Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Batman game announced.

New Batman game announced article

Bit of a quick post here, just wanted to post this article on an upcoming Batman game based loosely around the Arkham Asylum storyline by Grant Morrison. It sounds interesting, like a mix of a beat ‘em up and an action adventure game. Two of my favorite video game genres.

The story is, as the article here will tell you, about Batman being trapped in Arkham and up against his enemies. It sounds great, and it’s got serious potential. But what really made my head turn, and is the reason I’m writing about this, is one thing:

Paul Dini.

One of the best guys in the business, Paul Dini is writing the story of this game, at least the basic plot, I think. Paul Dini, as you should know, is writing Detective Comics and had a legendary run as the writer for the Batman animated trilogy. (The animated Series, New Adventures, Beyond. And no, I don’t take the “and Robin” as a new show, it’s the same show, just with Robin’s name in the title). I loved the Batman animated trilogy (even some of the goofy stories in New Adventures, and Beyond being more of a what if/possible future, both where great)

Since Paul Dini is writing this, I’m immediately interested. But one thing I’m wondering is…how will the characters designs be? Will they base characters of the current film franchise, where they are made more realistic? Will they go with something along the lines of Bruce Timm’s animated designs? Or maybe straight comic book adaptations in video game form.

Either way, I’m definitely interested in this game. There will be more announcements soon, I may or may not post about them though, I know Newsarama will keep you posted if you need all the info.

Also, I’ll say this quickly, later tonight I’ll post the weekly reviews for this week.


greg said...

Yeah, I'm really up for this. I didn't know it was about Batman being trapped in the Asylum though. I wonder how they'll explain the villains putting Batman through each of their own gimmick motifs if they do given that Arkham, is.. well... a regular dull asylum. But we'll see. But what's for sure, Two-Face better have a level dealing with duality!

Andrenn said...

That would be fun, where the level switches from easy to hard, where on one aspect it's easy for a while, easy enemies and a few of them, when the coin flips, you get attacked by tons of enemies that are a lot harder to kill. It would be nice to see if they come up with things like that, and if anyone could come up with something like that, it would be Dini.