Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Age Ideas

Welcome to New Age Ideas, inspired by Eric’s Soapbox over at The Weekly Crisis where I put my ideas into words and my thoughts on subjects in the comics medium.

A Dr. Doom series by Bendis and Djurdjevic

This is an idea I’ve had since I saw Djurdjevic’s painted interiors during the Venom Bomb arc of Mighty Avengers. It was absolutely incredible, most notable of course was his great version of Dr. Doom, it really is the best looking Doom I’ve ever seen. Yes, better then Jack the God Kirby’s version. Then there’s Bendis portrayal of Doom. I’ve already mentioned it before but Bendis has handled Doom in the best way I’ve ever seen. This is exactly how the good Dr. should be and I love it. If these two where ever to work together again I can only be hopeful that they would do a series for Doc Doom. If not an ongoing (great as that would be) at least a mini-series?

Madworld the comic

Have you heard of this new game called Madworld? If not I can’t blame you, it’s on the Wii so that alone no doubt is a strike for many as the Wii has proven to be less then what the main gaming audience was hoping for. But if you have a Wii, get this game, it’s incredible. It’s violent as all hell, makes Mortal Kombat and GTA look like Barney Sing Alongs. You do everything form impaling a person ass-first, jamming sign posts through their head, tossing their head away with a golf club. It’s insane, obviously it’s more stylish and comedic though in a sense. It’s like Tom and Jerry but with blood. It’s in black and white and the only real color in it is red of course. It’s literally like a comic in the cut scenes and it’s insane. I love it. This is a video game that was made perfect to transition into a comic. Now if it be an actual comic book or a manga, I’d still read it as this is just great. It’s heavily influenced by Sin City and with me being a big Frank Miller fan you know I love it. If there never is a comic, at least we’ll have one hell of a game.

I want to read Blackest Night but I’m not sure

So all I’ve been hearing about is how great Blackest Night will be. Now half of me wants to check this out, it certainly sounds cool and it looks great. But I haven’t been reading Green Lantern at all for one thing and I’d hate to come on board when everyone else has been reading this for so long.

Spectacular Indeed

So I have a Myspace, and the other day I made a post that sort of popped into my head when thinking about The Spectacular Spider-man. I figured I’d repost it here.

This post is for anyone who didn't let their childhood die when they turned 12. For anyone who remembers Saturday mornings where cartoons where all you could think about and how the week seemed like a year before and those 2 precious days where like Summer. For anyone who remembers what it was like to enjoy what was on your television instead of just bogged with over dramatic waste. For anyone who wants to be able to be excited and feel like the world is yours to conquer in a long Summer Day. For anyone who doesn't think their too good for cartoons and too mature to grin stupidly at super heroes. For anyone who's imagination sores when they hear a catchy theme song or a small action tune. This post is for anyone who ever loved being a kid and isn't too stuck up or stupid to ignore how great the world is if you look in new places. This post here is telling you to go and turn on a TV and watch a cartoon, yes, a cartoon, called the Spectacular Spider-man. It's exciting, it's funny, and it reminded me that there are things in this world that can be great but also not be serious. It's a TV show that reminded me why I love super heroes and why I loved being a kid, and if you want that ridiculous feeling too, check it out.

Ghost Rider deserves a Sequel

I’m in a small majority of people who absolutely loved the Ghost Rider film. Yes, Nick Cage overdid it quite a bit at times but when he wasn’t talking this was a great film. Of course Blackheart was…anything but Blackheart. But still I really loved this movie and hope that the sequel that was announced in the works doesn’t get dropped. I haven’t heard anything about it in over a year but I can only hope it hasn’t been scrapped.

So that’s it for the first edition of New Age Ideas, agree with me, disagree with me, I’d like to hear your feedback on my ideas.


Cat said...

Wow...I thought I was the only one who enjoyed Ghost Rider :-)
Nice post!

Andrenn said...

Cool to see another person who enjoyed the film. Glad you liked it, I will try to do this every so often, I already have more ideas to write down. I was going to write that Jason Aaron should get his own Wolverine series but they beat me to it...

Kirk Warren said...

You should check out Brubaker's Doom miniseries from a while back. Some great stuff in it if you're interested in the character.

If you're curious about Green Lantern, grab a Sinestro Corps War trade and see if you like it. The first trade is only about $10 on Amazon (16ish for the hardcover). It's only two volumes (3 if you count the companion, which is good, but not necessary either; just a couple side stories).

If the SCW doesnt turn youre crank, you can easily unload it on eBay or your shop would probably buy it back/exchange it from you since it's a solid seller they could resell. Its also a good indicator of whether or not you'll like Blackest Night or what's going on in the Green Lantern universe for a rather small cost.

If you do like it,t here's only a few trades you'd need to really catch up, mostly the Rage of the Red Lanterns and, if you want to get into GLC, Sins of a Star Sapphire arcs. 4 trades in total would get you in line roughly with the Agent Orange arc since Johns spent a lot of time on the origin in Secret Origins (like 8 months post-SCW), which was an origin rehash with some very very small new bits.

BrikHed said...

Loved Ghost Rider - actually watched it again the other night.

I too am thinking of checking out the Darkest Night and I have not read Green Lantern in 10 years or more. There is something appealing about this one.


Andrenn said...

@Kirk: Thanks so much for the helpful suggestions Kirk I appreciate it. I remember a while back I was in my Barnes and Noble, considering getting the Sinestro Corps books.

@Brik: The thing appealing to me is mostly the idea in general, the Black Lanterns being the undead, it just sounds so perfect and looks so great.

Glad to see this post got some attention, I wasn't sure if it would or not.