Thursday, August 21, 2008

My thoughts on Spawn: Endgame

With Spawn Endgame being teased as the biggest Spawn story ever to hit shelves, I’ve decided to do another post on it. While last time was my initial thoughts on the reboot/new team on the book, this is more me talking about what I do, don’t, and am really hoping to see come October.

Nyx lives: From the sounds of it, they are completely rebooting Spawn, everything is changing, and it looks like Hine’s run just may be annulled for it. One thing Hine did a great job was make me like the character of Nyx, she’s pivotal now and I’m really hoping she doesn’t get killed off or lost in translation to Endgame. have admitted that Nyx will wear the symbiote now, with that there are several possibilities, the biggest being of course death. I hate blatant reboots/retcon as it is; don’t use this as an excuse to get rid of the best character in Spawn since the big guy himself. I’m over OMD; don’t give me another reason to be pissed off at my comics.

Of course I doubt Nyx will even make it to Endgame, if she survives, she’ll be forgotten and out of the picture no doubt. It’s too bad, she’s a great character.

Angela reborn: Dead is dead. We all know this. But sometimes that isn’t always the way it is in comics. While Angela’s death was a huge moment for Spawn, and a tragedy that can still be felt today (even if it not referenced) Angela’s death was major. There’s been debate if she should return, or stay dead. I thought she was a great character, and if their going to insist on killing off or forgetting Nyx, then the only suitable replacement is Angela the angel.

I’m not sure how they would do it, it could be something as simple as her revival because of Armageddon, or maybe even a little more complicated, like Mammon reviving her come end of Hine’s run, but she turns on him and aids Spawn. I’m not sure how it would work, but damnit; give us at least one good female character in Spawn. Wanda sucks, no one really cares about her, give us a character we care about.

Mammon be gone: KILL MAMMON. I don’t care what it takes, just kill him now or I won’t even waste money on Endgame. I can’t take this character anymore; he’s such an ass that it drives me nuts. But it’s not necessarily him only, I hate all villains like him, who know just absolutely everything and are 1000 steps ahead everyone. It’s insane, no one is the cold and calculated, demon or not, I don’t care, it’s gone from interesting and cool, to frustrating.

The only good thing about a character like Mammon is that it’s all the sweeter when he finally dies, or gets his ass kicked. He’s always viewed as this almighty badass, I would just love to see Spawn rip him in two and beat him down, and smash his neck in as he tries to breath his last breath.

Bottom line, if your going to insist on rebooting the entire series, take out the worst character you’ve got.

Violator is back: Take out one bad villain and replace him with one good villain. Maybe Todd McFarlane can reinvigorate the falling villain of Violator, the classic Spawn nemesis. Whilce Portacio has teased sketches of Violator, I really hope that’s some hint that he’ll be returning and kicking some ass. Such a great villain, who has been treated so poorly these last few years.

Get rid of the family: I know the whole Terry, Wanda, Cyan aspect to Spawn has been important, I’m not saying it hasn’t, but I’m just tired of them. They offer nothing anymore. They’ve all served their purposes in the series, we can be done with them, end it. They have nothing left to offer this story, Wanda is just used for bad slut jokes and Terry is a dimwit, Cyan is the only competent one and she’s a child. It’s insane.

Redeemer: Another great Spawn villain, but he seems to be have been another lost plot thread as the years go by. There’s been light talk of his return, but never anything solid beyond talk and hope. He was a great character, with some really great depth to him as far as villains and their histories are concerned, but for the most part, he’s been a forgotten memory in the spawn stories, barely even referenced. Now would be a perfect time to bring him back, if he be villain for foe, I’d love to see him as either.

Heaven and Hell: I think we should keep them closed off, but rather than just flat out ignoring them, have small cracks in them, slips in the stream of time and all that, demons from the past and angels from the future slipping in, something fierce and creative like that. It doesn’t have to be insanely creative or anything, but come on, Heaven and Hell are a major aspect to Spawn. You can’t deny what works, and Spawn’s inner struggle if he was good or evil was always great.

