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Solicit Commentary - November 2009

This solicit commentary marks 1 whole year of doing Solicit Commentary, since it was August of 2008 where I did the first Solicit Commentary talking about books such as Ultimatum and the first Batman RIP aftermath. Now lets see just how big a shift there is with November 2009.

Image comics solicits for November 2009
DC comics solicits for November 2009
Marvel comics solicits for November 2009

Image United #1

Gee, I wonder what Andrenn’s most anticipated comic of November is going to be. It must be Streets of Gotham #6, he’s so excited to read the Dini comic written by Yost after all. Oh wait, Image United is coming out and beats the shit out of the competition. Oh well.

An easy decision is how I am so excited to read this. Well mostly look at the pretty art, but I’m hopeful that the story will be good too. This is a huge idea that I’m certain will be worth the 3.99 price tag, that and I’m really excited to see how it will look. I don’t even mind that I’m not a fan of Leifield as I bet his art will look fine along with masters like McFarlane and Silvestri.

If you’re considering not reading this for things like the price or that you’ve never been an Image fan I can’t blame you. Still if you’re looking for a great example of why Image is such an awesome company you can’t do much better than this comic right here. Definitely check it out I say to anyone interested in it.

Haunt #2

I’m more excited for this issue actually than #1 as I worry that #1 will suffer from first issue syndrome like too many comics nowadays do. Kirkman is a solid writer, but if he can manage to actually hook me with the first issue and not wait until the second to do that then I’ll be impressed. Still really excited for this series.

Chew vol. 1 TPB

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this series, it seems to be selling like crazy, so I may pick up the first collection and see what all the fuss is about.

Invincible #68

Glad we’ll be coming back to earth, but I’m curious as to why are we teasing at some big changes. We’ve already got some big changes didn’t we. Also I thought the Invincible Returns one-shot was in November? I guess they pushed it back a month or something. Oh well, it’s Invincible, I’m sure it will rock.

Jersey Gods #9

That cover is laughably silly. I can’t stop chuckling every time I see it. I’m getting a serious Silver Age vibe from it. As for the story, the idea of Zoe on Neboron sounds awesome and I’m sure this will be another awesome issue.

Savage Dragon #154

I’ve been contemplating dropping this series. With the return of Mutant She-Dragon I’ll stay on for a while but I hate to say it that Larsen is really starting to lose me with this title.

Spawn #198

Oh hey, we’re finally going to get a new villain. We haven’t gotten one of those for what…20, 40 issues or so? It’s about damn time. Makes no sense not to give us at least one new villain. As for the design, I’m not keen on all that green but I don’t mind as I’m just glad that McFarlane is finally mixing things up.

My only real worry is delays, seems that #195 is going to be delayed, making me wonder if this will come out on time. Still I’m hopeful since Portacio is a great artist.

Witchblade #132

Uhhhh…spoiler alert? Damn, this is the same shit DC pulled when spoiling the Heart of Hush storyline with their solicits. Seriously, bullshit. So Sara survives War of the Witchblades, has the full Witchblade back and everything is A-ok. Wow. Well at least Sara is alive. That’s one plus.

Blackest Night #5

I hate having things like this spoiled for me, but oh well, the secret is out that Nekron is the big baddie behind Blackest Night. I must admit I’m disappointed that the Anti-Monitor won’t be kicking ass at all here. It would be so great but sadly it seems he’s retired permanently again.

As for this issue by then we’ve reached the halfway mark of Blackest Night one month prior so this is where the real insanity should pick up. Still I’m worried about Johns’ pacing after #2 it seems like things are slowing down quite a bit so to make things more exciting for the second half starting with part 5.

Batman and Robin #6

I’m losing some interest in this series but hopefully this Red Hood story arc can reinvigorate my interest in the comic as I’m really excited to see how Morrison best uses Tan’s talents here. I’m hopeful that he can do as good a job as Tan did on the phenomenal Godslayer but at the same time I have my doubts. Also glad to see that we’ll be getting Red Hood’s identity early on.

Streets of Gotham #6

As I said in my previous The Week Begins I’m losing hope in this series. While I was hooked and ready to be a longtime loyal reader DC needs to understand that pulling this kind of stuff is not ok. That if you promise us a creative team that you’ve either got to stick to it or don’t do it at all. That’s bullshit.

What’s really sad is how they advertised this as one of two books that are written by Paul Dini and they made a really big deal about that and I was happy for it. I guess in the long run they don’t really care though. At least we should be getting some great art from Nguyen, as I do like his portrayal of the Huntress.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #4

With promises of a big fight I’m excited to see how this will go. Even with a disappointing first issue I remain hopeful for Ultimate Spider-man, and I’m also really curious as to who the hell is that hooded guy.

