Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deadpool Commentary

With a second ongoing series debuting for the Merc with a Mouth this week I thought it would be fun to celebrate the insanity that is Deadpool. So I’ll be going over several moments and a few covers and throw in my 2 cents on them.

I think I know why Fabian Nicezia is only working for DC nowadays. Joe Quesada saw this and he’s not too happy about it. Though this is kind of Ironic seeing as Deadpool did ditch most of his supporting cast when his other ongoing started. Still it’s always fun to see Deadpool poke fun of the Marvel Universe.

Gotta give Deadpool credit for being optimistic here. He may have scored with that chick after all. And hey the deranged ones are the best…at least in my opinion they are.

I don’t know what worries me more. That Deadpool has common sense or that it tingles when he uses it.

Brb, gotta vomit. Seriously whoever had that idea to put that in the comic deserves to have their eyes put in hot coals. I can never look at Aunt May the same again. I don’t know who’s more to blame, the writer or the artist.

It must be fun to be self aware of yourself as a comic character. I bet it makes for the best back and forth inner monologue.

The one time Deadpool tries to be mature and people have to start having sex. There should be a What If? Based around what would happen if Deadpool had kept that mature train of thought.

It’s a shame no one ever cashed in on this moment by having Deadpool and Kitty meet again just for her to kick his ass for that. I mean come on, Deadpool punching Kitty just to fight Wolverine is hilarious enough. But going all Street Fighter on her while doing it? Classic.

It’s about as manly as my sister’s Barbie dolls. Seriously.

And now I have to clean vomit off of my laptop. Thanks Deadpool. The only thing more horrible than Marvel Girl Deadpool is that some fans actually want to see him in this suit again.

I’m starting to think Deadpool was exposed to Killer Clowns from Outer Space as a child. Either that or he played more Carn-Evil games at the arcade than me

Anyone ever wanted to know the term “over thinking it” and put an image to it? This should do that for you.

I’m guessing whoever wrote this moment was secretly the casting guy for X-men Origins: Wolverine.

I don’t know what’s more awesome, Deadpool as Captain America or the fact that he still has all his guns.

All of a sudden I love Daniel Way's writing. Seriously this has to be the best Deadpool joke he’s ever made. Poking fun of how stupidly Liefield just overdid it on the pouches. It’s hilarious.

You know for all the frustrating resurrections in comics today why is it that one of the best Deadpool supporting characters has yet to be brought back? Sure Copycat isn’t like MJ or Lois Lane but she was so awesome.

You know me and my friends joke about being mean to each other but there are limits to how far you can push a friendship. Eventually one of them isn’t going to keep taking the gifts.

For as much as I love Zombies the best part of this is that “Bite me” plate and the pose Deadpool is in. Now I love that Suydam is the main cover artist for this story arc but why can’t this be the main cover and not a variant? I’d buy it then!

I think I’m going to start carrying around a gun just so that I can use this pickup line on women. Also score one for Deadpool with the boyfriend-less Black Widow. I'm not an expert on super-women but I'd say go for it if she wasn't, you know, evil. Then again that hasn't stopped Deadpool before so why should that stop him now?

I'm not too familiar with Deadpool's origin, or where this moment was from, but it reminded me that even Deadpool has had a human side. Most of the time it's buried in his absolute crazy but man I'd love to see Daniel Way expose that human side every so often for some interesting moments.

I can’t tell if I’m disturbed or impressed by this image…oh hell I’m both! I mean my god this is just crazy like the juice brand. I don’t know how Deadpool got 4 Gwen Stacy slaves but I bet Spider-man has something to say about it. Maybe he can finally get Norman Osborn off his back by giving him one of the slaves, of course then we'd have a whole new crazy fiasco in Amazing Spider-man. One of them would be pregnant, the other would have her neck snapped and theo ther would be Norman's office assistant.

Why doesn’t Marvel just give the new Deadpool ongoing to Kyle/Yost? And have it drawn by Mike Choi. With guest appearances by X-force. Or hey, even better, just put Deadpool as a member of X-force!

Why isn’t Jason Pearson drawing the new Deadpool ongoing? I don’t know if he’s the most timely artist but damn it if he doesn’t deserve it!

If Kyle/Yost couldn’t write it then why not Joe Kelly? Marvel is confusing me…Joe Kelly is the guy who gets rave reviews and is one of the most beloved writers nowadays and you’re making a new Deadpool series, and his name doesn’t come to mind?

Well now that was a lot of crazy fun. Deadpool isn’t my favorite character but there’s no denying that he’s full of awesome crazy and cool moments.


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Enjoyed ur commentary .... reminded me of some DEADPOOL moments that had slipped my mind !! Thanks :-)