A duel identity: one of the odd things in the previews show what looks to be Al Simmons, who turns back into Spawn. These raises questions, one big one being: Are we gonna have the secret identity now? It was always important that Al only go by Al that no one knows his last name, but it was never a major aspect to Spawn. Could Spawn and Al Simmons be 2 different people, in the same body, now? I’m not sure what to think of that honestly, if anyone can make it work its Todd, but I’m just not sure what to think.

More guns: I really hope they quit it with the guns, it’s gotten ridiculous at times and I’m tired of Spawn always resorting to his ammo to do more whoop ass, there’s no more reason for it, we’re done here, stop it.

Legion: Another thing that will probably be forgotten come Endgame is Legion, the souls that where in Spawn’s body as he was reborn. I loved this aspect, as it made for some awesome moments (Samurai old man Spawn, anyone?) and was my favorite part of the Armageddon arc (bring back Chris!). Unfortunately, like some many other wasted opportunities, this will probably be forgotten as time moves on.

The counter: Will the counter return? There’s been some debate on the possibility, but I seriously doubt it. That thing is long gone.

More Disciples: another great part of Armageddon was the Disciples, like Redeemers but more bad ass. These guys where great, and Spawn’s fight against them was incredible, I would love to see these guys return. If they be friend or foe, I don’t mind, I’d like them as friend more and maybe have them team up with Spawn to help him stop some huge threat, like, oh, our next topic.

Urizen: Another thing I doubt anyone remembers at TMP, my favorite villain ever in the Spawn comic, Urizen was just plain great in every way, despite the short lived existence, he was just so cool. He needs to return, I don’t know how, I’m not even sure why, he just does. He would justify 185 more issues of Endgame for all I care.

So that’s all I have to say for now about Endgame, what is being the most hyped Spawn story of all time. But hey, these are just what I want to see, what about everyone else? I’m sure everyone has a different list of things they want to see come Endgame.


Greg said...

I really like Mammon but I do think it's about time he be out of the book. David Hine did say he had plans for a new villain that would give Mammon a run for his money, but hopefully with this upcoming change, Todd gives us a new villain to be afraid of. Also, it would only make sense for Hine to be the one to write Al defeating Mammon as Dave really pushed how annoying Mammon is as a Spawn villain.

I also agree with keeping Nyx alive. She's one of the very best things to happen to Al. She's the closest to being a source of humanity to Al and it'd really suck to have that taken away from him, especially since I honestly feel that the potential of their relationship hasn't even really begun thanks to that damn Mammon!

But I must disagree with Angela returning. I prefer her being dead. I liked her character, but I love the fact that dead means dead.

Andrenn said...

I think Mammon was great come his first appearance, especially when Spawn kicked his ass "Are you going to be a good little soldier or not" *ass kicking* "NOT." that right there is one of my favorite Spawn moments. But he's definitely overstayed his welcome, and if Todd has a new villain that could trump Mammon, I'm interested to see who, or what, that could be.

Spawn and Nyx have that instant great chemistry, as far as how 2 characters interact are concerned, they just click well during these moments. Even though she'll probably be gone, I've still got fingers crossed.

My biggest complaint about Angela's death (great as it was) was that she really never got enough time in the sun, as far as interaction with Spawn is concerned. She and Spawn obviously, like he and Nyx do, worked well when interaction, but because she was hardly ever in the actual comic, we rarely got those great moments.

Anyway, I'm glad you had a lot to say about this post, always great to see other people's opinions on things like this.

Greg said...

Oh yeah, as for what I'd like to see in Endgame, I'd really like for them to continue to plot of the Hellholes being open and active and that Al, Sam, and Twitch were subject to close them! (sigh) Darn changes...

Andrenn said...

Hellholes are definitely something that will be overseen. I wouldn't be surprised if Endgame retcons the whole thing and has Heaven and Hell back come issue 186.

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