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Comic Reviews - October 8th 2009

Yesterday I posted my review of Haunt #1, but I didn’t forget about the rest of the comics this week. So let’s get to it!

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #3
Written: Brian Bendis
Art: David Lafuente

Opening Comments: After all right enjoyable reads I wasn’t too excited for this issue. However with Bendis finally giving us some answers it seems like this series is finally on it’s way to being the greatness I had been hoping for.

Story Comments: The opening does nothing for me other then give us some mediocre reactions to the Mysterio video from last issue. Definitely a weak way to open the issue though it was at least nice seeing MJ make an appearance of more then 1 page.

I also wasn’t too fond of the Aunt May/Jonny Storm discussion. Definitely a bit too long as it’s more of Bendis speak but here it isn’t really entertaining. This could have been one solid page to catch us up on Jonny and that’s all it would need to be really.

As I said earlier we get answers finally and it turns out MJ broke up with Peter after Ultimatum. Why? We still don’t know. But Peter doesn’t know either. I’m assuming it was the trauma of Ultimatum but for now it remains a mystery.

This scene was actually well handled as Bendis did a great job of showing us the tension between these two. The argument alone was something that I felt should have happened in the 1st issue but I can be forgiving as it was nice just getting the answers finally and this was all around a really great moment.

Bendis uses the two very well so that you feel their past relationship still is in there somewhere between the confusion and anger. Emotion is conveyed really well and that made this an awesome scene between them. I am hopeful that we see something like this again soon.

One a side note about the characters I was very annoyed that Kitty didn’t make any appearance at all.

We get our monthly dose of action this time with Mysterio rather then the Bombshells. Mysterio has released some hallucinogenic gas making everyone see giant Spiders. After a hilarious scene of Spider-man figuring out they aren’t real he goes to face Mysterio.

Spider-man catches Mysterio in the act of trying to steal from a bank. The fight that ensues was just a taste of the pure awesome I’m excited to see in later issues. We do get some insight that Mysterio doesn’t really like to kill which was a nice little character moment for him.

As I’ve sad Mysterio is a badass. Though the best part was how angry he got that the police didn’t arrest Spider-man when it was set up to look like he’d tried to steal the gold. Just a fun moment for me.

My biggest issue with the final page is that while it’s really funny, the comic just sort of…ends. Not a real cliff-hanger or anything. It just ends and then we’re done. Is this going to be a trend for the series, weak cliff-hangers that don’t excite me at all? I hope not.

All in all the story was a vast improvement over the past 2 issues. Much more bang for the buck as far as price is concerned and it just all around was a great issue on it’s own even while continuing the plot threads from issue #1.

Art Comments: Lafuente’s art continues to impress but sadly he had some weak spots. Mostly a close up with Mysterio and once again Spider-man’s head is rounder then it should. He just had some bad moments and while it doesn’t ruin the art it was a tad odd when I’ve seen him do better in the past 2 issues.

Final Comments: Definitely the best issue so far in the young series. While the plot is still a slow burn this series has finally become the comic I was hoping for with issue #1. Definitely highly recommended to all.

Writing: 5 out of 5
Art: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Must Have

Witchblade #131
Written: Ron Marz
Art: Stjepan Sejic

Opening Comments: Disappointing is one way I could describe this issue of Witchblade.  While in no way a bad read, if anything it had some strong moments, compared to what I’ve come to expect from this series it was definitely weak. Though on the up side it is very new reader friendly at least.

Story Comments: This issue juggles a couple of things, we see Sara save a little girl from a kidnapper, Sara says her goodbyes to Dani (as she goes off to star in the Angelus mini) and this all happens as Gleason is talking to Sara’s sister Julie. So we have dialogue over lapping scenes which is nice.

Most of the dialogue isn’t too important if you’re familiar with Witchblade like I am. We get a lot of re-explaining things like the Angelus and all that. Though we do get some nice dialogue all the way between Gleason and Julie and we get some real great moments in between the blatant restating.

We see that Sara doesn’t have the Witchblade totally under control and I must admit this is a pretty good new twist for her status quo. If it will really affect her in any important way has yet to be seen but it’s still a really interesting dynamic that I look forward to seeing Marz use.

The scene with Sara and Dani was nice too, leaving me excited for the Angelus mini come December. Though I was sad that Finch just sort of sat around until the very end of it. Finch is a very interesting new character and I hope she gets good page time over in the Angelus mini.

My biggest problem comes from not any bad points ,just at how average it is. Nothing ever gets annoying or dumb but it’s all just so average and okay. Nothing exciting or overly interesting. Just average.

