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Solicit Commentary - March 2010

March is not so far away as we take a look into the future with the last solicits from 2009. A little late but still ready for the party.

Image United Interlude #1

An interesting idea from Image. While it sucks that Image United hit the delay we all knew it would, it is at least really nice to see Image trying to keep the fans happy until the 2nd half of the story comes out later in 2010. Also it’s really cool how Image is knitting their universe together as I really hope we see other heroes like Haunt and Jersey Gods at least make cameos.

Haunt #6

So my theory here is Mirage is the woman who took the bag from the doctor. If she’s good or evil though I have no idea. All I know is that Capullo is drawing Haunt and that is pure greatness!

Haunt vol. 1 TPB

The cover, great as it is, confuses me. I figured McFarlane would have his own cover for the first collection. Not that I’m complaining I like the design and cover but just confused is all. Looking forward to picking this up sometime soon.

Spawn #201

*sigh* why even bother? That’s how I feel right now about Spawn. It just feels like Spawn doesn’t know what it wants anymore so it’s just running in place. Now out of nowhere we have a new team for the book, I can assume they will be on for the long haul (or until McFarlane changes his mind….AGAIN) and it just seems like what’s the damn point by now?

I love Spawn, always have but I think McFarlane just totally lost all direction. He should have kept the masterful Brian Holguin doing scripts and if he could have, he should have kept Whilce Portacio. It was a great team for the book and now seeing 2 random guys who have never written or drawn Spawn before it just feels so out of place and random.

I remain hopeful that maybe these 2 can work some magic with the jumbled mess that McFarlane has given them but that hope seems to die a little more with each new announcement of a delay or new guest artist. It’s getting tough to be a Spawn fan nowadays.

Spawn Origins: Book One HC

Wow, this is so hilarious. So I have the original Spawn collection books, I’m now getting the Origins TPBs, and now I’ll be buying this hardcover as well. So I’ve have 3 different version s of reading the earliest Spawn stories all on the same book shelf. That’s awesome.

I am excited to pick this up though. It’s reasonably priced, collects the great 10th issue and hopefully should be worth it. Really excited to pick this one up in March.

Invincible #71

By now I’ve said my theory on why Eve is crying in this image a few times as it is. But despite the risk of becoming repetitious I’ll say it once more. I figure either Eve is still pregnant at this point and tells Mark so he leaves her, or she gets an abortion and he is upset she’d do that without him and leaves.

I’m at least very hopeful that by now Kirkman brings up the whole pregnancy ordeal since it’s a pretty big deal for both these characters. Though I’m also excited as all hell for the Viltrumite war and seeing where Kirkman takes it.

Jersey Gods #12

Wow, 5 bucks for this issue. A little worried if it will be worth it or not. I keep loving Jersey Gods but at the same time I can’t help but worry. One of those ‘everything changes’ issues. Ugh. Let’s hope Brunswick can make the cliché work.

Looking through what Topcow has I am not seeing Angelus. Damn shame but I figured one of these 2 series that Sejic is drawing would hit a delay.

The Darkness #84

I am very interested in this with the name Whilce Portacio attached to art. He did an awesome cover for the Darkness a while back and I bet he’ll kill on the interiors, may pick this issue up just for his art.

Witchblade #136

The cover teases a new cybernetic villain to take on both Sara and Aphrodite. Sounds like lots of fun. I’m really excited to see where this arc goes and how well the fight will be handled. Should be tons of fun to read like the last time these 2 clashed.

Blackest Night #8

Hey big surprise its’ another Top Secret Cover. Well the solicit doesn’t tell us anymore then what we knew would happen. Good vs. Evil with earth as the  battle field. Yawn. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Batman and Robin #10

While I dropped the series I can’t deny I’m still curious to see what happens. I’m glad to hear that Morrison is bringing back Talia since she should be playing a larger role in Batman Reborn then she has so far.

Streets of Gotham #10

Still doing the Zsasz thing, really? Also why recycle that cover, DC? It’s a great cover sure but seems like you just wanted to fill the void for this issue by changing covers. Still I guess Dini has good reason for stretching out this final confrontation, I just hope it works in his favor.

The Flash: Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1

My interest in the new Flash ongoing series died when we where told it will only star Barry. DC is really screwing over the Flash franchise and with the possible killing off of Iris it all just seems so annoying right now. I was original tempted to check out the new ongoing, that’s dead by now.

