Friday, May 22, 2009

My "Captain Britan"

The title may confuse you a bit “My ‘Captain Britain’ “ needs a bit of an explanation before I get into this. See recently a very well received Marvel Comic called Captain Britain and the MI13 was canceled. Now many of it’s fans are upset and have every reason to be…but that got me thinking. How many comics have you been loving that just out of the blue where canceled for whatever reasons? I’m sure you’ve had at least one or two, and for that they’ve become your ‘Captain Britain’ in a sense.

So what is my ‘Captain Britain’? the comic that I was loving, but was sadly struck down in the prime of it’s life?

Spawn: Godslayer

Never heard of it? I can’t say I blame you, it lasted all of a year, had 8 issues under it’s belt and started with a one-shot a year prior. It was written by Brian Haberlin with art by Phillip Tan.

The best way I can describe Spawn: Godslayer is an epic tale of magic, crazy myths and horrific battles that had a huge amount of both incredible action and intrigue as well as personal character moments and heartbreak. Simply put, it was one of the greatest comics I had ever read and I will never forget it.

So while our ‘Captain Britain’ May be gone for a longtime, we still have the memories of those awesome and great comics over the years that we will never forget. My condolences to the fans of Captain Britain and the MI13, I know how it feels to lose a stellar comic you loved.


Sebastian said...

Kate Spencer, we hardly knew you.

Marc said...

I'm having a hard time remembering a book I loved being flat-out cancelled, but I can think of tons that might as well have been because of how much they changed when a creative team I loved was replaced. It's not as big a deal when the original writer gets to finish the story first...but sometimes a writer leaves with a lot of plot threads still dangling, and it's quite frustrating when a new writer chooses to just ignore them.

Keith Gammage said...

New X-Men.
New X-Men!!!!

After Captain Britain, I'm terrified that they'll cancel Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rokk Krinn said...

Andrenn, sorry for posting this here, but I did not see an e-mail address for you. Please e-mail me. My e-mail address is on my blog. Thanks!

Andrenn said...

@Sebastian: Ah yes, Manhunter. Well she's getting a backup in Streets of Gotham luckily.

@Marc: Undeniably true, but that's the biggest problem is don't set up these little plot if they go nowhere. Too many writers do that.

@Keith Gammage: Agreed 100%, where the hell was the damn epilogue issue?! How cruel of Marvel.