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Week's End - July 25th 2009

Week’s End this week comes down mostly to 2 comics that I got this week. Now we’re adding something new to Week’s End

Like most editions, this Week’s End comics with SPOILERS for Invincible #64 mostly.

Comic of the Week: Invincible #64

This was a tough choice, while overall I did find Green Lantern to be a longer and more entertaining read than Invincible, thus my giving it one point over the other, Invincible wins as the better comic for having my jaw drop. In the end Green Lantern didn’t really do much, even though it was a great read for me. All that happened was Barry and Hal got smacked around.

Invincible of course had our moment of the week, the big shock moment that had every reader’s jaw drop so many times they could be mistaken for a puppet. Eve is alive, somehow, someway, she revived herself, Kentucky fried Conquest’s body and is alive. Add that amazing shock to the incredible artwork and awesome end of the fight and you’ve got one hell of a comic.

Runner Up: Green Lantern #44

Moment of the Week: Eve is alive!

I know it’s the obvious choice and I did just mention it but seriously, who saw this coming? Nobody. We all figured she will come back sometime in the future, but not by the next issue. That’s just intense. Robert Kirkman pulled off one of the biggest shocks I’ve ever had as a comic fan.

I doubt anything can top this for a long time, this is “Anti-Monitor in Sinestro Corps” level shock for me. Seriously, wow. It’s incredible. Where can Kirkman hope to go from here? Well my guess is that things can only get even better.

Runner Up: Martian Manhunter is as strong as Superman, why does everyone forget that?

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #600 Joe Quesada cover

Joe Quesada is an incredible artist. He’s done some good covers over the years but the sheer epic scale of this wins it the award this week. I always like his Spider-man, even if I like his Iron Man more. A perfect cover to go with a big milestone.

Runner Up: Supergirl #43

Ugh of the Week: Red Hulk still a mystery!

Can’t get much stupider than Incredible Hulk #600. Why, you ask? Well because we where promised to find out the identity of the mysterious Red Hulk…and lied dot. AGAIN. You can only lie to us so many times Marvel before you’re just flipping your fans off.

I could take that they didn’t reveal his identity in Hulk #6 but this is just insulting. Did Loeb forget to reveal the identity or something? No, my bet is that Marvel just wants more money and they think fans will keep reading if they don’t reveal the identity. What a pathetic marketing excuse.

I am finding it hard to believe I actually once defended this comic. That I even enjoyed it. Seems Loeb played us all for suckers and thinks he can pull this shit without anyone getting angry at him or any real fan backlash. Hilarious. Well I’m glad I stopped reading Hulk and now know to avoid any other books with the name Loeb on them.

Runners up: MJ is back

Character of the Week: Martian Manhunter

Who would have thought that to be a great character all you needed was to die and come back as a villain. Maybe this can work for other heroes as well. So yeah J’onn returned from the dead and he was an absolute badass. I never even knew he was as strong as Superman, or that he even had super strength!

What was best about him here though wasn’t even the strength, it’s that Johns used more than just that. Rather than having a super strong zombie attack them he makes J’onn a much greater threat by messing with their minds. That along with the fact that this is indeed J’onn, not some mindless animal, made him awesome.

I had zero problems with him in this issue, I loved this issue solely for what a badass he was. He has officially become one of my favorite villains….even if it won’t last past Blackest Night. He’s awesome.

Runners up: Atom Eve, Conquest

Artist of the Week: Doug Mahnke

Again, a very tough decision. Ottley got to show off some really impressive stuff, and as always Atom Eve looked great and the action was intense but I think Mahnke has to win the award here for doing a bit more and covering a wider arrange of what’s happening in his comic.

Ottley sticks to one scene that just changes a bit the whole time, and while it looks incredible, Mahnke handles all kinds of crazy stuff. His Black Lantern J’onn is absolutely amazing, as if the cover wouldn’t be a good hint, and he does such an incredible job with the action and the detail to everything.

While I guess I’m not the biggest fan of how he draws Barry Allen, it’s a minor complaint for an absolutely gorgeous and great looking issue of Green Lantern this week.

Runners up: Ryan Ottley and Guillem March

Comic I wish I got: Amazing Spider-man #600

I must be honest, the last year and a half has made me very cynical of the Spider-man franchise. It became like an old restaurant from my childhood that I once loved, but when new management came and tossed out all the old greatness they ruined what I loved. Sure I went back and tried the new menu, but it sucked and I lost all hope.

I know that might be an odd comparison but it fits well, something I once loved has changed for the worse and even when I tried it still sucked. Now to be fair there has been mixed review over the last few months for Spider-man. Some love it now, others still hate it.

I’ve heard nothing but love and after seeing some awesome moments from Kevin over at his blog I’m really regretting not picking this issue up. Hell I’m really tempted to start picking up Amazing Spider-man really. But it’s the old saying of being burned one too many times. Maybe some day, Spider-man…maybe someday.

Collection of the Week: Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge HC

With the magic of online spoilers and scans I got to see most of just how overly insane and badass this mini, that really had nothing important to do with Final Crisis, was. While it’s not at the top of my list of books to by (and may the comic gods help me, it’s a long list) but it is somewhere in the middle as it looks like pure insane villain fun that I can’t miss out on.

Question of the Week: Was Atom Eve’s Revival a cop out?

You all know by now that I am very happy that Atom Eve survived and was a pinnacle point. Though what did you all think? Where you happy that Eve is alive? Angry that she survived? Or a mix of the two? Either way I want to know what the readers think, so comment below and let me know!

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