Thursday, August 21, 2008

Image solicits for November 2008

You knew if I did this for the big guns I’d give Image a spotlight too. Of course, I don’t buy lots of Image Comics, just Spawn, Witchblade and Invincible, but I may comment on some others, just to try and make this a little longer.

Image Comics in November 2008

Spawn #186

Okay, how is that not the most awesome cover I’ve ever seen so far in these solicits? That cover just makes me want to go into the future, do something crazy, to read this. It’s an incredibly well done cover, even if it’s a little more shadow than it is Spawn. I don’t mind all the spikes, weird as they are. But now, the solicit…choosing sides? Is Spawn going to Marvel or something? Color me confused.

Invincible #58

Why do I have a feeling this wont’ be coming out in November? Because it won’t, of course. Anyway…great cover as always, are they just now going to finally get into Mark and Eve’s relationship? I know we saw some of that come end of 51, but really, your waiting that long to touch on the subject? Oh well, I look forward to this issue for sure.

Adventures of Spawn #2

Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t read the 2 issues of AOS, go to and read them both. For free. Then you’ll know why their so great, and why you’ve got to have them in print. Seriously, both issues where amazingly good, story and art. Consider it like Ultimate Spawn, where it revamps the characters and creates a totally new storyline that can attract new readers, but pays homage to what made Spawn so great and is great for long time fans to love it as well. I can’t wait to pick this up.

Witchblade #122

What the hell is with that cover? Sejic couldn’t do anything even remotely interesting? It’s just Sara…standing there, as if on a picture. Maybe it’s supposed to be a picture that the reporter took or something, but I’m not seeing it. Bland cover aside, I’m interested in this arc, it sounds like Gleason may not survive it. I hope he does, Sara deserves to have a love interest that lasts more than 10 issues.

Spawn: Book of the Dead

Long awaited, and long overdue, I’m excited about this, very excited. It’s great to see Ashley Wood back on Spawn, and Van Dyke is a great artist so I’m psyched about this. I’ll get this as soon as it hits the shelves.

So that’s it for my Image Solicits talk. I’ll say this now, to make up for the missing Cover Talk this week; I’ll do a special one on Saturday, regarding the Cyblade #1 covers. Then a Secret Invasion special on Tuesday. See you tomorrow though with a Collection Spotlight on Batman and Son.


Greg said...

I actually haven't been reading the AoS stories, but I'm always loving the art everytime I see them. I definitely do plan to pick them up though. Reason for me never reading them online was due to my previous computer having a rather... blurry screen.

And I hope Gleason doesn't die! Although its been a good while since I've read the book, I love Sara having a stable love life and Patrick is awesome for her.

And Book of the Dead is long overdue! And c'mon, written by Hine? You expect me to pass that up! :-D

Andrenn said...

AoS is great, check them out when you can, the story is fairly interesting. We're not talking like...amazingly interesting, here, just an enjoyable comic, kind of like how Ultimate Spider-man is. It's not perfect, but damned if it's hard not to love it.

My only problem with Gleason is that Sara insists on always calling him "detective". I don't know if it's supposed to be a pet name, but I've never heard someone be called "detective" in bed. I also agree that Gleason is good for her, he balances out her attitude nicely, but it's obvious who wears the pants in their relationship.

I forgot to mention David Hine in it, yeah, this is his official last work of Spawn. Lets hope he turns in some amazing stuff, but knowing David, I wouldn't be shocked if it's brilliant, he definitely has found his voice when it comes to Spawn.