Monday, March 9, 2009

The Week Begins

The week does NOT begin, at least not for me, no comics this week. Been a while for that. So to still give a Week’s Begins I will comment on comics I’m either not getting, or in one case, considering. Also you may have noticed the lack of Week’s End, it’s no particular reason other then I wanted to keep the Watchmen review up through the weekend. Also, not a big week for me anyway. Since I’ve got zero comics this week don’t expect a Week’s End this time anyway, but hey, I’m cooking up some posts.

Resident Evil #1

Written: Rick Sanchez

Art: Kevin Sharpe

This preludes Resident Evil 5, supposedly, but I figured that was the point of Degeneration (recent CG film) to lead into the events of 5, what with Tricell finding the corpse of the new G monster and buying Wilpharma, the company that had samples of the G-virus. So what purpose does this serve other then leading Chris to Africa? Also, do we really need a whole comic to explain that Chris is going to Africa? I figured the simple “there’s zombies, send him in” would suffice. Still I can’t deny this looks interesting, I’m a big time RE fan so if I hear good things I’ll either check out the comic or collection, but most adaptations have sucked, especially from Wildstorm. However I can’t deny it looks good, they got a good artist and at least a competent writer it would seem. Maybe it will be cool, probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1

Written and Art: Tony Daniel

I’ve said my peace as to this event, it’s a stupid idea in my honest opinion and it probably will only achieve ****ing up the Bat-verse even more so then Batman being stuck in Caveman days. I know I’ve been nothing but cynical for this event but it’s hard not to be. Also Black Mask returning is a bad idea, I feel they just brought him back to try and give this event more importance and depth beyond “big hero fight” which is sad. Oh well, I still have more Paul Dini/Dustin Nguyen and Batwoman in the future. That’s something, right?

So that’s it, pretty uneventful week I guess, but next week is looking to be big so I can be patient.Now I also need to mention the reviews, while I will finish them up and edit them in, I've been rather swamped and it may not be for another day or so. My apologies. Check through the week though for some new posts.


Kirk Warren said...

While I'm picking up battle for the Cowl, i'm not sold on it either. The Black Mask return is ridiculous. Better be a new player since it undersells the excellent developments from the Catwoman series.

Andrenn said...

I hope it's a new Black Mask too, if somehow the old one is up and kicking I officially give up on the notion of any character death ever meaning anything to DC.