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Solicit Commentary - February 2010

With some series’ possibly being cut from the pull list it’s tough to not want to keep reading them when reading these awesome solicits. Let’s take a look at the comics coming out during the season of love.

Spawn #200

With Spawn #196 delayed (LIEFELD!) there’s no way this issue will make it on stands in February.

But I want to try and be positive as Spawn is starting to lose me again. This issue could be McFarlane’s big chance to really reinvigorate interest after the Endgame arc’s sloppy race to the finish line. If McFarlane can make this epic anniversary issue worth it, I think I won’t be so frustrated.

Also this is really big, the first ever Image comic to reach #200. While it may not seem massive compared to Marvel and DC, for Image it’s a big deal and I’m really excited for this.

Now about the story, I can’t wait to see Spawn and Clown team up. Should be lots of fun. Also I’m hopeful the returning villain is Malebolgia and not Mammon. I hate Mammon but Malebolgia returning would be absolutely awesome.

For the most part I’m hopeful for this big anniversary issue, really, I just am not sure if I should be.

Haunt #5

Ending it’s first arc but not answering all it’s questions, not unexpected. Still Haunt really impressed me with #2 so I’m hoping that Kirkman can give us at least some closure with this arc’s ending. Also that and that’s a pretty cool cover by Ottley. A simple image but I love the contrast of black and white.

Image United #0

I called it! HA!


Anyway, yeah, I knew Image United would be delayed. Let’s face it, this was bound to happen. Honestly if we can make it to #3 though I’ll be impressed. Still this was nice of Image to print to tide fans over, even if it is just a reprint of the prelude which wasn’t all that great.

Witchblade #135

Sara facing her actions from War of the Witchblades? Not exactly sure how that will work but I’m really looking forward to this confrontation arc. Not much else to say.

Angelus #3

We saw this coming, it’s obvious that Angelus is going to butt heads with The Darkness. Now during First Born it did seem that Dani had a thing for Jackie. I can’t help but wonder if they may actually try to hook up, despite their predicament.

Invincible Returns #1

Not really sure why we need a random one-shot rather then just another issue of Invincible, but I’m still getting my Invincible goodness so I’m not complaining. Now to be honest I liked the Blue and Black suit, I thought it was cool, but I understand a lot of fans have love for the original suit.

This one-shot sounds like a great little reprieve after the Sequid story and it will hopefully be a lot of fun. Also with Walker doing a back up will make this totally worth it’s 3.99 price tag. If you’re not reading Invincible, start with Invincible Returns #1!

Jersey Gods #11

Wow, really? Zoe vs. Barock? This should be interesting. It sounds like Barock gave Zoe half her god force, will he regret it? Ouch. Still it will be the season of love and what better comic to read then Jersey Gods? Should be another excellent read.

Blackest Night #7

So DC is going the Marvel route and putting a TOP SECRET on their covers. Cute. Well not much to say other then Hal Jordan discovers some big dark secret. Didn’t see that one coming.

I bet the secret is that Kyle Rayner was the only hope the universe had to surviving.

Batman and Robin #8 and #9

So I’m going to give this series one more chance. This arc is it. If Morrison fails to impress me here then I’m totally done with this series and will never look back. If he can hook me back in with the “return” as it seems, of Bruce Wayne, I just may feel vindicated for that last snore of an arc.

Streets of Gotham #9

That cover is great, really slick and creepy, I love it. Now as for this issue I must admit I am a little annoyed to see this Zsasz arc still won’t be wrapped up by #8, hopefully by February we’ll be done with it though as I’d love to see Dini do something new with this series other then just one villain at a time.

Outsiders #27

Despite Tan not turning in his best work on Batman and Robin I still am really tempted to at least check out Outsiders for his art alone. I’ve never seen Didio’s writing but I’ve heard good things so I may pick up an issue of this series to see how it all works as this cover alone looks great and makes me hopeful for Tan’s work on the series.

Batgirl #7

Roxxy Rocket is back? I never thought she was actually in canon of the DCU and that she was a DC Animated only character. She was sort of popular, but never really got as much attention as Harley Quinn did. Still I wonder how she’ll be handled here.

Batman and Robin Volume 1 HC

Despite the second arc being pretty weak, I am looking forward to picking up this book. DC is giving it the Deluxe Edition treatment which is nice. While this series has had it’s ups and downs with me I still want to pick up the collection.

Flash: Rebirth HC

I’ve heard good and I’ve heard bad about the Flash’ return to the DCU. Some people criticize this series for being nothing but Barry Allen worship and I’d rather not read a book that’s all about that. At the same time I’ve seen some positive stuff about it so I’m debating if I should pick up this collection. I also can’t help but doubt if issue #6 will be out by then.

Gotham City Sirens: Union HC

Again I’ve heard good and bad about this series. But still I love me some Dini and the art looks great too. In the end I didn’t regret skipping this series but I am looking forward to picking up the collection of it’s first 7 issues.

Wednesday Comics HC

50 dollars…wow…this one is going to hit my wallet so hard it may implode. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pick up Wednesday Comics in HC format unless it’s for a Birthday present or I put aside some extra cash for it.