Streets of Gotham vol. 1: Hush Money HC

DC really is confusing me here. I thought they delayed a volume 1 to collect the entire story of Zsasz and his plan which would make sense. But then they release this. Now if it contained the first 3 issues of Streets of Gotham that would make sense but it has issue #4 when Zsasz’ plan comes to the forefront. So…I’m confused.

But hey this also collects the Faces of Evil story from a while back and that was awesome. And it does make sense to collect that with the early issues of Streets of Gotham so I’ll definitely be picking this up.

American Vampire #1

I’ll be collection waiting on this. I love Stephen King but I’m not so sure about this. The art sounds great and the premise isn’t half bad but right now it’s all in the “looks good but I’m not sure” category. So I’ll wait to the collection and hope to hear good things about it.

Black Lantern Figures

I guess this is probably the last line of Blackest Night Action figures, unless DC Direct make ones of all the earth Lantern Recruits which would rock. These figures are cool. I may get Nekron but I will for sure get Black Lantern Batman, very nicely done.

Siege #3

So I am getting Siege for sure. It’s on the pull list and I’ll be reading it. Should be an exciting time I’m sure. I just wish the damn solicits would tell us something! Seriously, Marvel, it’s the same “everything will change” bullshit we got the last 2 months. Way to fail to hype your event.

Dark Avengers #15

“revealing their true relationship” eh? Since when was “we like having sex with each other” a relationship? I just figured they where sex- buddies and that was it. Oh well, maybe Karla just has a thing for psychotic guys who wear purple.

Mighty Avengers #35

Oh yeah, about damn time Ultron return to an Avengers comic. I don’t mean in that stupid naked chick form either. As in an actual Ultron kicking ass in the Avengers comics again. It’s been way too long really and I’m psyched as all hell to check this one out, even if it has the typical “some will die!” BS that these solicits carry.

Girl Comics

Despite the idiotic name I must admit this sounds like a great mini. I’ll be checking out the collection of it for sure if only for all of the great talent assembled on it.

Sif #1

I guess this is a one-shot but it doesn’t specify that. It seems more like a new ongoing series, but I highly doubt they would give Sif her own ongoing with no real set up. Still it does sound like an interesting read, it just came out of nowhere though.

X-23 #1

This one makes a little more sense. I like the character of X-23 but I’m not real sure if I will pick this up. It’s just a one-shot storyline and I’m not sure how much they can really cram into a one-shot so I’m on the fence about it.

Deadpool Corps #1-5

I have to give Marvel credit for being brave on this one. A stupid idea that just might work. Marvel has taken risks from time to time but this seems a little too out there even for me.

New Ultimates #1

It’s more of Loeb messing with the Ultimate U, big surprise. Though it is nice to see he didn’t randomly kill off Valkyrie like we all figured. Now to be honest I am interested in this series, if only for the gorgeous Frank Cho artwork. Other then that I couldn’t care less about this.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #8

This arc sounds like tons of fun and should be a great read. Sadly not much I really have to say on it, just looking forward to more Ultimate Spider-man greatness.

Cloak and Dagger #1

I figured Brooks was chosen for this for his awesome design of a Cloak and Dagger statue a while back. Well I’ve always had a soft spot for these 2 and I love Brooks’ art, I may pick this up since it’s just a one-shot and it sounds really good.

Wolverine: Weapon X #11

It’s really hard not to be reading this series right now. Especially with the return of Ron Garney to pencils. I keep wanting to read it, but at the same time the wallet says other wise. So for now it’s still off the list, awesome as this arc looks.

X-men: Second Coming #1

Oh hey, it’s another goddamn pointless X-men crossover that will make it impossible for anyone just to read one X-men series without it being pulled away. What fun. I didn’t miss this at all. I like never getting a chance to read Uncanny X-men or any of these other comics without the worry of a crossover ruining it all.

Now to be fair this is the long awaited final part of the Messiah Complex saga. Messiah Complex itself was an amazing crossover and I absolutely loved it. It was the best X-men crossover since Age of Apocalypse and it did a great job of stirring up the status quo, but ever since it ended Marvel has just been very crossover obsessed with the X-men again and now it’s getting on my nerves.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man: World according to Peter Parker HC

So far Ultimate Comics Spider-man has been a major pay off for Marvel. I can’t see why you shouldn’t check out this awesome first story arc. It’s been tons of fun so far and definitely worth picking up the collection.

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