Monday, August 18, 2008

DC November '08 solicitatons.

I have a new thing here, this one’s monthly though, solicit talk. It’s where I comment on (You guessed it!) the solicits for the upcoming months in comics. As I’m sure you all know, DC solicits are on Mondays, 3rd one of the month, and the next day are Marvel’s. Well I’ll be throwing in my two cents on the solicit, as well as the cover. To save time, I won’t post the solicits, but instead a link to where you can see them. I will, however, post the covers.

DC Solicit for November 2008

Batman #682 and #683

Wow! What great covers! I love how Ross does that, showing the Batman of the past (Grayson Robin, Batgirl, etc) and the Batman of today (Talia and Damian, Nightwing, Barbara in a wheelchair) it’s a great contrast, and probably one 2 of his best covers ever. Now those great covers aside, the solicit has me more excited than RIP has had the whole time. While I find a throw back tale rather odd for a follow up, I’m still excited to see just what this is. I also look forward to seeing Damian (Hopefully) and his reaction to his father’s (possible) death.

Batman: Cacophony #1

Why….is Joker stripping? How is his tongue out like tha-you know what…nevermind….I can be forgiving of the bad cover, I’m still interested and excited for this. The solicit doesn’t get me too excited or interested, but I’ll still check this out for sure.

All star Batman #11

I hope this means #10 comes out sooner than later…I love this series. It’s easily one of my favorite comics of all time, it’s just so insanely off that I love it. I’m a huge Frank Miller fan, and this series wraps up after issue #22 (though I wonder if I’ll still be alive come then)

Detective Comics #850

I really hope this doesn’t mean what I think it means. It would be quite a big way to close this arc, but damnit, I don’t want Selina dead…it may come off as a fitting end, I can see the cliché end of her dying in Bruce’s arms, whispering love and all that, but come on…it’s just too easy. Dini is better than that. I’m hoping for a real fireworks ending to what seems to be a strong arc.

Birds of Prey #124

…What? Barbara…vs. Joker? Vengeance? Her having the upper hand? Oh, this would be so sweet and great, if we all know Joker isn’t going to die, be crippled, or anything happen to him. If he does die, it will be in RIP and this ties into nothing as far as RIP is concerned. Still, it sounds like an amazing story and I may pick up this issue, mainly because Barbara Gordon is awesome.

The Brave and the Bold #19

There’s only one reason I’m even mentioning this…David Hine is writing it. I probably won’t pick it up, but damn…that kind of surprised me.

Harley Quinn TP

Huh…she got her own book? Seriously? Well…I’ll pick it up to see the awesome Dodson art.

Gotham Knight B&W statue

I love the B&W line of statues, but I may skip on this, it looks great but I’m just not sure…for one, I’m more interested in the Frank Miller one.

So that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow when I throw in my 2 cents on Marvel’s November solicitations.


Greg said...

Dude, you better pick up Brave and The Bold or else!

Andrenn said...

Is that a threat? *chuckle* I'll check it out in the shop for sure.

I was surprised to see Hine's name, mainly because I thought JMS would have taken over by now.