Saturday, April 4, 2009

Week's End

After a comic-filled week it’s time for yet another Week’s End. We’ve got 2 new add-ons to the Week’s End.

Comic of the Week: Secret Warriors #3

If a comic is going to finally win all your love and attention for it, then it had better do it with a spectacular issue that warrants such. Secret Warriors is finally doing it for me and just about everything in this issue went right and I loved it. It’s truly become a unique comic experience that is beyond what either Marvel or DC have ever done before and I loved every minute of it.

Moment of the Week: Nick Fury and Contessa’s dinner

This is what really sold me on Secret Warriors. If we can get more personal, deep and powerful discussion moments like this then I could go on for a long while and not mind that the Warriors themselves are not the main aspect. Now I’ve never been the biggest Nick Fury Fan, he’s a cool character and all, real badass who almost reminds me of my grandpa with an eye patch but all too often he’s seen as this unstoppable man with just over the top brilliance that can never be matched. For once it was great to see his wits and abilities well matched by Contessa, his long time love interest. Also the panels where there are no words are absolutely stunning works from Caselli as far as emotion is concerned. An absolutely brilliant moment.

Cover of the Week: War of Kings #2 variant by Olivier Coipel

Some pretty sleek and cool covers this week but something about this powerful image of Blackbolt just stands out nicely. I admit it’s a very simple and basic cover but just that intense expression on his face and the whole setting of him in deep space looks so wicked cool.

Artist of the Week: Stefano Caselli

I’ve always loved this guy’s work from when he first came on the scene a few years back. His work on Avengers: the Initiative highly impressed me but it’s his work here on Secret Warriors where his art has reached its full potential. Images are crisp and clean yet beautiful and gritty when they need to be. Character work is better then ever but what really drives it home is the amazing facial expression he pulls off as he does some spot on emotional stuff during the Fury/Contessa discussion. He’s a great artist and a rising star for all the right reasons, absolutely great stuff here.

The Comic I wish I could have Got of the Week: War of Kings #2

Talk about good looking, another event comic I want to get in on but have decided to wait on is War of Kings. This might as well have been the real strength in the Secret Invasion outcome as this looks cool as all hell. 2 issues in and everyone loves it, I feel so left out…love Blackbolt and the Inhumans, hoping he smacks Vulcan down repeatedly.

Collection of the Week: Heart of Hush Hardcover

Another new addition Week’s End is the Collection of the Week where I pick a collection book coming out that week and spotlight it as either a good book you should check out, or show my own interest in it. Now for those who don’t know I really loved this storyline as it was one of my favorite story arcs of 2008, far superior to the story it supposedly was a tie-in to. Story work, characters, and incredible art made this a must have storyline for any Batman fan. It’s an absolute must have and I can’t wait to pick it up as soon as I can.

Character of the Week: Alex in Savage Dragon #146

Just about every week there is one character in a comic who stands out for whatever reason. If that character be a hero, a villain, or in this case just a regular person, they stand out best and will be chosen as Character of the Week. Alex was the main narrator here to Savage Dragon’s follow up from the police department exploding and her narration is insanely spot on perfection. It’s as if Larsen watched a thousand tragedy videos and then poured all that anger and fear and sadness into the narrative as he portrays Alex like anyone in her situation would no doubt feel. Alone. Scared. Naked. Vulnerable to all things. It’s a terrifying yet brilliant portrayal from start to finish and while the character is sadly leaving the series, this was one hell of a way to go out for her.

The “Ugh” of the Week: Secret Warriors is not a team book.

I figured I’d say my gripes about this one more time, as from here on out I’m not looking at this book as a team book. It’s clear that while this book was shown off to be a team book, this is more Nick Fury’s book with some kids tagging along and getting a little spotlight every so often. The Warriors themselves are hardly as important as Fury and Hickman has done nothing to boost them really as characters and make them seem more important. So while I love Secret Warriors, incredible story, very epic, incredible art, it’s not a team book and I guess it never will be and that’s a shame.

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