Friday, January 1, 2010

Teaser Talk: Spider-man in 2010

I got home late Wednesday night and I’ve been busy hard at work with unpacking and then celebrating the new year. Yes, happy new year to you all. Though I finally got some time to finish up some posts I need to write up when this little gem of a teaser popped up onto my radar earlier today.

Awww, Marvel, it’s been too long since you did one of these headache inducing teasers. Far too long.

So to help me get back into the groove of things I figure it will be fun to dissect this a little bit.

So lets obviously talk about the most obvious point of the teaser and that’s Spider-man and MJ jumping towards each other, with MJ in a wedding dress. This could mean a lot of things. This could symbolize the end of One More Day and the couple finally getting back together or it could mean they are finally going to explain what drove them apart.

Deep down for how spiteful and cynical I’ve become over the last 2 years in regards to my childhood hero I can’t deny even the faintest idea of OMD finally ending and our 2 lovers getting back together fills me with joy. Sadly it’s not the blind joy where I automatically have faith this will happen. No I’m almost certain that OMD will never be undone as long as Joe Quesada has a say in how Marvel works.

So as much as I’d love to write to you all about how excited I am over this and how this just makes me jump for joy, I can’t. Really I would love it if this means the end of OMD, I would, I really really want to belive it could but by now I’ve learned not to have faith in Marvel. So I’m going to assume this means something else.

Now I guess it would be nice if Marvel did explain at least why they broke up. Over all the years they had rough patches, Peter and MJ endured so I’m sure all of us fans are dying to see what is the one thing that is strong enough to break them up. They lost everything in the past, their home, family, their own child, and still they persevered. So seeing the one thing that could break them up would be interesting.

Or maybe it’s just Marvel screwing with us and the former wedding won’t come into play at all and they are just bullshitting us like they have before.

Remember that infamous One More Day teaser? Here it is in case you forgot.

Funny how none of those characters really mattered to the story or had any real impact and how most of them didn’t even show up, huh? I can’t help but figure that’s the same thing Marvel is doing with this Spider-man in 2010 teaser.
Still deep down, a small flickering little fire in my otherwise cynical heart can’t help but burn a little brighter at the mere idea of OMD ending. Even if it is a tiny flicker.

But hey there’s more to this teaser then just the forefront image. We see the Spider-family together. One of them being black suit Spider-man but it doesn’t seem to be Venom. I’m curious about this but not curious enough to talk much about it.

Then there’s the baby in Doc Ock’s arms. Last I checked Octavious wasn’t doing so well and he seemed he wanted to help the world with what little time he had left. So him going and kidnapping a baby doesn’t really seem like something he’d do right now.
Though there are 2 theories so far about the baby. One is that it’s baby May. An all right idea but I’m not seeing it. My theory, the second theory, is that it’s Norman and Lilly’s child. The infant has green eyes which could be a slight hint at it having some Goblin in it’s blood.

Though Quesada recently mentioned that in 2010 there would be something involving MJ and a baby. Maybe baby May had something to do with Peter and MJ breaking up. At this point it’s still very open in the air.

There’s also some teasing for the Gauntlet storyline but I don’t really care much to mention it since I won’t be reading it. That’s all I have to say today kids, check back soon for some comic reviews, solicit commentary, Year’s End and a look at the upcoming stuff for 2010. 

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