Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week's End

Coming pretty early on Sunday is the latest edition of Week's End. I know it's 1 in the morning....but it's still technically Sunday, damnit. So here's the Week's End.

Comic of the week: All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #10

I’m sure IGN happily disagrees with me on this one. I was pretty surprised by their review; did we read the same comic? The one I read was pretty good and I loved it, but whatever they read must have been pretty bad. Just goes to show how different some opinions and reviews can vary, eh?

Anyway, another grand slam by Miller and Lee. For those who don’t know, this is a 22 (or was it 20?) issue series and next issue (or this issue) marks the half way point for it. For the most part, I’ve loved All Star Batman and Robin and this issue was no exception.

Moment of the week: Black Panther #41

Judging by reviews alone, this issue was awesome, and I may go pick up the last arc when it comes to the collection books. But seriously, how awesome is this? Incredibly. Panther might as well have just written “suck it” and it would still be badass.

Cover of the week: Ultimates 3 #5 variant

Joe Madureira kicks the asses of all with this cover. While I don’t care for Terminator Cap, I find it hilarious that Wasp-bot is sleek and sexy by Valkyre-bot is clunky and ugly. I think Mad favors one character over the other. Also, Hawkeye looks like a bug, which is great. Overall, really wicked and cool cover.

So that’s it for this Week’s End, out first one on Sunday. I have one or two things I may post on Monday and Tuesday, but I may not. Either way, I have a big announcement on Wednesday

In the reviews, expect Batman R.I.P part 5 to be reviewed, and I can only figure Detective comics comes out as well. Venom: Dark Origin #3 comes out, and from the previews, my worries of Venom not showing up to issue 5 are calmed. Thank god. Outside of that and Hulk 6, nothing too big next week. But hey, stay tuned for that big announcement I mentioned. (I should work for DC and help them with their advertising)


Keith Gammage said...

Kirk and IGN seemed a bit disappointed with the Panther reveal that he had already won a few issues ago. But the Panther is badass. Why did I not order Storm: Wolds Apart?

Andrenn said...

I don't mind it. Panther might as well call himself Batman's Twin Brother and I'd be fine with it.