Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Age Ideas: Brand New Addictions

It’s been a while but New Age Ideas is back and this time for the low price of $0.00 I’m stuffing it with tons of ideas.

Snap Kirby Krackle and Pop!

Don’t you hate being late to the party? Seems I’m not too late but I still missed out on the majority of the debut stuff from Kirby Krackle. An awesome Comic Book Band, claming to be the first. I’m not sure if that’s completely right but there the first I’ve heard of so I’m not going to waste time debating it.

These guys are seriously incredible. Their best song yet has to be Ring Capacity. This has to be somewhere in the new Green Lantern DVD movie or something. It’s blood-pumping and insane and I love it. Check them out here.

Click this link to see their awesomeness!

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies could be cool

As someone who’s happily avoided the often poor looking Superman/Batman series I never read Public Enemies. I know it’s the team of Loeb/McGuiness which promises something decent at least. The animation style seems to remain faithful to that and hey, Kevin Conroy is Batman! I’m officially renting this as soon as possible.

DC ahead of Marvel for once?

What’s with Marvel paying so little attention to their animated film features where DC is dominating them? Hulk vs. was the best thing Marvel has put out yet but so far no word on anything else.

Where DC is dominating, a new Superman/Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman DVD’s all coming out in a fairly close order. DC is really dominating with some quality movies here like usual but man their just crushing Marvel. Maybe Marvel is just too busy with their ongoing cartoons like Spectacular Spider-man but man it’s time they pick up the pace.

Green Lantern First Flight looks like pure awesome.

Seriously is this out yet? I can’t wait to check this out. This looks absolutely incredible. What perfect timing that this comes out right alongside the biggest Green Lantern story in forever.

I feel bad…

I still haven’t seen the Wonder Woman DVD. I’ve been meaning to rent it but I’ve been lazy. I feel so bad about this.

Time to set up a rule for a character’s Second Ongoing

All right, with Merc with a Mouth officially being a gigantic waste of 3.99 I think it’s time I set up some rules if you’re going to make a second ongoing for a character.

  1. Fans want something different. If you’re going to make a second ongoing make it unique from the first ongoing so it stands out and fans could read both and enjoy both.
  2. If it has to be radically different to make it stand out and be a unique cool experience, do it! Don’t be afraid to try something different from what the other guy is doing!
  3. Don’t go with the same obvious clichés of the character. Mix it up.

These 3 rules have already applied to books like Wolverine: Weapon X. Proving they work. Now if I could only get the new Deadpool series writer to see this…

Twittering! My new Addiction…

Hey Kids, follow your good ol’ Uncle Andrenn on Twitter. I most tweet about comic stuff which is funny as some of my friends would expect me to tweet about politics and religion. Oh no. that’s too easy. Comics and video games are much more fun to Twitter.

Terminator vs. Transformers

See, IDW has both properties to make comics with…why the hell not? It’s a perfect marriage. Set it in the future, past, present. Whenever. Come one IDW it would be awesome to see the T-1000 go up against Optimus Prime.


You know I like Obama as much as the next guy who doesn’t watch Fox News but man comics are using him more than News Networks. It’s nuts. He’s fighting zombie with Ash, talking to Nick Fury after being attacked by the Green Goblin. And the Leifiled guns…god help me the Leifield Guns.

I can forgive all of that though for this one, single, awesome image that will never be trumped ever. Nothing in the history of man-kind will be this over the top crazy and awesome again. Thank you, Erik Larsen.

A not so-event-less year

You know for promising that 2009 would have no big events, it seems 2009 is Marvel’s biggest year ever. First there’s Dark Reign and all the tons of ongoings and mini-series that it’s reached, then there’s War of Kings which while may not be on a massive scale is still a cross-over. The Dark Avenges/Uncanny X-men crossover Utopia is still an event of sorts even if it ties in more to Dark Reign and of course there’s Captain America Reborn. An event that may lack any tie-in books but is still a major moment in Marvel history just as was Steve’s Death.

So yeah, for a year that promised no events to stop from the event fatigue this year has had anything but no events. This year makes Secret Invasion look like a miniscule story arc in New Avengers by comparison really.

While I may be complaining about that I must admit that there does seem to be a lot of awesome stuff coming from Marvel this year because of these major happenings in their universe, so I can be a little more easy on them for it.

2009’s Best Event?

Speaking of events it seems there’s quite a lot of competition this year between Marvel and DC, even more so than last year really. Blackest Night is DC’s real big even this year with War of Kings, Utopia and Reborn competing against it. Though honestly I think Blackest Night is going to blow the competition out of water.

Sure, I wish this event would have stuck to a more cosmic level and not invade the entire DCU but I have serious faith in Johns that we’ll be getting a great read this summer.


I want to leave you off with a fun project to anyone interested. You see the image with the removed words from Spawn’s speech bubbles. Well I’d really like to see you guys come up with something funny or cool to put in there. I know it’s not Grade A stuff to work with but I can still hope. For all the images I get (if I get any at all, fingers crossed) I’ll post them sometime on my blog (and at the Revolution!) for the whole internet world to see.

So I look forward to your submissions, you can send them to me at my E-mail. I know I shouldn't have to say it but, nothing inappropriate.

Also I don’t have a due date for the images. When I feel I have enough though I will post them here and at the Revolution. Though until then there is no deadline.

*edit: Already getting a couple of images, very good. To make sure I know it’s an E-mail about the Spawn image title the E-mail: Exploit-a-Spawn so that I know. This is because one of the E-mails was, for some reason, in my spam folder.


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