Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week's End - May 30th 2009

The Week is over, Wolverine #72 was the only book I read though.

Comic of the Week: Wolverine #72

I’m going to be honest, I was tempted not to even add Comic of the Week this week as I was very much bugged by the cheap death of Logan’s family. I didn’t so much mind them dying, as much as I did how easy and phoned in it was. Millar has done some really crazy cool stuff with this storyline and I figured if he was going to kill the family it would be some big exciting moment. Though I can look past that one problem as still I did enjoy this issue, Red Skull was incredibly great and the art by McNiven was well worth it. This storyline hit a snag with this issue, but even with that snag I can’t deny that I continue to enjoy it.

Moment of the Week: Red Skull’s Decapitation

OUCH! McNiven really was born to draw this storyline as the gore has been top notch, we’ve seen people getting their heads smacked off and people getting shot up but nothing compares to this. Logan’s fight with Red Skull was an awesome one, definitely worth the wait for the issue and this was a badass way to end it, Skull’s obsession with keeping all these trophies lead to his death really. Personally if I was him I’d use Cap’s shield as a soup bowl.

Cover of the Week: Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight One-Shot by Jim Lee

There’s always something about Jim Lee’s Batman that appeals to me above many other artists. Really he’s got to be one of the best artists out there who draws the Dark Knight. I sure wish DC would put him on an ongoing series with Batman. Maybe have Frank Miller write it, that would be cool. Alas it seems he’s given up drawing for the DCU MMO, which actually does look pretty good. Still he graces us with awesome covers every so often and this is just one of them, his work for Trinity has also been nice, but this is one of his better recent covers.

Artist of the Week: Steve McNiven

I know his delays are frustrating, believe me I know, I wanted Giant Sized Old Man Logan Finale to come out already as much as the next guy but damn if it isn’t always worth the wait. I don’t let many artists get away with frustrating delays because they are either not worth it or the delay has killed all enjoyable aspects of the comic for me. With McNiven that isn’t really a problem as he really makes every day I have to wait worth it.

Comic I wish I got: Aliens #1

I’m not really big on Science Fiction, though one of the few franchises I’ve always enjoyed is the Aliens franchise. I decided to skip this issue after being severely disappointed with the Free Comic Book Day comic. Though Dark Horse really is the king of adaptations, I’ve purchased the two Aliens vs. Predator Omnibuses and loved them and I look forwards to checking out the separate franchise Omnibuses. They’ve done some really incredible stuff with these properties in the past and I can only hope they continue so today. While I’m trade waiting this mini as well as the Predator one, no way I’m missing out on the AvP series later this year.

Character of the Week: President Skull

Though he only got one issue in the Old Man Logan storyline I already can say I loved Millar’s portrayal of the classic Nazi villain. What’s more terrifying than a Nazi as president? Though what really made it work was just how sadistic and crazy he was, he kept all these souvenirs like Vision’s head, The Thing’s arm, Iron Man’s armor, it’s crazy and at the same time so awesome. It’s almost a shame that Logan had to decapitate him. Almost.

Collection of the Week: Magneto Testament HC

Sadly I haven’t been able to get my hands on this yet, and I probably won’t for another few weeks depending on the cash flow but man this is looking great. I love how Marvel added in some teaching notes that Pak used to get his information to this collection, I doubt I’ll need them but still that was really smart of them.


BrikHed said...

ha ha Jim Lee on a book and Frank Miller write it - DC should do that and it would only take them 4 years to release 10 issues

Andrenn said...

I know it's a dream that could never happen. I should just stick to my 50 cents comics bargain bins...*sniffles*