Captain America: Reborn #5

The epic conclusion I’m not even sure if I’ll be reading. After issue #2 I’m considering just dropping this comic and finishing it in collection format, but I’m going to pick up #3 in hopes that it can win me back as I would really like to enjoy this comic as I’m excited to see what Brubaker can do to bring Steve back as well as how he handles characters like Doom.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #4

This is an odd cover, half of it looks like they are fighting, the other makes me think this is the team working together. I can’t tell worth a damn. Still I am hopeful that by this point the story arc really gets going as with 6 issues on his belt Millar has a little bit too much room to give us a slow build to an epic conclusion.

Amazing Spider-man #611

Can Deadpool do no wrong nowadays? It would seem so by all these awesome appearances he’s making. Finally he’s being written by Joe Kelly again and I can’t wait to read it. I will be picking up this one issue though and will be avoiding the Gauntlet arc.

Dark Reign the List: Amazing Spider-man

Considering picking this up mostly for the Kubert art. I seriously doubt Spider-man is going to get killed, what with the big Gauntlet storyline going on as it is I figure this is more like the epic fight we’ve all been waiting for in Dark Reign which is why I’m really tempted to pick this up. I can’t wait to see Spidey go toe to toe with Norman again.

Dark Avengers #11

That cover is so totally creepy and I love it. I’ve been debating over if I’m going to add this series again, what with Image United coming out I think I’ve got enough on my plate as it is but I’m definitely collection waiting this awesome series. I have high hopes that Bendis can return it to the glory it had with it’s first 4 issues. Also always happy to see a Todd McFarlane cover homaged.

Hulk #17

I just had to take several headache pills before writing what I’m about to put down. Gods how I F***ing despise that piece of shit design for the new She-Hulk. We’re going to pause you’re reading of Solicit Commentary and give you a rant about this god awful design.

So Ed McGuiness designed this look? Are you joking? This looks like something a horny 12 year old would doodle in class. I refuse to believe a groan man designed this. This is an abomination (no pun intended!) of what passes for a character design. Somehow her whole outfit tears everywhere but on her privates, how convenient.

Does anyone actually like this design? I don’t. It makes me feel bad to say I’m a comic reader as this is the kind of negative bullshit that people associate comics with at times and give comics a bad name. Quesada should feel ashamed for even considering it, let alone agreeing to this horrendous gag inducing look.

So excuse me for being pissed off when I see a new female character magically getting near naked to the point where she might as well have lingerie as her costume. It’s getting old, Marvel. I can stand cheesecake and even tolerate short skirts but it’s retarded designs like this that make me feel like smashing my head into my desk until there’s nothing but my lower jaw left.

Mighty Avengers #31

Despite the fact that I’m losing interest in this series again I remain hopeful that Slott can at least win me by the conclusion of the Unspoken storyline. It sounds like an epic as hell story but so far it just isn’t reaching that with it’s first 2 parts, with any luck by final story he can do it. Also that cover is awesome.

Ms. Marvel #47

I will probably pick up this random issue of the series just to see Spider-man actually date a super hero. I don’t think that’s ever actually happened, and if it has, I don’t remember it. Also I don’t count Black Cat as a super hero.

New Avengers #59

I love the premise of Spider-man and Spider-woman interacting finally. Seems Spider-man has had a moment with everyone on the New Avengers but Spider-woman. That along with that Bendis writes both characters well and Immonen draws them even better I would like to pick this issue up, in hopes that it’s more of a one shot story.

Dark X-men #1

Only 2 things could make me pick this up, Mystique and Paul Cornell. I’m glad that Mystique is getting a major role again, and I have hopes that Cornell can write her well, but I don’t mind collection waiting this one.

War of Kings HC

For 40 dollars this one is pretty low on the list of must buy collections. I can appreciate Marvel stuffing in all these random tie in one-shots but why not just give them their own book at this rate? It just seems odd.

Utopia HC

I've heard some good things about this story. the 40 dollar price tag is a bit, but hey I don't mind it if it's as good as it looks.

Wolverine Weapon X vol. 1 HC

Definitely near the top of my list of books to pick up. Much as I hate having to drop this series, I at least can pick up what I’m sure will be a damn excellent read.

Destroyer HC

YES! YES! YES! I was worried that since Kirkman and Marvel aren’t on good terms that they would give this story a simple TPB or maybe even hold off on the collection for a while. I am so glad they are releasing this, and as a Premier Hardcover too. So great. I just may pre-order this one. Can’t wait to read it.

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