC that I gotta own is Spider-man Noir as I’m really itching to check this out and annoyed with myself for dodging on the ongoing. If there’s a sequel series (fingers crossed!) Then I’ll be there for sure.

X-men: Magneto Testament HC

Well look at that, they chose the best cover of the series and the best cover of 2008. Just like Spider-man Noir and Halo Uprising this is a series I’ve been patiently waiting for the HC of and that I have to get my hands on as soon as I can. Growing up through school my favorite subject always has, and no doubt always will be, WW2 and the Holocaust. I’ve heard nothing but praise and love and good things about this series, time to see (in a few months, unfortunately) if that was all talk or all guts. I’m most excited for this one so I think if I’m going to pre-order any of them this one is it.

so that's it for Solicit Commentary, if you missed my latest reviews look down one post and check back tomorrow for Week's End.

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