Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Age Poll: What New Game Should I Get?

Hey all, I could use some help in deciding what new game I may pick up.

So I got a Dell gift certificate for 75 dollars on all products, and I've got a decent computer and no need for new MP3 Player or anything really so I figure what the hell, I'd like to get a new video game.

the list of games I'm tempted to pick up

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
Dead Space: Extraction
God of War Collection

Now I list 3 Wii games first because I haven't gotten any use out of my Wii since the deliciously violent Madworld early this year. Love that game, but since I beat it I really haven't had any reason to play my Wii other then replaying Resident Evil 4 on it...for the billionth time. I'd love a new reason to plug in my Wii as currently it's unplugged and laying lifeless as I spend my time with it's older Brother the SNES.

Also God of War Collection isn't listed yet on Dell's game list, but it just came out and may not be on there for another week or more.

I haven't gotten much use out of my PS3 since I beat Arkham Asylum in late August. I still play the DLC rooms and that's fun, but besides some online play with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 I don't use the PS3 much either.

Also I'm a big fan of the God of War games, but sadly I never got to own 1 and 2. Never got a PS2. I would just play the hell out of them at a friend's house and they where always good for a wild ride so owning both games, on my PS3, would be awesome and I am pretty psyched to get 3 March next year.

Now I'm a big Mario fan, but over the years I've kind of lost interest in the plumber. Sure, Sunshine was tons of fun and Galaxy was a pretty good experience but not since New Super Mario Bros. DS have I felt like a got a real Mario experience. At least a classic one. So when I heard of this I was hopeful, but it just now started really coming onto the radar, it looks awesome. I'm told that Nintendo was shooting for Contra hard (jesus, what evil hath science wrought?!) and I love a good challenge so this game sounds good for me.

Darkside Chronicles looks pretty good and I'm a Resident Evil junkie at heart. Though Umbrella Chronicles didn't really do it for me. An all right game but at the same time very forgettable. This game looks much better and it revisits 2, which is awesome. I'm also a big fan of On Rail Shooters.

Same with Dead Space Extraction, love ORS' and this looks like a damn good one.

So what do you all think? I'll put up a poll for you and I'd really like to hear your opinions on these games and which you think may be best after hearing my thoughts on them. I may try to buy 2 and just pay for half of the other one.

I appreciate any input (except from Brikhed, he is my sworn enemy! and he changed his username to try and throw me off, nice try!) and look forward to your thoughts. I can't guarantee this will totally influence my buy, but it's always cool to hear what you guys think. (except you Brik...Or Michael whatever the hell J Smith...) so yeah, vote in the New Age Poll or post a comment below to let me know what you reccomend. I'll have it open for a week so I can get your input, again, it's appreciated and thanks very much!

I promise I'll do my best to finish the reviews and have them up by tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!


Kevin said...

What, no Assassin's Creed 2. That game looks sick. But I would get the God of War collection from that list as I am a huge fan of the God of War series.

Andrenn said...

Never was big on the first Assassin's Creed though 2 does look good. So far it looks like God of War Collection and NSMBW