Monday, September 15, 2008

DC November '08 Solicitations

Its that special time of the month, kiddies, when we drop everything and a fortune teller known as “The Internet” tells us of the upcoming months in comics. Just like last month, we look into the crystal ball for DC, of course I gotta throw in my 2 cents as always.

Here's this month's DC solicits

Batman #684 and Detective Comics #851 (A story tied together)

So looks like Dini and Morrison are taking a break as Battle for the Cowl gets started. This is the last pre-Cowl Battle before the actually story, I figure. Honestly, I have no idea what to think of this…like month’s solicits sounded awesome, this one though…sounds meh, to me. I also don’t like that Ross cover, it’s fine, no worries, but what’s with the one single bat? Did Ross just get lazy and realize “Oh shit, solicits go out in a couple of days, we’ll just stick with that one bat I’ve got on there”

All star Batman and Robin #12

Why do I have a bad feeling this is Bull? Oh, because it is! Does DC seriously expect me to believe 2 issues coming out month after month? Don’t make me laugh, DC, Ha! Oh…I just did…well…fine, you made me laugh, but you can’t make me chuckle…

Batman: Cacophony #2

Still somewhat on the fence about this one…while the cover may not be done, it’s looking great, especially compared to #1’s. I like Kevin Smith’s work and it sounds cool so I will probably add it to my pull list soon.

Nightwing #151

That cover just kicks so many levels of ass. But I thought that Two-Face got some plastic surgery or something and was “all better?” Or did I misread Wikipedia? I haven’t read a book with old Dent in it since Long Halloween so I wouldn’t know.


Welcome to this weeks “WTF?” moment. Seriously, reprinting the actual comic? Sounds cool, but it isn’t. I have a copy of the book, but over the years it’s condition has become….bad. So I’ve been meaning to buy a new one, but damn if this isn’t poor marketing on DC’s part.

Batman R.I.P deluxe edition HC

Deluxe Edition? Does it come with a Batman toy that shouts out crazy words like Zur En Arh? If not, I’m not interested! Okay…I will be picking this up, but only because I want to. I am not a slave to DC…

Not quite as much to say about as last month. I skipped commenting on the Second Texas Chainsaw volume, but I will definitely pick that soon as I get volume 1. Now check in tomorrow for the lengthy Marvel Solicits Commentary.

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