Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marvel November 2008 Solicits

Yesterday I left my comments on DC’s solicits for November 2008, now today we’re moving on to Marvel. Obviously, this will be replacing Cover Talk, if only for once a month. Same rules as yesterday, no solicits post but below will be a link, comments and covers only.

Marvel in November 2008

Ultimatum #1 and 2

I’ve decided to get Ultimatum, Jeph Loeb or not, I love the Ultimate U and I’m excited to see what this Armageddon-esque ending has to offer. I also am really excited to see David Finch on art again. Now, I’m surprised issues 1 and 2 are in the same month. Call me crazy, but that’s just begging for a delay or something. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Venom: Dark Origin #4

That’s the first really good cover so far for Dark Origin, all the others have been pretty horrible, but this one is pretty good. It’s simple, but good. Now that being said…what’s with the solicit saying the exact same thing as last time? Promising background on the symbiotes home world. While I’m glad we FINALLY get to see what the Symbiote home world/culture was like, why bring up Eddie hating Spider-man? We know that already.

Uncanny X-men #504

I decided to pass on this originally mainly for the Land art, but damn…Dodson on this issue? Sign me up! I’ll get it for sure. I love Dodson’s art. But wait…Emma is going to cheat on Scott? Aww…man…that sucks. They are favorite my (well, the only ones I even care about) X-couple. Just more incentive to pick this issue up and hope for the best.

Wolverine #69

I hate hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, and hate, Double HATE delays on comics. And damned if the wait for #69 isn’t gonna piss me off. But hey, it’s a great cover by McNiven and I’m hoping that it’s smooth sailing after this issue.

X-force #9

Gah…want…read…X-force…but I’m just not sure. I’m waiting for the trade usually, but I may simply pick up this issue for the Mike Choi art, love his work, and if he gets to be the ongoing artist I’ll be a happy camper. That cover kind of freaked me for a second, I thought that was X-23…and that…would have just been wrong. Just plain wrong.

Ghost Rider #29

I thought Marc Silvestri was doing covers for this story. What happened to that? Not that I’m complaining, I love Djurdjevic’s work. I’m jumping back onto Ghost Rider with this storyline that starts in October, Jason Aaron failed to bring me back in with his opening arc, and that disappointed me. I’m a huge GR fan, have been for a long time, and I am hoping Aaron is at his A-game with this story.

Danny Ketch #2

Bees. My God.

Okay, I don’t know who that girl is but she makes me think of Nyx, which is just plain weird. Anyway, I grew up with the Danny Ketch GR and I’m debating if I should pick this comic up or not, while the GR fan in me wants to, my wallet keeps saying no…

Iron Man #7

What? No way. No freaking-way. No way in Hell. Seriously? Well, all right. I can dig it.

Thor: Man of War

I absolutely, positively, 100%, loved the previous Thor one-shots, and this ties up Fraction’s Ages of Thunder “mini”. I’m excited for this, it looks amazing. If it’s anything like Reign of Blood, then count me in!

Ultimate Fantastic Four #58

It is so evil to tease us with a Pasquel Ferry cover when Tyler Kirkham’s art is on the inside. Oh well. I loved the Millar days of UFF, so I may pick this up to see how Ultimatum affects them.

Ultimate Spider-man #128

I really want to buy this arc, I miss me some Ultimate Spider-man. But I’ve played through the game; I know how it goes, so I’ve taken a pass. While I will get my Ultimate Spidey fix come October, I may jump on sometime around this.

Avengers: The Initiative Special

FINALLY! It’s about damn time the Hardball thing was resolved. I can’t wait to pick this up and see what happens, Hardball/Komodo was one of the best aspect to The Initiative, and I don’t mind the Uy art if it means seeing them again.

Hulk #8

I’m dropping Hulk come #6. The great art isn’t worth it. I am switching this to “wait for the trade” like a few other series.

Marvel Zombies 3 #2

Seriously, could that cover be anymore awesome? That cover just screams “this comic is going to be great, read it!” I know I trashed Land a bit in a previous post, but damned if, on occasion, he can do some great covers. I love how this time around their paying homage to Zombie Movie posters, this one obviously being 38 days later. I hope the next one is Dawn of the Dead.

Runaways #4

I honestly feel that Whedon ruined one of my favorite comics, with his delays and all that nonsense, but with Moore and Ramos at the helm, I’m excited for this volume. I look forward to issue #1 later this month, and this whole plot of the aliens after Karolina.

Skaar: Son of Hulk #5

As I said in an earlier review, I predict that Skaar Son of Hulk will start to get better come #3, and the solicit keeps my hopes up. I’m glad to see Pak isn’t dragging out this entire plot of the Prophet Rock, and that it is heading somewhere fast. Let’s hope where it heads is somewhere good, also.

Thunderbolts #126

I’m still a little hesitant as to Diggle taking over T-bolts, but this solicits sounds pretty good and has me psyched, I’ll definitely check it out for sure.

Secret Invasion #8

Hmm…not much to say here. It all looks and sounds good, lets hope for a big finish.

New Avengers #47

So this story is all about Luke Cage, no doubt around his loss of his family to all this paranoia and whatnot, it’s a really gripping story and I’m kind of pissed that it’s taking Bendis this long to get to this story. I hope everything works out for Cage…then again, this is Marvel, no one’s allowed a happy ending.

Avengers: The Initiative #19

Cloud 9 is back? Count me in!

Mythos HC

Just the other day I was thinking to myself “When are they going to release a collection of the Mythos comics?” and here we are! What luck! I look forward to this; I’ve heard nothing but love for this series.

Invincible Iron Man volume 1.

I may pick this up, I dropped this title since my wallet is getting so tight with all these damned comics, may switch it to “Collection only” like the others.

New Avengers Volume 8

I am glad to see that Marvel is releasing HC’s and TPB’s of Secret Invasion tie ins separately, rather then releasing them all at once. That is a much better idea, and it’s working well, I hope this keeps going.

So that’s it for November’s Marvel Comics. When they get posted on CBR, expect the same for Image Comics.


Keith Gammage said...

It just says Emma checks into a hotel without Scott, I doubt she'd cheat on him. Or maybe I like them as a couple just as much as you that it didn't cross my mind she would. When are they gonna have a kid? Even Madrox and Siryn are having one, and they aren't even a couple. Well they weren't, but X-Factor's joumped forward 6 months so who knows.

Andrenn said...

The thing that tips it off if she may be cheating is "Scott sitting by" as it happens. While I still have my doubts if she really cheats on him, it's Emma, I never know what to expect of that character anymore.

Keith Gammage said...

She did have that whole "Its not cheating if its only in your mind" thing, didn't she?

Andrenn said...

There is that. With Emma, there's all kinds of ways this could be twisted. She could be cheating on Scott mentally (which he would have to accept, since he vouched for it in the first place when it came to Jean) or it could be something more sinister, maybe her meeting a villain for a team up. With Fraction you never know what to expect, that alongside Emma's confusing motives is frustrating.