Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Age News: A New Dynamic Duo!

Welcome to a sort of new post I’m trying out here called “New Age News” where I talk about an announcement or something that’s happened in the comics medium that is noteworthy of mentioning. Sometimes these may be long and extensive, other times they may be quick.

Batman and Robin was announced a while back, while there was a leak about it the official announcement didn’t come until New York Comic Con. Though while other titles like Detective Comics got some light shed this book had remained in the dark up until just a couple days back.

The book will be written by longtime DC popular writer Grant Morrison, the man who handled both Batman R.I.P. as well as Final Crisis. Art will be done by his former collaborator Frank Quietley.

Now I’m sure you probably know this by now as it’s already created a good amount of buzz. Morrison has already done an interview and has explained some of the vague details as to what we’ll see.

First I must mention about their prior work, All Star Superman. In my honest opinion, I know it’s not popular to say this but I really thought it was just okay and even a tad boring. I had the same problem with the first 2 Ultimates volumes, it’s good and has it’s moments but I wasn’t blown away like everyone else was. Maybe it’s because when I read through most of the first volume I had heard all the hype and my expectations where too high or it’s simply that I’ve never liked Superman as much as Batman or other heroes but something about All Star Superman just felt very underwhelming to me.

Also, while still on the subject of it I must admit that I didn’t find Quietley’s artwork as amazing as others did. He’s a great artist no doubt but from what I was hearing I would think that the pages where made of chocolate and filled with edible gold. It was good art, some moments where just plain incredible, but for the most part it was just good art.

I hate to take up so much space just to mention a series that is now over but I felt it necessary to let you all know that All Star Superman in no way affects how I think of this upcoming book. If you did like All Star Superman then I can see why others may very much so enjoy it and respect that.

Now much to my surprise this is actually in-continuity. I was certain it wouldn’t be after seeing the first image (cover perhaps?) and the look of the Batmobile. Some people where worried this would replace All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. Thankfully that isn’t the case.

I like the premise, short 4 issue story arcs that build into an overall greater arc that involves the new Batman and Robin. We’ve been told that these are both 2 different people under the masks. Robin will be more darker as Batman used to be and Batman will be more light-hearted. It’s…a strange contrast, not one I’m sure will work.

I’m fairly certain that from the description and look, Robin will be Damian. Which leaves me worried as to Tim Drake’s fate seeing as Batman looks a bit too tall to be Tim. I figure if it isn’t Dick then perhaps a reformed Jason Todd (I won’t buy the series in that case)

While I won’t be as big on Batman as I was prior to him going back in time and making cave paintings, I will at least check this series out. It sounds cool and like a lot of twisted fun that Morrison is known for. While I have my worries for the Dark Knight’s future I must admit this still looks like a great new upcoming comic that has my full attention.

And so ends the first edition of New Age News. I’ve been trying to fill this week with new and different articles to try and shake things up, expect a double dose review of Batman the Brave and the Bold and Wolverine and the X-men.


BrikHed said...

should not, cannot, and will not buy this - Morrison ruined Batman for me and I will not reward him with that by buying this book... Bruce Wayne is dead and so is Batman...

Andrenn said...

I can understand fully why you chose to ignore this title, Brik. But sometimes curiosity gets the best of me.

Anonymous said...

I'd say yeah that probably is Dick and Damien. Well, I hope it is. But if that's the case I can't figure out why we'd need no less than THREE Batman titles (Batman, Batman & Robin, Detective Comics) going on at the same time (yes, Batwoman's taking Detective for a year but what then?).

I really hope this doesn't turn into Reign Of The Batmen. If it does, I'd imagine Dick would take Batman, Tim/Jason/Hush?? and Damien would take Batman & Robin, and Batwoman would take Det. It might turn out alright, but given DC's recent track record with Bat characters I have a feeling that would be a disaster.

Andrenn said...

I have no doubt that the new scope of the Bat-verse will be messy, I'm just hoping for a gem in all this rubble of what's left of Batman.