Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Marvel December 2008 Solicitations

Yesterday I was a bit skimpy on the goods with the DC solicits, but that’s only because my wallet will be stuffed with Marvel comics in December!

Here’s the link to Marvel’s December Solicits

Ghost Rider #30

No way…is No freaking way in hell it possible. Oh sweet merciful Zanadu…that just…*sniffles* it’s so awesome, I want to cry…Ghost Rider on an Elephant? The one from Trail of Tears? It’s like…my childhood just got a big hug from Jason Aaron.

Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #3

Vengeance? Vengeance? VENGEANCE?!

I really hope that means what I think it means. If that means that Vengeance, the character is back…then I…good lord…must buy this book! While I’m still not all that interested in this, I’ll check it out now.

Marvel Zombies #3

At first I couldn’t tell what that cover was referencing, now I see, thanks to Land’s signature, it’s based after one of the Evil Dead posters. I don’t recall one like that, but who am I to say he’s wrong to? While it’s an all right image, there’s barely anything Zombie about it…so it’s disappointing, to say the least…and it’s got Jocasta which is okay but…this is Machine Man’s story, damnit…oh well…still gonna pick it up I guess…

Thor: god-sized #1

I don’t care one bit about the plot. All I know is Matt Fraction and Marko Djurdjevic is on Thor so I’ll buy it.

Thunderbolts #127

Venom and Bullseye go after Songbird? What? Well, I can dig it. Love the covers this guy is doing, and I really look forward to seeing what Diggle has planned. But for some reason this sounds a wee bit like Caged Angels. With the Thunderbolts trying to kill each other and all…maybe it’s just me…

What If? Secret Wars

*Sigh* such a waste of such an awesome cover. I was really hoping for some cool story with Doom involving current storylines…but oh well…I’ll check it out since Doom kicks ass and I love what It’s.

Venom: Dark Origin #5

Wicked Sweet covers aside, what the hell? Is this the first time we actually see Venom in the comic? Oh god, please be a joke! Please be a cruel joke of fate. There is no way they’d waste so much time paper and space on a 5 issue mini…and the main character doesn’t show up until the final ****ing issue!!!!!

Uncanny X-men #505

I’m starting to wonder if Terry Dodson can’t go a few days without drawing a beautiful woman. Seriously, it has me concerned…anyway, going to pick up this arc, solicit sounds fine, not much to talk about though. I notice how Rogue is dressed as a Bellboy….girl…whatever. So I guess this is where the Hotel of Cyclops’ mind thing picks up.

X-force #10

Ghost Rider is in it, I will buy it. Enough has been said, I have spoken.

What if? House of M

I think Marko Djurdjevic needs to paint all covers from now on. Seriously, that cover is so awesome, let alone the Djurdjevic paint…rockin’. Can’t wait to check this out, and read the whole “What if the Runaways became the Young avengers?” story.

Wolverine #70

That has to be the saddest attempt to rehash a solicit I’ve ever seen. It’s the exact same goddamn thing we’ve been getting every solicit for this story! Oh well…least the cover is awesome…

X-men Noir #1

I’ll check out the previews and let them decide if I’ll buy this or not.

Spider-man and the X-men #1

The art for this looks incredible, and I really wanna check this series out. I’ll probably add it to my pull list, it all sounds incredibly promising. Seeing as it’s visiting some enjoyable times in both these characters legacies.

Dark Reign Solicits mystery: So there is no cover for this, but I figured I’d just talk about the mysterious Dark Reign solicits. I hate to say it, but I knew there’d be a Dark Reign one shot following Secret Invasion. 4 big wasted dollars there probably. But it’s Bendis and Maleev so I’ll pick it up.

Dark Reign: New Nation has me worried…I know it could be just to spook us but…what the hell is that about? I thought SI was a fairly harmless event, is it really leading to that huge of a power shift?

Secret Invasion: Requiem is a dumb title, but again, it has me curious as to what in the hell is going on. I have to admit, this is all getting me pretty interested and curious as to the end of Secret Invasion. Good work Marvel, good work.

Spider-man Noir #1

I think I’ve made my point as to being incredibly excited for this. It looks great from what I’ve heard, I’m excited for sure. David Hine is an amazing writer and the artist is great, I’m really excited for this. Can’t wait to check it out, sad that it’s only 4 issues.

Ultimatum #3

Again, no cover here. The solicit seems to say the same thing we’ve been hearing these last few months in interviews and solicits, but still, I am excited for Ultimatum.

Ultimate Spider-man #129

The possible twist of Spider-woman being enemy would be cool. I always hated how the regular Spider-woman and Spider-man never had any real interaction beyond simple “Hello” and all that. Never did they establish a good character work like they could have; I felt that Bendis did that well with Ultimate Spider-woman.

Hulk #9

Let’s get one thing straight here. I am in no way reading Hulk for the storyline, characters, or events going in this…I am buying it for Frank Cho’s awesome art. That is the ONLY reason I will still be reading Hulk in the future. Also, it just wouldn't be a good Frank Cho cover without an Ass-shot.

Hulk Family #1

Here’s something that has me a lot more interested. I will most definitely be picking this up, and look forward to it. While the character of Thundra’s daughter has never interested me, I am interested in the Skaar and Scorpion stories. And hey, who doesn’t love a little more She-Hulk?

She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision

I’m only mentioning this to point out that great cover by Stjepan Sejic, great work! I hope that after he finishes his work with Witchblade, that if he wants to leave the book (which would make me sad) that he go to Marvel for work.

Marvel Apes #0

Only picking this up for John Romita Sr. on art. Love his work, incredible artist, must have.

Skaar: Son of Hulk #6

Finally a decent cover by Ron Garney. I was worried we’d be stuck with Fugly covers for the entire series. Glad to see the first half of Skaar ends the Axeman Bone story, interested in what the second half of the comic gives us.

What if? Spider-man Back in Black

My point about Djurdjevic painting over covers…officially proved right. As much as I love Garney’s work, that Djurdjevic art makes it all the better. Can’t wait to pick this up as this should lead to a pretty big and exciting read.

What if? Newer Fantastic Four

Only picking this up to continue the Runaways as Young Avengers story. Other than that I have no interest in this comic.

What If? Fallen Son

Another great cover wasted on being a What If. Still though, this seems interesting and, again, I’ll pick it up for sure. Feels like this should have been one of the stories in last year’s disappointing What If? Civil War.

Spider-man: Blue HC

Can’t wait to pick this up! Loved this series, haven’t read it in forever, will pick this up as soon as I can!

Ultimates 3 HC

I am going to try sooo hard to get the Black and White variant. I love black and white variants. I live for black and white variants. Oh, that and I really look forward to picking this up. Story is godawful of course, but the art is just so dang perdy…

So I had a bit more to say this time around. All my wallet can say is “I hate you I hate you!” and curse me out…poor little guy…never stood a chance. Anyway, so December is a nice and creamy stuffed month thanks to Dark Reign and What Ifs everywhere, but what about right now? Well, I may or may not get to the comic shop tomorrow so lets hope for reviews, Collection Spotlight is for sure on Friday. I have most of the Spotlights on Spawn written up.

Expect a big announcement as for New Age Comics coming in a few weeks, and I mean big. Like, OMD big. Okay, no where near that big…but I have a really cool thing I’m working on that starts October and I am excited about it. Expect the announcement come October 1st, but until then, stay tuned to New Age Comics as I bring you more review-liscious fun.


Keith Gammage said...

There's just too much happening in December...

Andrenn said...

Later on I'll probably trim this list down a bit, like Marvel Apes #0, I may wait for the Marvel Apes collection for it.