Monday, April 20, 2009

The week Begins

Good news, I’ve got some cash for comics! About 6 dollars but I’m hoping to scratch up 4 more if I can. So yes, there should be reviews later this week, but until then, let’s take a peak at the upcoming comics. Also I can’t seem to find anything that says if Witchblade #126 comes out this week or not so for now it’s not on the list, but if I find out it is tomorrow I’ll edit it in.

Detective Comics #853 *Most Anticipated*

Written: Neil Gaiman

Art: Andy Kubert

It finally arrives! Judging from the preview this should be another Must Have read as we’re seeing lots of inspirational “last moments” for Batman. Gaiman is clearly a fan and appreciates that bold hero that Batman is from the looks of it. I hope we get an actual answer though as to what is happening like some explanation of it. Not some cliff-hanger that’s like “check back in 2012 for This is what Happened to the Caped Crusader” or any crap like that. But anyway, really looking forward to this.

Invincible #61

Written: Robert Kirkman

Art: Ryan Ottley

Really looking forward to this and a little worried about Atom Eve, judging by the cover to #64 she’s as good as dead by then but Kirkman still manages to keep me on my toes every single time. In the wake of Invincible War the world has gone to hell and I really look forward to seeing the full amount of the chaos unleashed and hopefully Conquest is fully introduced by the end of this issue. Also it seems we’re still seeing more Image characters so I hope maybe a familiar face (Shadowhawk, don’t make me beg Kirkman) shows up.

Mighty Avengers #24

Written: Dan Slot

Art: Rafa Sandoval

The Young Avengers are back! For all of 2 pages…huh, well I really look forward to this still as now that Slott has all his ducks in a row with the opening storyline I’m really hopeful he can hook me now. It looks like Vision/Stature will have an important role in this issue (fingers crossed they will) and as a fan of them I look forward to that. Sandoval’s art looks…less then what it was on Incredible Herc. I’m a little worried about it to say the least, but still, keeping my hopes up for this.


Greg said...

Adrienne! Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum! If you get spare cash, buy it!

Andrenn said...

Uhhhhhhhm...Adrienne? Who's that?
And I saw the preview, it actually looks really good so if I do have the spare cash I will look through it, if not then I'm sure I'll hear about how good it was.

Greg said...

Damn. I knew I was spelling your name wrong! My apologies, my good bruh.

Andrenn said...

No worries man.