Monday, December 21, 2009

Week's End - December 20th 2009

No vacation can hold Andrenn from exercising his nerd rights on the internet! Yes even as I am confined to a car for hours on end of what seems like endless roads I am still hard at work for you all. I hope you all appreciate it! Now onto the comics!

Comic of the Week: Streets of Gotham #7

With only 2 comics this week this was not a hard choice. While Mighty Avengers was a very fun read, Streets of Gotham dominated this week. Dini delivered a special present this year for Christmas and it was tons of sick and twisted fun.

This issue was full of great character moments and strong art. Dini handles the characters flawlessly and all the while he tells a small story that is really part of a larger story and it’s done incredibly well.

Streets of Gotham is the best of the bat-books in my opinion. It’s Dini excelling at what he does and doing a damn fine job of it making this series a must have for everyone who loves the world of Batman.

Moment of the Week: Kyle is Back!

I know death is nothing permanent in comics but this is getting ridiculous. Though I am really glad to see Kyle back and kicking ass so soon. Tomasi stunned me last month when we thought he was dead and he stunned me twice in a row to reveal he’s alive now.

Also we should have seen this coming, Kyle is on the cover to next month’s issue of Green Lantern Corps. Though I figured that was a false cover and that the image of Kyle would be swapped with someone like Soranik.

Cover of the Week: Batman #694 by Tony Daniel

Not a great week for covers but this one stands out really well. The use of all the gravestone like crosses and the shot of a somber Batman holding a dying boy in his arms is really powerful and looks great.

Artist of the Week: Patrick Gleason

From the scans I’ve seen online, Gleason has really been doing great on GLC. Here he tackles a badass looking Red Lantern Guy and an awesome image for Kyle’s revival. He hits action and emotion incredibly well for this series.

Character of the Week: Humpty Dumpty

Talk about the last character I expected to ever make a “best” of anything. Often very boring and uninteresting the character is often just used as fodder for something to have Batman beat up. Though Dini took a boring character and used his more sympathetic side and made a really compelling character and gave us a seriously powerful and heart breaking moment.

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