Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Secret Invasion #8 cover reveal

IGN has revealed the final cover of Secret Invasion, issue #8 coming out in November. Cover art by Gabrielle Dell'Otto

It's a great cover, but Iron Man has MIA on this cover. Wolverine (who just has to be on every other cover) seems to be taking his place. All three are smiling as if to indicate victory, and of course, there's the always great Cap Shield victory pose.

Obviously this is to indicate that the Heroes are victorious, I'm not too shocked, we all knew they'd win, but that doesn't change how epic this story seems to be. I'm excited for this issue and the climax of Secret Invasion, but right now I'm still enjoying it. With promises of the Avengers Trio back together again by #6, who knows what kind of ass kicking will happen between issues 6 and 8.

I'll take this opportunity to announce the next weekly thing for New Age Comics, Cover Talk, where I talk about covers. From old covers to recent ones, this will be every Tuesday of the week, with Collection Spotlight every Friday. Consider this a pre-Cover Talk post.

So that's all for now, I hope you enjoy that awesome cover as much as I do.

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