Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Solicit Commentary for September 2009

Solicit Commentary is coming up faster than expected. Hard to believe June is already half through and school just got out. How cruel.

Image Solicits for September 2009

DC Solicits for September 2009

Marvel Solicits for September 2009

Spawn #196

Endgame is concluding? Wow. Hard to believe. It’s a 12 issue storyline but it’s already almost over. I figure the real point of Endgame was not some major storyline in general, but overall a gigantic story arc setting up the official status quo of Spawn from here out and you know what? That’s awesome. It shows that McFarlane is taking some serious initiative with this series. Now this is an interesting idea…making Spawn more public. Honest I’m not hot to the idea of Spawn swinging around New York and saying hi to little kids, but maybe McFarlane can make this work.

Invincible #66

The return of Cory Walker! In the one story that has nothing to do with Invincible himself…heh. Still this sounds awesome as all hell and at the very least it will look great. No one does draw that ‘stache on Omni-man better than Walker. Can’t wait for this.

Jersey Gods #7

Oh….come on Barock, have more respect for yourself than this. A fashion model? Really? What a weird turn of events for the book…well I will probably still enjoy this story arc as I have been but wow how odd of a way to turn things. I guess this is going to be a more serious and intense arc from the sounds of it with this new villain.

Savage Dragon #152

This is clearly an advancement on the whole weird monster thing that turned into Dragon and assumed his identity since he thought he was Dragon. Which is really weird. This plot sounds good but…I’m just not sure if I’m enjoying his direction anymore. That cover could pass for a horror movie poster though, it' awesome!

Witchblade #130

Variants have never been so frustrating…with Sara’s life in question, I’m going to cross her off the list as the bearer or new Angelus. It’s either Finch or Dani. I hope Marz doesn’t pull in someone completely new just for shock value though and have no build up leading up to it. Also really worried with how this story concludes…but I’m putting my faith in Marz’ great writing.

Invincible Ultimate Collection volume 5.

YES! I am very happy about that. I have just started picking up the Ultimate Collections recently and their great, glad to see volume 5 finally being solicited and it collects a good number of the issues. Ending with 60 is a smart idea. No offense to Kirkman’s choice as editor of the regular collections, but their so obscure nowadays that I just can’t buy them.

Batman and Robin #4

I’m going to spoil who Red Hood’s helper is. Scarlet is the girl at the end of issue #1 who has her father killed by Pyg. Still I’m really excited to see a new Red Hood, I have my suspicions, mainly Jason Todd. It wouldn’t be his first time. Though I do hope that Morrison is going with an old character rather than plucking someone new out of nowhere. Either way I am really excited to see how Tan works with Morrison, his best work was Godslayer but this may be the book to top it.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #4

Wow, of all the villains Dini could use he uses the one I find most creepy. This could be another great read and I am hopeful for it but I don't know about this, I think some issues of this series will be hit or miss and honestly this one is looking like a big miss.

Gotham City Sirens #4

Still on the fence about this book…going to pick up the first issue and if I like it then I’ll add it to the pull list. Kind of odd how this whole opening story arc is centered around Hush’ return when you’ve got 3 characters that could all be doing completely different things.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #2

I just realized a worry I have over this book now…are we going to get Spider-man, but not know his (her?) identity for like…6 or so issues? Sort of like what they did with Endgame or the recent Black Panther reboot. I remain hopeful but…man, that would be really annoying. As for that cover, Lafuente is such a great artist but that is really eerie looking to me. Also I’m really happy to hear Mysterio will be showing up so soon, was worried Bendis would leave him on the back-burner and we wouldn’t see him for another couple of years. While I have a new concern for this reboot, I remain hopeful that this will be one of the best new books out there.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #2

Man, Pacheco’s art is looking great for this book. I still won’t be picking it up, but I’m seriously considering picking up the collection of it at least. The story itself does sounds kind of cool, looking forward to seeing this new Red Skull.

Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1

A new Ultimate Mini-series already? I wasn’t expecting anything like this until all the other new ongoings where established. Not that I’m complaining that Warren Ellis is writing another Ultimate book. Ultimate Human was pure awesome and I’ll definitely pick up the collection of this for sure.

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-men: Exodus

I think Marvel actually wants the fans to be cynical of their books nowadays. At this rate at least. We have to end on a damn one-shot? We can’t just keep the crossover thing going? Ugh…well for better or worse I’m picking up the Utopia event. I’m not exactly faithful in it…and the fact that we’re ending it on two one shots certainly doesn’t help but whatever hopefully it will be worth it.

