Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Week Begins - December 15th 2009

What I thought was going to be a big week (at first it seemed like Invincible, Jersey Gods and Angelus would all be out this week) has become a very small week and I admit that has me sort of sad. I won’t be here next week to pick up any comics and NEXT week seems pretty big, Image United, Invincible, Angelus and possibly Jersey Gods (Image has taken it off the listings for December so I figure it may be delayed…) which just totally sucks for me. Oh well, lets check out the comics this week still.

Streets of Gotham #7 *Most Anticipated*
Written: Paul Dini
Art: Dustin Nguyen

My second most anticipated comic of this month is Dini’s epic return to Streets of Gotham. After a so-so 2 part story by Christ Yost I’m really excited to see Dini come back to the title he easily made a must have for me early on.

Seems this issue is getting back to where the series was with Zsasz up to no good and the other developing threads. I’m really excited to see where Dini goes next with this story even if we know it won’t conclude for another couple of months it’s still something I’m excited to read each month.

Mighty Avengers #32
Written; Dan Slott
Art:  Koi Pham

Despite how harsh I’ve been on Mighty Avengers I admit I am really looking forward to reading this issue. Mostly just that I’m expecting a fun “super hero fight” 2 part story like we get from time to time but the art does look great, possibly some of Pham’s best yet, and that also has me excited.

Now this arc is probably just going to be filler, some fun fighting, maybe some important character moments. I’m not really expecting anything major until Siege or after that. But still last issue was a real return to form for the series so I’m looking forward to reading more.


Dan McDaid said...

Yes, Jersey Gods 10 is going to be a wee bit late. But it WILL be worth the wait - Glen and I have pulled out all the stops for this ish.

Andrenn said...

Thanks for the update Dan, looking forward to #10.