Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scarlet Veronica: Looks awesome!

Hey, I don't want to do a lot of posting 2 things a day, but I know the blog gets a few views every now and then, so I just wanted to bring up this awesome looking new Indy comic coming out in October.

Scarlet Veronica!

First off, here's some links and what not to let you know about it, what it is.

Interview about Scarlet Veronica

That's an interview the creators have to tell us about it, and here's a Youtube video they made to promote it.


it all looks great, the story premise seems really interesting, and the art is smooth and looks great. I'm definitely interested in this, I'm going to call up my comic shop, see if their getting it and add it to my pull list. I'm always looking for a cool new Indy series, and this looks right up my alley, I love horror comics.
It has a bit of a manga look to it, just a bit, and that's fine. I don't mind it with artists like Takeshi Miyazawa at Marvel, and this art still looks very defined without looking totally Manga-esque. So it all looks pretty solid.
Of course it feels a little like Hack/Slash, with the hot chick going around in skimpy clothes fighting monsters, but it looks like this series will define itself well enough, with a cool origin, monsters that sound pretty wild, and what looks to be a really distinct comic that sets itself apart form the pack. I look forward to Scarlet Veronica #1 in October.


Robert Barry said...

I'm one of the writers on "Scarlet Veronica" and just wanted to thank you for the mention on your blog. Like what you're doing!

Check out the issue 1 trailer on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B-P5qdO2Ag

or check out our web site:

Lichu said...

happy birthday to me!!!!!!! ;)