Dark X-men: the Confession

With a team like Kyle/Yost on this…maybe this one-shot has some hope. I highly doubt that Scott and Emma are going to duke it out like that cover hints at. Rather it will be a quiet conversation wrapping up how they both feel on Emma leaving the X-men. It should make for an interesting read and I will pick it up for sure. That cover is also hilarious, it's like their having a Scowl-off.

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #3

I’ve avoided mentioning this series for 2 reasons, one is that it’s a pointless second series and 2 that I have no idea who the writer is or experience with his past work. I feel Marvel gave them this Zombie storyline so that the spinoff could sell well enough and get going. Sort of like how they started Captain Britain off as a Secret Invasion tie-in. It could make for an interesting read, and I do love my zombie madness but…not the biggest fan of Deadpool. I don’t mind him in small doses or anything but I just don’t think he needs to ongoing series when Vision has yet to get his own mini-series in a long time. But hey, these covers by Suydam are incredibly awesome. Absolutely love Dawn of the Dead (original version!)

Wolverine: Weapon X #5

This should make for an entertaining read. I’m not sure why but last issue didn’t impress me as much as I was hoping it would. Still this story has lots of potential to be an excellent read so I’ll happily check it out more and I hope the conclusion is as exciting as it looks to be. Though come on, a fight Wolverine can’t win? I’m sure he could take down these blackguard punks in the end.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant Size #1

Well smack my head and beat my brains, it’s actually coming out soon! Though hey, it’s the obvious thing we all saw coming from the ending last time! Cool! Okay seriously this could be an incredible read that caps off one of the best Alternate Reality stories in a long while or it could be a total waste of space and just ruin an awesome story. That’s what happens when you switch gears so fast for the final chapter, a lot rides on it. Here’s to hoping for one more awesome issue from Millar and McNiven.

Strange Tales #1

Now here’s an interesting looking comic. I’m not familiar at all with the creators, but it all sounds awesome…I’m not sure if I can afford it, but the collection sounds like a good idea.

Mighty Avengers #29

Quickly becoming one of my favorite books like I’d hoped, this arc sounds so great. More Young Avengers goodness continuing on in #29 leaves me even more excited.

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-man #4

OUCH, looks like Venom’s going to get a beating. Too bad, he can be such a badass at times. This should be another awesome read but I’m just not sure about this mini.

Dark Avengers #9

I have a feeling that Utopia was an event forced into Dark Reign at the last minute and that Bendis isn’t writing Dark Avengers solely because Utopia will have zero affects on his book. It’s clear that Dark Avengers is it’s own story farther from Utopia and I’m glad for it as I really look forward to Bendis taking over the book and with Deodato by his side. It should be an awesome read from the sounds of it.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5

Ha, that cover is hilarious. Love how Patriot is shouting at Melter. As for will these two teams work well together? I’m doubting it. I sense a realization that our new team is evil and that they want to kill the old the team. Either way how this goes it should be another great read.

Spider-man: the Clone Saga #1

Wow, this is a really weird idea…I really liked Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider so I may check this out just to see him really. I hate the price tag, but it’s got some talent behind it and this could be a really cool book. I’m going to assume it’s out of continuity which makes it even better.

Reborn #3

Not sure why Marvel isn’t adding anything to this solicit, I mean we all learned about what this book is about (as if we didn’t know) so why not give a full solicit? Also that isn’t the cover for #3, but I loved that Quesada cover so much. It’s my new background. I wanted to use the solicits to mention that I am going to be buying Reborn against my wallet’s judgment and I’ll have a post about my thoughts on the series announcements in a day or so.

Anti-Venom #1

Okay that isn’t the title, it’s Amazing Spider-man Presents Anti-Venom: New Ways to Live…ugh…what an awful title. I thought All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder was frustrating. Stupid title aside I will be picking this up, Anti-Venom had a great debut and I’ve been wanting to follow his adventures. Hopefully Wells doesn’t fall into the same pits as he did with Dark Origin, an abysmal mini-series, last year. I know the artist is great at least. With this being only 3 issues then I don’t stress about price as much so I’m looking forward to this.

Ultimatum HC

I am actually tempted to pick this up…I don’t know why, but I am. I must be crazy. I doubt I’ll pick it up, especially with how long the Collection List has gotten. But there’s still a temptation to check this out.


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