Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week's End - June 20th 2009

A new Week’s End is here, and with it comes something I’ve been waiting for a chance to use and that’s the Change of Heart of the Week where I feel in a past post, comment or review that I was wrong or that I changed my mind on something. I’ll explain what in that segment of this post later though, let’s get to it! We've got a fairly Invincible dominated edition this week, even if Invincible #63 wasn't the best comic of the week it was certainly the most noteworthy.

Comic of the Week: Ultimate Spider-man: Requiem #1

A bit of a tough choice, but in the end this was an incredible read. While it had little to do with Spider-man’s death really it did an incredible job of using the death sort of as a subtle theme where it’s never shoved in your face “HE’S DEAD!” and even with the final panel where JJJ finds out it’s still a great moment. A must have for any fans of Ultimate Spider-man really.

Moment of the Week: Invinci-pissed

I’m sure everyone is upset over Atom Eve’s death but man if it wasn’t worth while just to get this final shot of our pissed off young hero. Yes, the love of his life is dead and after a tragic moment of admitting that he can’t live without her, she dies in his arms and this is his reaction to her killer, Conquest, asking if he has Invincible’s attention. Considering how Invincible is beaten to a bloody pulp, has a broken arm, can’t see in one eye and is still bleeding like crazy this is the best kind of reaction you can get and promises for an incredible issue next time.

Cover of the Week: War Machine#7 Decades variant by Mike Choi

Marvel really is confusing me with these decade variants, their really odd and some of them are just downright stupid. But I must admit this one is so great. I can just hear Rhodey playing Iron Man as the people rock out. Why couldn’t comics in the 90’s be more like this?

Change of Heart of the Week: Invincible #63

So I was fairly frustrated with how all the hints and teases spoiled that Atom Eve was going to die. I admit, that still is something that bothers me but after a few days I’ve rather cooled off and am not so frustrated anymore. Also after re-reading this issue I felt the emotional impact Kirkman was going for, mostly with Invincible’s horrified reaction. So yeah this is just me saying I’ve changed my mind on it, this was an incredible issue of Invincible either way.

Artist of the Week: Ryan Ottley

A very tough choice, there where lots of incredible artists to choose from this week but I’m going to have to go with Ottley hands down for how he made every single panel in Invincible this week gorgeous, even when Invincible is getting his arm snapped in half it looks great. Maybe that’s half thanks to the coloring but either way this issue just looked absolutely incredible.

Character of the Week: Conquest

Another tough choice, though Conquest wins for 2 reasons. The first is that he’s the bastard the killed Atom Eve, the 2nd is he’s the best villain Invincible as ever had. I’ve said in the past but I’ll repeat it with this, Invincible has always had a bad time with villains. He’s never really had any memorable villains that I could say “Oh yeah *insert villain* is back! This is gonna be awesome!” but finally Conquest has become that awesome villain. But now I’m torn, while Conquest is great, he killed Atom Eve so Invincible will hopefully return the favor.


Matt Ampersand said...

Well, you were about 3 issues off when you guessed Atom Eve's death.

I don't like it for two reasons 1) Atom Eve had lots of potential as a character and 2) it felt stupid that she would try go help (and that Cecil would let her) in the state she was in, against a guy that beating the crap out of Invincible and his brother at the same time. No matter how much she wants to help him, she couldn't have possibly gone up against Conquest and survived. Cecil knew that, Atom Eve knew that, and Invincible definitely knew that as well.

Andrenn said...

The one time I wish I was wrong.

Eve indeed had tons of potential as a character. She wasn't the typical boring romance.

I have a theory that Cecil knew Eve would die, that he sent her in to get killed so it would stir a fire and get Invincible going. Now I'm not sure if even Cecil is that cruel, but it's a possibility.