Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Comic Reviews for April 1st 2009

Before I start off this weeks review I wanted to let you know that once again Spawn was MIA after re-adding it to my pull list which is a real pain. Not exactly happy about that.

But on a more positive note they are getting Jersey Gods on a regular schedule and, while Spawn was MIA, every other comic this week was waiting for me. So lets turn more positive as all 3 comics I got his week where great reads.

Jersey Gods #3

Written: Glen Brunswick

Art: Dan McDaid

Opening Comments: A brand new series out of nowhere needs to come out strong in this market, or it will die fast. While I was originally sold on the main concept of a romantic comedy with super hero action, this series has turned into a strong action packed epic, with the budding aspects of the romantic comedy. Despite my slight disappointment there I must admit I am enjoying the epic part and the mild comedy is still great.

Story Comments: Picking up where last issue left off, Lurella has our heroes surrounded as their on a mission to capture the villain here. This was a cool moment as far as how it all plays out with Rushmore kicking all kinds of ass. Though the most notable was how Helius kept insisting that Barock is “on a roll” with the ladies. I love how Brunswick is able to keep steady action along with great comedy.

Another comedic moment is Barock and Helius having to share a staff as a weapon. Seeing them fight like children over it was great. But things soon go bad as Deltus, the villain, soon lays a trap and takes them prisoner.

Though the action gets cut off when we get back to Zoe. That’s not a bad thing, she’s being well fleshed out and as far as a character with no powers and bad guys to hit, she does well on her own and doesn’t need Barock to be interesting or fun to read about. She soon meets up with her parents and it goes to the cliché mother supporting father discussion which doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and cuts just before it would get annoying. She also sees her friend along with her ex and we end her part of the story with her wanting to see Barock again which leaves me hopeful that these two will meet up again sometimes sooner then later.

When we get back to Barock and Deltus we see there has been plenty of bad blood between them over Deltus’ son, who Barock killed during the Great War. This is the high point of the issue as Deltus is made into a somewhat sympathetic villain in how his driving force is his anger over his son’s death, even though it was a time of war and Barock did not kill him randomly, it was still a great moment that just really impressed me and drew me in. Though we end with an asteroid coming at Neborn and Deltus about to execute our heroes.

My only real problem with this issue was that we know very well that Barock and Helius will not die or that the asteroid will destroy Neborn. It’s still an all right cliff hanger, leaves me excited to see more, but not as threat filled.

Overall the writing is solid and while I still am wanting to get that romantic comedy aspect as promised, the action has drawn me in and I’m really loving it.

Art Comments: Similar to the story the art has picked up even more and has grown on me more. I still dislike it when McDaid gets deeply rough and overdoes it with the sketchy look but the art has grown on me. Similar also is how the art was it’s best when Deltus recalled about his son. The two big shots of Deltus’ face looked incredible and the use of silhouettes where very nicely done and it looks great. Overall the art was pretty good and I think McDaid is getting more comfortable and for it, the art is a big step up.

Final Comments: Jersey Gods is officially a must have new series in my book. Great story, incredible characters and improving artwork are just the basics of why you should check this out. It can only get better and I have a good feeling that it will continue to do so.

Writing: 5 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Overall: 5 out of 5

Must Have

Secret Warriors #3

Written: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Stefano Caselli

Opening Comments: After a better second issue, Hickman has finally won me over and convinced me to stick with this series as things are certainly looking up. Once again, the Team Aspect is near MIA as they get very little important page time but for what we do get here, it was a great read.

Story Comments: The Secret Warriors are briefed on Hydra’s latest actions and their mission plan. It’s not really all that interesting and a slow way to open the issue as it really just bores me really. Still an all right opening as it isn’t completely boring.

The main aspect to this issue is Nick Fury meeting with his long time longer Contessa. It’s a great moment that runs through most of the comic as every word balloon of dialogue is well done and it’s clear that Hickman both understands their relationship and knows exactly what to do with them.

This was probably what I liked most about this issue though was just how every panel, if they said something or not, just conveyed this great history that they shared and it was a real great side story to the main ongoing plot with Hydra. Though I of course have to bring up how annoying it is that the Secret Warriors themselves remain side characters in their own book.

Their own aspect to the story is them taking on Hydra which, as expected, goes to hell real fast. Gorgon kicks all kinds of ass and it gets even worse with Yo-Yo getting her hands cut off, fitting into the predictions from last issue. Though the solicit made it sound like one would die, not just get severely damaged.

After this they get to a new base, Yo-Yo checks in with some robot surgeons and Quake is taken off as team leader since she decided to force the team to take on Hydra which, when looking at it really, was a pretty stupid idea.

The ending is simple, Nick calls up Dum Dum Dugan to round up some against to help Nick with his new war against Hydra, a nice way to end the issue.

Overall this issue was well written though once again, where is the team aspect? I just can’t seem to get over how there is really no team to this team book. Just some kids fighting the big bad guys.

Art Comments: Stefano Caselli continues to do a great job with this series as he’s given more room to expand again and it looks really great. Expressions are sometimes a little off, I must admit, but besides that I have no problems with the great art.

Final Comments: Secret Warriors has me sold and is now a permanent stay on the pull list as Hickman has really built up a great story and the comic has great art. While non-Marvel will no doubt be confused it’s still a great read.

Writing: 5 out of 5

Art: 5 out of 5

Overall: 5 out of 5

Must have

Savage Dragon #145

Written and art: Erik Larsen

Opening Comments: Savage Dragon is a series that while I love it, I’m slowly losing interest. This issue however proved to me something that not many comics can pull off this emotionally powerful a story.

Story Comments: the actual story is a little all over the place and that’s the one problem I have, Larsen doesn’t quite convey a solid story without an awkward pause to let us know about something or change the tone for all of 2 panels. It’s odd. Though that definitely doesn’t detract from the issue fully, it’s just a minor annoyance.

The main story is simple really, Alex is recalling her life to a therapist and while doing so, Dragon is taking on the gangs and trying to fight the good fight. The narration and action don’t always sync up but it’s still a great way to tell two stories to once. Also we get dialogue still from the Dragon side of things so it works even better.

Alex explains her history of her mother, how Alex herself feels insecure and needs someone to protect her and that never really works out for her. Though the highlight is how she describes just how awful things keep getting for Dragon, this of course comes up right when his children are abducted and it’s really powerful stuff. I obviously can’t describe in too full detail but it was very well done, emotional and really does do a good job of summing up just how awful it can be to be a super hero, no matter what Dragon does, things keep getting worse.

It all ends with Alex deciding to leave town just when Dragon needs her most. Really, it doesn’t feel like she’s being selfish. She has every right to be terrified and get out of town and that’s what really impressed me. Larsen conveys this deep emotional fear and pain that would be impossible to pull off on any other comic.

So you know by now that the story was absolutely incredible and I loved it.

Art Comments: Larsen’s art is a consistent great art, not really anything to say about it this time around.

Final comments: I can’t believe I was considering dropping this book, it’s so superb, really great stuff. If you skipped out last time on the new jumping on point, I once again highly suggest Savage Dragon. It has more heart and personality then any other comic out there.

Writing: 5 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Overall: 5 out of 5

Must Have

I know, a whole week of Must Haves. But seriously all three of these comics where incredible reads.


BrikHed said...

Loved Jersey Gods as well - I actually read the issue in the parking lot of the LCS when I picked it up... that is normally saved for The Walking Dead and Proof only.

Andrenn said...

Glad to see you like it so much. I know you dropped Secret Warriors, and I can't blame you, but the story is picking up if you're interested in it.

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