Thursday, January 14, 2010

Comic Book Revolution Website!

Hey everybody, Andrenn here with a quick update to keep you all in the loop about my future reviews and posts.

The Comic Revolution has been hard at work making a website and finally it has come to fruition.

That’s where you can see all my latest stuff for the Revolution as well as posts from my blog. New Age Comics with Andrenn is linked to the Revolution’s site so all my posts are posted there as well.

Now while I’ve got your attention I should mention some up coming posts. I’ve started Year’s End and will be finishing up the Image Comics Primer hopefully sometime real soon. I have a few other things I’ve wanted to do but those are all farther in the future so it’s best to keep quiet on them until I’m sure I’ll be doing them.

So yeah, everyone check out the great new website. I’m really proud to be a member of the Comic Revolution and to work with such great reviewers. I’m looking forward to another great year of writing for you all and hope you all enjoy what I review.


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