Now maybe this is unfair of me  but ever since I started reading Witchblade with #116 it’s been great. Even the slow talking issues between characters has been incredibly well done. Both interesting and still fun to read.

This issue was a fun read and it had it’s interesting points but compared to what Marz has done and can do it was disappointing. Character work didn’t have it’s usual flair of intrigue as usually I really like reading what the character have to say. Here half of it felt like throwaway dialogue.

While as I said I am glad this is new reader friendly to hopefully entice new readers to the book at the same time it’s so new reader friendly that I felt like I was rereading the opening to #116 which already told me everything I need to know about the Witchblade mythos.

So all in all while it’s a good story for me it wasn’t up to the same level of greatness I’ve come to expect from this series. Still a good read though.

Art Comments: I’d have to say the part that hurt most was seeing Sejic turn in washy muddy looking art. Now I love his art for being clean, detailed and just all around beautiful. We see glimpses of his former greatness here and there, especially with the final 2 pages but a lot of bits and pieces here just looked muddy.

Maybe he was in a rush or something but wow this is definitely the worst his art has been so far on Witchblade. A lot of the detail is gone and at times it looks just plain flat. While the art never get awful, its’ definitely very weak.

Final Comments: A good read with some artistic issues. It was disappointing for me but I’m sure others will enjoy it at least. Not bad but still it could have been better.

Writing: 3 out of 5
Art: 3 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Check It

Batman and Robin #5
Written: Grant Morrison
Art: Phillip Tan

Opening Comments: After a solid read last time Morrison gives us an enjoyable read with glimpses of greatness. Though at least Tan’s art was great once again. Still this issue was not as great as it could have been.

Story Comments: the story doesn’t do much, Batman and Robin fight Red Hood and Scarlet. Flamingo shows up. Turns out Red Hood is indeed Jason Todd, shit hits the fan. All in all a solid middle point for the story arc.

Honestly there really isn’t a lot I can say about this issue. It was very average and enjoyable. It had some good moments mostly with Flamingo at the end. He was an absolute badass and left me excited to see him next time.

But for the most part this issue was a simple read. Nothing really stood out and impressed me and while the character work was mostly well I hated how Penguin was squawking. I guess it’s safe to say Morrison hasn’t paid much attention to Penguin since the 70’s.

All in all it was also a shorter read then the prior issues. There wasn’t much extra to make it feel like a long interesting read. It’s one of those comics that you read, your done with it and you’re left with no impression.

Overall a good story but not a lot I can honestly say other then that for the most part it was good.

Art Comments: Tan continues to impress. While the coloring works I must admit the inking gets in the way at times. There where some mild muddy moments when Dick was talking to Alfred. Though other then that the art was great.

Final Comments: I really hate to give you guys such a short review but it was a short sweet and enjoyable issue but not much else.

Writing: 3 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Check It

Jersey Gods #8
Written: Glen Brunswick
Art: Dan McDaid

Opening Comments: After last issue left off on a typical annoying cliff-hanger my excitement for this issue had dwindled a bit. Though luckily I’m won back over as the quirky fun action comedy is back and better then ever.

Story Comments: I have to talk about the twist to the Abandoned arc, that the villain Hecticus is *SPOILER!* Helius’ son. An awesome twist. It also gives us a reason for Hecticus, explaining why he’s such an angry person. Though I’m still not sure how this ties to Barock.

The rest of the issue was more comedy oriented and a lot of fun at that.

My only problem was the final panel with the scene of Zoe’s parents. It felt like Brunswick was trying to shove in one last bit of comedic flare into the already funny moment and it didn’t work as well.

Barock’s crazy mother was great. She’s so over the top and nutty. Like the crazy in-law everyone loves and hates. She’s insane sure but at the same time she’s an awesome kind of insane.

One thing that bugged me was Barock fighting with his brother. Last time I checked it seemed like they where on fairly good terms. That they trusted each other and where very close so seeing them like this just seemed out of character for either of them.

Overall the story was really great. It had some minor things like obviously Zoe is just fine, and the cliff-hanger left me scratching my head rather then excited. But all around a great story.

Art Comments: McDaid’s art has gotten a lot cleaner over the last few months. I’d have to say his art this issue was his best yet. It looks great with some great character designs. Only real complaint I have is the Juggernoth doesn’t look anywhere near as badass as it does on the cover. Besides that it was great art.

Final Comments: Jersey Gods is one of the best comics on the stands right now. The characters are all great and the art is really hitting a stride. No one should be missing out on this one.

Writing: 4 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Must Read

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