Still I’ve heard a lot of great things about this series and I’d love to read it so I’m hopeful to get a chance to pick it up and read the stories inside.

Batman Reborn: Series 1 Action figures

It’s been a while since I even mentioned anything from DC Direct. Mostly because there hasn’t been much they have released that’s really interested me. But I must admit this new line of Action Figures catches my attention.

I must admit I’m surprised that since this is the first wave, we didn’t get figures of Batman, Robin and Red Robin. They just seem like the obvious choice for the first wave of these figures.

Still these look pretty good, especially the Azrael and Batgirl ones. Two-face Batman looks okay, and while I like the Jason Todd Batman his cape looks more like something Spawn would be wearing then Batman. It’s kind of funny.

If I get any of these is up in the air. I’m not big on collecting action figures, every once in a blue moon really, but these all look pretty good so they are up for consideration for sure.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #7

No Lafuente in my Ultimate Spider-man? Noooo! Oh well. At least his fill in artist for this 2 part arc is Takeshi Miyazawa, and awesome artist who’s style is in a similar vein of being manga influenced.

This 2 part story sounds like a very fun reprieve from the intense building story about Mysterio and his madness. Should be a great read and I can’t wait for more Ultimate comics spider-man

Ultimate Comics X #1

Art Adams on art is the only reason I’m even curious about this title. I’m sure he’ll turn in some gorgeous stuff for this series. Though this actually sounds pretty dull to me. Loeb’s attempt to catch up with Millar and Bendis after how well they’ve been doing at rebuilding the Ultimate U. Loeb brought us the abomination that is Ultimatum, I’m not expecting much better from him here.

Doomwar #1

Storm’s life in danger? Wakanda…conquered? What?! Seriously, Marvel? What is going on?!

Well I must admit this solicit really entices me to check out Doomwar, but what’s keeping me from it is mostly a writer I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve heard mixed things on this guy’s work with Black Panther and much as I love me some Doom, I’ll skip this for now and if I hear good things I’ll pick up the collection.

They’d better not kill off Storm…seriously.

Wolverine: Weapon X #10

With a new jumping on point and what sounds like a great one-shot read, I’m really tempted to be reading Weapon X again. My only real draw is Smith’s art which is really dark and moody and this sounds like a really interesting story but I’m not sure if he was the right artist for the job. Still want to see how he does.

Even if I don’t add this series back to the pull list, I may just pick up this one issue as it looks great. Now me, I always figured that somehow Logan and Raven could put their bad blood behind them and be a couple. After all his perfect life did have him with Raven, so you never know.

Still this issue sounds really cool and I certainly loved what Aaron wrote for the first couple of issues of Weapon X that I read. So I have a new consideration for the add list. Also that cover is greatness in all ways.

Siege #2

If I do or do not get Siege right now is up to my financial status as of January. If I’m getting a good flow of cash and can afford to add another series to the pull list, then yeah I’ll add it. If not I’ll just collection wait it. Though I really would like to pick up this mini as it sounds really interesting and I’m a sucker for these kinds of events.

Thunderbolts #141

While I haven’t been interested in Thunderbolts at all really since Ellis left I must admit the idea of Stature and Ant-Man finally having a rematch would be awesome. They clearly have some bad blood between each other and I’m sure it will be a cool fight.

Incredible Hulk #607

No, don’t taint the Pak awesomeness by adding in that god awful Red She-Hulk!

Mighty Avengers #34

Hey, big surprise, Pham isn’t on Mighty Avengers for the billionth time in a row! Though this is one time I’m saddened by that as he draws a really wicked looking Thor and it sucks that the main series artist isn’t on for the series’ big tie-in.

As for this issue itself it doesn’t sound too amazing. Hero vs. Hero stuff probably over some stupid misunderstanding. Oh so original. But still I’m trying to remain positive about this series so hopefully Siege can rejuvenate it.

Kick Ass HC

With the movie on it’s way there’s been a lot of talk about this series. But everything I’ve seen on it looks dull and unexciting. Maybe I’m alone here  but it just doesn’t look like a good series. I may pick up this HC and see if Millar can prove me wrong. Then again if I hated Wanted I doubt I’ll like Kick Ass.

X-force volume 1 HC

I love these big hardcover collections Marvel does. I’d love to pick this up so I can finally read the series I’ve been missing for the last couple of years as X-force is one of those comics I started reading and was liking, but dropped for prices.

Dark Avengers Volume 2 HC

Dark Avengers is a series I’ve wanted to be reading but dropped as you all know. With volume 1 out on stands now I wouldn’t mind picking that up as well as volume 2 come December.

Mighty Avengers: Unspoken HC

The Unspoken arc hasn’t been too great and I don’t want to really pick up this collection but I may just if only for the completist of continuing to collect the volumes of Slott’s current run on the book.

Incredible Hulk volume 1: Son of Banner HC

I saw some stuff on Incredible Hulk #601 and it looked awesome. Everything I’ve heard about this book makes it seem like my dream comic with Pak doing some excellent stuff. So far I haven’t gotten a chance to see for myself but I’m definitely going to pick up this collection so I can read it for myself as I’d love to read a GOOD Hulk story.

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