Sunday, September 28, 2008

Andrenn can't go the Baltimore

I hate to double post sometimes, but in times like this, it’s fair game. As unbeknownst to me the Baltimore Comic Con was in effect and there where some “Andrenn Update” worthy announcements.

First off, the links to all the new reports I’m going to talk about

War of the Witchblade

Dan Slott gets Mighty

Bendis and Kirkman, battle front.

DC does something smart!

First off about the Top Cow panel, now Ron Marz has signed on as an exclusive for Top Cow which both has me happy and a little sad. I was really hoping he may come to Marvel some time and work on something like Avengers: The Initiative, since Slott is leaving it. But I wanted to cover the announcement of the upcoming epic Witchblade story, War of the Witchblade.

Sara and Dani are going to duke it out for ownership of the Witchblade. No, Sara doesn’t take Dani to court and file a 500 dollar lawsuit and make Dani go living with her brother and taking the Witchblade on the weekends, it’s a big ol’ fight that spans 6 issues and in the end, only one will bear the Witchblade.

It sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. But I’m confused…as to why Chris Bachalo is doing covers. Don’t get me wrong, love his work, I just don’t get why they asked him to do covers. Was Sejic too busy or something? Eh, either way, I really look forward to seeing where this story goes and what happens.

Also, my vote is for Sara to get back the rest of the Witchblade. Seriously, Dani is good and all, but Sara takes the cake of awesome.

Dan Slott has been announced as both leaving Avengers: The Initiative…which makes me very, very sad….such a great series…and Slott is leaving it. He’s leaving it up to Gage, who…I’m not sure if he can do that good on his own. I’m fairly skeptical and saddened over this…but hey, this isn’t Slott’s last Avengers book. Now he’s taking over Mighty Avengers with issue #21.

I may pick up Mighty Avengers again, just for the fact of having Slott written goodness in my pull box again. I was going to pick up Initiative after SI, but now, I’m not sure. I think I’ll get Mighty instead.

So on the Kirkman/Bendis discussion…they start out with the ever-classy “F*** you” as an opener. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I open my debates (Andrenn for President 2014.)

Kirkman seems to have retracted a bit of his statement, not meaning for it to sound like Marvel and DC where the problem but more that if creators wanted to leave Marvel and DC, that they shouldn’t be afraid and was simply encouraging them to do whatever they want.

Basically they seem to fairly agree most of time and don’t seem to be at each other’s throats and…they even hug?! I know. Shocking. Well I’m glad to see these two guys come to terms without ripping their heads off.

And to close, DC talks about it’s mishap with All Star Bats #10 with the censoring issue. Now, instead of writing the words, their just going to make the black bars for the words…why the hell not just do that in the first place? Because Frank Miller insisted on it? Well then, lie to him! It’s not like he can see through the ink and curse you out for it. I’ll admit, I like the Black Bar more than Marvel’s ever annoying $%^* which just looks stupid in every way. Also, their finally having editors check the books before they ship them out, which is a great idea that Marvel already does.

So that’s it for this quick Andrenn Update on the Baltimore Comic Con. Again, apologies for double posting in one day but I have a special thing on Batman coming out tomorrow. “the 3 flavors of Batman” so expect that tomorrow and again, remember, big announcement come Wednesday. You have a good Sunday now.

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